Renegade Deception # 100 Clicking Boots In Hallowed Halls

-={On}=- [Gymnasia Deck,

O'Bria Stormed into the gym, which was know serving as their HQ, his com receiving requests from the officers for him to relay his next set of orders. He just send one back `Just going to relay all orders to all men'

"Attention!" O'Bria shouted as there was a chorus of boots coming together at the given command.

"I have just conversed with the head of security and we had decided to storm the bridge!" At this there was a resounding chorus, every man's hope coming alive, a chance to prove themselves to their commander but what he said next not one of them was expecting.

"Yes it what we all would have wanted to do, and now there we have that chance and they shall regret they ever invaded these hallowed walls." He arms outstretched to emphasis the ship itself. "Should we take the fight to those who think they can take this ship?"

A cheer from his men.

"Shall we show them that we shall be heard? That the crew shall give it their all to repel these… these spawn of the blasphemous evil?"

A cheer which to O'Bria seemed to rattle the every walls themselves.

"Ok then five minutes, I want every man ready by that time and if not they'll have me to answer to. Dismissed."

The troops went off to collect their kit and get ready for the ensuing battle.

Five minutes later everyman was ready and lined up in front of their CO all with polished armour and Type III Phaser rifles held in a tight grasp. O'Bria was proud to be their commanding officer, he knew those aliens wouldn't know what had hit them, well as long as things run smoothly…

Lee, legs pumping, was running along the corridor his weapon slung loosely in his arm. Lead from the front that's way to show them `No Fear' if their officer leads then what can happen?

His XO was running along a parallel corridor just in case any of those reptilians decided to spring a trap, though unlikely its best to have these precautions.

Bay 2 the meeting point, he'd made it and was ready to lead his men in the fight he just hoped it all ran smoothly and that Chief of Security remembered to turn the dam temperature down or they could well be in trouble.


2nd Lt. Lee O'Bria `Chiron Raiders' Commander USS Pegasus