Renegade Deception #90-92 - "Plotting and Sceming"

-={On}=- [Marine gather point Alpha, Gymnasium Deck, Deck 7, USS Pegasus]

She was only a butter bar but Cassandra knew when she had to report to the Marine CO. The alarms were blazing red and the general quarters had talked about a Hostage Situation. This meant the Marines would probably get some real work out after all, although it wasn't going to be pretty. She almost ran onto the Gymnasium deck to see about half of the MarDet already present. She saluted the one that stood in front of the group, Lee O'Bria was his name, he had taken the job from Jayden Phoenix who was removed from service due to his past. "2nd Lieutenant Cassandra De Vries reporting for duty sire" she said awaiting the order to stand at ease from O'Bria.

"Attention!" Snapped O'Bria as the marine detachment did so in unison. <What should I say? How can I make them fight with a fury to take down these aliens> "Alright men we have a situation to deal with" he said firmly. The marines eyed their commander, he never spoke like this, Something must be wrong. "Those alien scumbags which have been welcomed guests on this ship have seen fit, for their own reasons to take the bridge under their control and take hostages of some of the crew." He waited for this to sink in, to tell a man that his life and his home was under threat was not a thing he liked to do. "There have already been casualties and wounded and it's up to us to even the odds again" Another pause for his marines to take this in. "I want the two teams al suited up and battle ready in 15 minutes tops..." he ordered the marines which immediatly scurried off to the armory to get their weapons and gear, they would finally see some action. "Cassandra you're with me..." he ordered the female XO before she walked off to gather her gear "...I need you in the Security offices, the Chief of Security wants to have options" he put out his hand in a motion to let Cassandra lead the way towards the turbo lift.

Cassandra nodded towards Lee and started to walk out of the gymnasium deck and towards the turbo lift, she pressed the button and waited for the lift to arive on deck seven. "So have any ideas yet sir?" she asked looking back to make sure O'Bria was still with her.

"To be perfectly honest" he said as he stepped into the lift "I'm still not quite sure of what there capable, though I may have heard they have venom of some kind so we need to be alert of that."They slowly glided downwards, as uneasy silence filled the lift."I think it may be best to have two teams and one to divert these beasts and another to find another route into the bridge, a style of pincer movement if you will"

Cassandra nodded "Let's hope Security agrees..." she said knowing how security could be a pain in the ass when it came to working together with marines, she just hoped this Chief Sec was different somehow.

The lift came to an abrupt stop and Lee gestured Cassandra to step out of the lift. They walked along the corridor, many faces staring at them as they passed, finally coming to rest in front of a door. Cassandra pushed a small featureless grey button next to the door and waited for a reply. The door smoothly slid open to reveal its contents.

Matsu was situated around a display table that laid out the blueprints to the Pegasus Bridge. Around him were his divisional officers and division POs (Petty Officers), he frowned knowing that he didn't have enough time to get acquainted with his team and at the fact that many of these `officers' were straight out of academy making this their first cruise. However there were still a few others who had a load of experience during the Dominion war, one person right out of the gecko being his Master At Arms, Petty Officer 2nd Class Jennifer Regal. It would be her were he would lean on expertise and experience.

As the meeting began to get set to start he looked up and saw two marine officers from the Pegasus Marine Detachment walk in. He dismissed any pleasantries and instead led them towards the display table. "Gentlemen this way please *turns towards his team * Alright these are the marine officers who will be leading the marine CQ strike section. Let's get through this and try to welcome these gents."

"Thank you Takashi, Gentlemen" Giving a nod in the officers direction. O'Bria quickly scanned the blueprints of Pegasus laid out on the table. "Well I propose that I send a team of men, commanded by De Vries here, to try and divert these scum by assaulting the bridge directly using this corridor" Jabbing the map with his index finger. "while I lead a team of some of my best men to free the hostage and take down the rest of these aliens from behind by going through this Jeffries tube here, then trap them in a pincer movement." he shuffle the maps around to show the blueprints of the vents he was talking about. So Gentlemen tell me can you give me clearance to use these vent and do you think it's a suitable method of attack?"

Chan reviewed O'Brai's breach strategy and nodded. It was doable there was no denying that but at the same time it was also very assuming of the marines that the hostage takers wouldn't simply just kill the hostages the first sign of trouble instead of committing for a fight. The problem was these kinds of breaches were too textbook and almost obvious to anyone with any close quarters experience. He liked the organization but not the thought behind him in that he said… "I don't think so… the moment the aliens see marines attacking through their corridor they'll start killing hostages. We can't move in quickly enough this way…we need to think of an alternative plan. PO Regal, what do we know about their alien physiology"

Regal browsed up a padd which was delivered from the medical staff. "Sir according to their bio makeup, they are cold blooded, if we were to fix environmental controls and freeze em out, we could potentially slow down their reaction time and then have a marine strike section flash and clear with a division of security officers moving in to cover their rear" She said acknowledging the marines overwhelming them before they have time to react which will be slower because of the temp."

"I concur, but when they feel it get colder what will stop them just executing the hostages? What do you suggest we actually do to these Reptilians exactly, put them in the brig? Kill them? Or shall we wait for the commander to say?" The anger in his voice growing as he said this.

Cassandra, almost interrupting the Marine CO, answered this question "I assume we set phasers to stun" she suggested "but if it gets close and personal let your instincts take over" this would probably mean certain death for those who got close and personal. "What happens then is up to the Security officers and the Commander"

"I agree that it's risky, but so is yours, at least with our plan we have a change of creating some panic and chaos. The key to this breach order is that we move in fast and don't give em time to react. That means when we drop the temp. we drop it down, instantly, the computer could manage to create some sub zero temps. very quickly, the only thing we need to worry about is moving in quickly and overwhelming them before they have time to react which will be slower because of the temp."

"I think that this plan is all organized then? But what will these temperatures do to the hostages, those are the ones we want to save and not freeze em them to death!"

"Well if this is all in order and allowed then I shall tell the marines of the situation and mobilize in deck 2?"

"Very well, let's get a move on…. I have 0300 hours, match watches on my mark….mark. Alright op starts in twenty minutes, have your teams ready for breach on my order. Good hunting gentlemen" Takashi said as he nodded and shook hands with his command team before leaving to gear up in CQ battle gear.


Lt (jg) Matsu Takashi Chief of Security/Tactical Officer

2nd Lt. Lee O'Bria Marine Detachment CO "Chiron Raiders"

2nd Lt. Cassandra De Vries Marine Detachment XO "Chiron Raiders"

USS Pegasus