"Renegade Deception" # 102 - "Booooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnn

ON: <<Starbase 343>>

Boring... What the heck was with Starfleet anyways!?! Drab grey walls, maybe a touch of color here and there to denote that a certain department had ownership there. He wondered how Starfleet expected its officers to be happy without any variety, even background music playing over the base audio system. All the officers he saw looked as though they had a Caitian longpike shoved in a rather uncomfortable area of their anatomy, and he seriously doubted their capacity to define

'Well it's a good thing that they brought me here.' Ryylar thought, smiling to himself. Oh there would be a reckoning, yes there would be. This base would not be able to withstand his assault. Color, music, Oh yes, this place would bow to him.

"Muahahahahahaha!" He cackled gleefully aloud. When he looked around, Starfleet Officers, civilians, and even small children were just staring at him wide eyed. If he could have blushed out of sheer embarassment, he would have, but you know, having fur kind of precludes that.

He embarrassedly grabbed his belongings and scurried through the crowd to his assigned quarters that he had been given.

<<Ryylar's quarters, some time later>>

It had been almost a week since he arrived on this boring little lump of metal that Starfleet called a base, and he still hadn't caused enough havoc. Sure there was the infamous 'noodle incident' in the station's lounge, but he had only been given a warning for that. He didn't mean to ruin anything, but then again, it would have been hard to ruin that arrangement. Whoever the Lounge manager was, certainly didn't have any flair for keeping people awake while they ate dinner. I mean seriously, Ryylar felt that he should be given a medal for saving the ship's commander from drowning. After all, with much more of that Andorian classical music, that poor senior officer would likely have drowned in his own soup from falling asleep. That is of course if he didn't hang himself first out of sheer boredom.

"What can I do to make this placcce more exccciting?" He asked himself, wondering what there was. He would find something to do while the Pegasus was out of dock. When it returned he would get aboard there and show THOSE officers to party hard. He would feel bad for this Starbase while he was aboard the Centaur class ship, they would go back to their dismally dull and drone-like lifestyles.

"I wonderrrr if I wouldn't have been betterrrr off sssstaying out in sssspaccce." He said to himself and quickly shook his head, getting rid of the notion entirely. He would think of something, or something would happen and force him to think.


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer/Lounge Manager USS Pegasus "Oh yes, there will be a reckoning..."