Renegade Deception #96 - "Are.. we going to die?"


<Engineering, USS Pegasus>

Kathleen Black watched as the XO who always seemed to know what to do walked out of Engineering, leaving her alone and in charge, with no promise of survival. She shuddered and closed her eyes, again fighting back her fear, then took a deep breath. /Alright, Kitty, this is engine repair. You KNOW how to do this./ She turned and spoke to her Engineering crew. "Alright, guys, let's get this beast moving."

"What if the boarding parties come here?" asked one of her people worriedly. "Engineering will be one of the first places they'll want to secure, right?" "Boarding parties aren't our problem right now," she responded, hoping it was true. "When it is, then we'll deal with it. We've got enough problems already, don't you think?"

She sat down at a functioning console and started reading the damage reports. "We've lost a lot of plasma conduits. No wonder the system shut down. We'd be flooded, otherwise. We're going to have to replace these and start the flow again... This is going to take a while." She frowned, looking at the list of spare parts. "Warp will take sooner to fix, looks like, so let's start with that." One of her crew spoke up again. "Warp with no impulse? It might be a bit rough, entering warp from a standstill." "Well, everyone's already been knocked about a bit. I bet anything explosive has already exploded and anything breakable is already broken." She blinked and gave a passing thought to her beloved cello in her quarters, then shook her head slightly. No time to think about that. "Let's get to it, guys."

As she started to rise, one of the walls creaked slightly, the pressures changing across the ship from the hull breaches. She closed her eyes, becoming still for a moment. A deep, dark memory flashed in her mind for a moment. Cold water pouring in from every side... Almost suffocating, searching for a way out... the deep feeling of menace as /something brushed past her/... She startled, eyes snapping open. She blinked and turned to see one of her crewman, who was quickly lifting his hand away from her shoulder. "Are you alright?" he asked her. For the first time, she noticed the fear in his own eyes. She knew she had to be in charge, that too much was counting on her to not become disabled by fear. She forceably pushed the old memory back as far as she could, burying it deep.

"I'm alright. Thanks." She rose and followed him over to help carry a conduit into place.


Fearful posting by:

Lt (JG) Kathleen Black Chief Engineer, USS Pegasus