Renegade Deception #94 - 95 "What disruptor through yonder hull brea


<Engineering, USS Pegasus>


"Very good, Lieutenant." Kristiana was all business. She tapped in a series of commands, checking logs, reviewing weapon stores .. Then her face went white as a sheet. She punched in more commands - the engines would pitch up a bit in hum, as all kinds of statuslights came on. Shields up, phaserbanks activating. She was preparing for battle, it seemed. ".. Lieutenant Black, take helm, evasive manouvers. We're missing two photon torpedo's."


Kitty blinked. The first thought through her mind was, "You've got to be kidding. I'm no helmsman." Then she spoke. Somehow the words "I can't do this" turned into "Yessir" as they left her mouth. She glanced at the helm controls in momentary confusion, then started punching in commands as fast as she could. Her mind flickered back to a happy summertime as a child... and she tapped in an evasive maneuver that had often worked against her friend... in the video game.

Petrova braced herself, all action now. Rapidly tapping in commands left and right, taking over two-thirds of the engineering consoles in front of herself and Black. "Shieldstatus charged, weapons active .. gonna hold my fire .." She narrowed eyes as she saw their two torpedo's hitting the Huddren ship. It wheeled about and started lining up an attack run.

Then Sock's first call came in. She blinked at the hail, and punched Sock on the screen. "Lieutenant Petrova of the Federation Starship Pegasus." She sounded harried, to say the least. Waiting for Sock to ask his question. "What is going on Lieutenant?" Sock asked. "We're having some technical difficulties. Nothing to - " pausing as she rapidly punched in a series of commands, looking stressed. " .. worry about, we have things under control. Petrova out." and she cut the comm link, letting out a curse. "No way am I gonna tell Them that we let six lizards take over control over a warship." she told Kitty. "Huddren ship preparing to attack .. Bank right, continue evasive."

Kitty nodded, frowning. "But won't they think WE fired torpedoes in the Neutral Zone?" She banked the ship right and continued her evasive pattern.

"Yes they - " Kristiana was interrupted by another hail. Annoyed she put it on the screen. Sock again. "I don't think you understand Lieutenant... you are in Romulan Space... firing torpedoes unprovoked..." Kristiana was ready to pull that guy through the viewscreen by his throat, but alas, that was impossible. " .. and trying to Not get blown to smithereens for it !" Petrova looked and sounded Quite stressed as she replied, finishing Sock's sentence. "Look, we're Quite busy right now, I'll get back to you after I save this here ship ! Petrova Out !" And once again cutting the comms.

The Pegasus rocked as Huddren torpedo's impacted the hull. Kristiana cursed. "Shields at 83% and holding. Try to keep outside of their firing envelope, Lieutenant. You're doing great, keep going. .. .. Huddren ship not responding to hails." The Pegasus XO was torn between two choices. Return fire .. or Not return fire.

Lt. j.g. Black gasped in alarm as the ship rocked, and she went paler for a moment. Then she shut her eyes tight, took a deep breath, and focussed on her job. Petrova's reassurance calmed her a little more and she nodded, shifting into a different maneuvering sequence. "Outside the firing.. yessir," she said quietly.

"I prefer to be called Ma'am." she managed to bring out despite the stress of the situation. Then a four-letter curseword that rhymed with "luck" (and isn't a kind of waterbird) as she saw the Romulan Warbird wheeling about and lining an attack run. "Oh you've GOT to be kidding me ! Emergency bank left, Lieutenant !" Dastardly Deadly Disruptor beams and Truly Terrifying Torpedo's pierced the blackness of space on their lethal course, heading straight for the Pegasus. Kristiana managed to fire a volley of four torpedo's in retaliation, but with only limited accuracy.

Kitty blinked and quickly pulled the Pegasus into a left bank, as deep a bank as she could. "Ok ok..." she gasped. She was still clearly terrified... but she was deciding to not respond to her terror for the time being.

The Romulan volley hit the Pegasus in the right flank as the Centaur class vessel banked away. The ship shook violently, several panels exploded, sparks flying. Kristiana had great effort remaining standing on her two feet. Then another impact - from the Huddren this time - rocked the vessel. "Shields at 32% and failing. Huddren not responding to hails. Romulans not responding to hails." But instead of panic, there was determination and professionalism in her voice.

She spoke to Lieutenant JG Black in that same professional voice. "You're doing fine. Take us in closer - as close to that warbird as you can. We're no match for them in firepower, but they'll think twice about destroying us or letting us be destroyed, if our warp core explosion would destroy their ship too." She knew that the small but agile Pegasus had the upper hand in manouverability. She knew she had to exploit this - as she managed to loose another volley of torpedo's - at the Huddren this time - along with a phaserspread at the romulans.

Kathleen did stumble and fall as the ship shook violently. On the plus side, she didn't get hit by any falling sparks. She struggled to her feet and steadied herself on the console, then took a deep breath and realized she was basically unhurt. She looked up at Petrova and then heard the calm assurance and order. She almost said "What do you mean, I'm doing fine? We're getting hit!" But instead she nodded, closing her eyes for another deep breath, then punching in the commands. "Coming about, nearing the warship."

Kristiana watched the romulan warbird filling the whole screen, as Kathleen managed to evade another incoming volley of Huddren torpedo's. The Pegasus shook again as Romulan Disruptors tore into the shielding - panels and consoles blew up, Kristiana was thrown back as her console exploded - the lights flickered, and a small fire started in Kristiana's console.

Kitty's eyes widened as the warbird appeared to come up fast... she tried to evade the Romulan Disruptors as well, but failed. The ship shook and she fell again.. she straightened up to see the XO thrown back and the console on fire. "Oh no..." she gasped. A fire, though, she could deal with. She pulled down the nearest extinguisher and started spraying it over the fire. Once she'd extinguished it, she could see what was the next major disaster she'd have to attend to.

"Damage .. report .. " Petrova pulled herself from some wreckage, bleeding from a few cuts, limping with each step, as she shook her head a bit to try and clear it up, approaching one of the few functional consoles left amidst the smoke and the chaos.

"Our shields are down, and we're down to maneuvering thrusters only. No weapons. Hullbreaches on decks three and four, as well as deck seven. Life support holding." Kitty frowned, looking up from another console. "Are you alright?"

Kristiana winced as she leaned against a console, typing in a few commands .. ".. They've stopped firing, or we'd be dead by now. Shields are down .. Which means .. .. Boarding parties." She quickly accessed the ship's PA "This is Petrova speaking. All personel arm yourselves, prepare for boarding parties. Repeat, arm and prepare for boarding parties."

"Security and Marine detachments, secure engineering, armory and main bridge. Petrova out." before she turned back to Kathleen. "We need to get out of here. I want those engines online, ten minutes ago. Don't wait for confirmation of orders - when you have them operational, get us the hell out of here." before she stumbled out of engineering, heading to the armory to score a compression rifle.

Kitty's eyes widened.. again.. and she nodded nervously, reaching to touch the small phaser she'd already taken when she'd heard the call for General Quarters. "Are.. we going to die?" she asked very quietly, the fear in her eyes.

Kristiana paused as she heard Kitty's question. She turned to face the junior officer, her expression cold and hard, blood streaking her face, making her hair cling to her skin. Her uniform torn and stained and bloodied, scorchmarks on her chest and face. ".. Engines, Lieutenant Black. If you please." Her voice grim and determined, before she'd turn and limp out of engineering.


Ship disabled !


Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova XO, USS Pegasus


Lt (JG) Kathleen Black Chief Engineer, USS Pegasus


Colonel Sock CO, IRC T'Met NPC played by Caelen LaBrie