Renegade Deception #88&89 - "Crossing the Line"

-={On}=- [IRW T'met, Bridge]

Bokma was still bored. They'd been tailing this federation ship and watched how they beamed the lifepods onboard, then continued on their way home again. Now though they seemed to change course. Bokma sat up a bit and frowned. "Helm, keep on them." He shifted a bit. Could this be it ? Finally something happening that he could benefit from ? He hoped so.

Sock felt the T'Met change course and almost jumped up from his seat in the Ready room. He walked towards the bridge and looked out the main viewer to see what was going on, but it seemed that they were still chasing the USS Pegasus, "Major, Sitrep" he ordered Bokma.

"They .. changed course, Sir." Bokma motioned to the main viewscreen. "And so did we. Are we still running those sensor scans, N'Bit ?" The conn officer reported back "Aye, Sir. Picking up an object on long range sensors. Can't get a clear reading, we need to get closer for that."

Sock folded his arms and thought about this a bit, then he remembered his orders. "We do not attack the Starfleet vessel" he looked back at his first officer, just to make sure that it was chrystal clear to the major.

"How many regulations and agreements do they need to break before we stop them, Colonel ? Has the admiralty been informed yet ?" Bokma sat back and folded his arms over each other. He continued to watch the viewscreen, with the Pegasus in the centre of it, speeding towards that distant contact.

"We are here to follow orders, not question them" Sock looked at Bokma fiercely "The general has made clear to me that if anything would happen to that vessel you and me are personally responsible..." he stepped closer to Bokma "...unless off course somebody was planning a mutiny... which would make them responsible..."

N'Bit turned around in his chair a bit "The vessel they are headed for is a Huddren transport" after which he immediately turned back to the console and continued his job.

"What would they want with a Huddren spacecraft?" Sock asked himself out loud, hoping that perhaps it would bring forth some theories.

"Starfleet ? I don't know. But I'm willing to bet my career that it has something to do with those lifepods." Bokma replied. "They probably just want to bring those occupants of those lifepods to that ship. Good riddance."

"Sir!" Kl'Nex shouted out all of a sudden "They lost all power to their weapons" she was shocked and puzzled, what could drain all the power from the weapons without damaging the rest of the vessel?

"What?!" Sock was as surprised as Kl'Nex was. The Pegasus was almost within weapons range of the Huddren spacecraft and instead of powering up their weapons they killed them.

"Wait..." Kl'Nex sounded even more puzzled now " they powered up weapons fully again..." eyes widened as two bright orange flashes shot from the Centaur class vessel "...the Pegasus has fired upon the Huddren Transport.... two torpedoes!"

"... Shields up ! Helm, back us away." Bokma sprang from his seat, eyes narrowed. "Keep talking, Kl'Nex, what is the federation ship doing, what is the Huddren vessel doing." He started to pace a bit, keeping his eyes on the viewscreen. "That's enough Bokma..." Sock said walking towards the centre chair, "...I'll have the bridge" he wanted to avoid a war, with an officer like Bokma in control that could've proven difficult. "Conn, hail the Pegasus, find out what the hell is going on" Sock ordered.

Bokma glared at Sock. "With all due respect, Sir - they are clearly Not acting in the federation standard mode of operation. Powering down weapons, then activating them again and firing two torpedoes. And right now they're trying to evade instead of pushing their attack. I am tempted to believe that the federation ship is going renegade, and if we contact them they'll only lie to us."

"Conn, hail the Pegasus" Sock repeated his ordered, he then looked at Bokma "I should court-martial you for insubordination, major" he spat at Bokma.

N'Bit hailed the Pegasus and got not response at first, but after the second try the hail was answered by Kristiana Petrova.

"Lieutenant Petrova of the Federation Starship Pegasus." She sounded harried, to say the least. Waiting for Sock to ask his question. Bokma gave a soft smirk. "Court-martialed on what grounds .. I am your first officer, it is my DUTY to point out perceived flaws in your actions and inform you of the alternatives, Sir."

"What is going on Lieutenant?" Sock asked ignoring the Major, he had enough grounds to shove him out of the airlock right then and there. On the background Sock could see the warp core, it appeared that the Lieutenant was in Engineering and not on the bridge, something was very wrong there.

"We're having some technical difficulties. Nothing to - " pausing as she rapidly punched in a series of commands, looking stressed. " - .. worry about, we have things under control. Petrova out." And the signal would cut. Bokma shook his head a bit and sat down in his chair again.

"Hail them again" Sock ordered the conn officer, which reluctantly complied. The viewer switched to the Lieutenant again, she looked stressed and even a bit worried perhaps "I don't think you understand Lieutenant... you are in Romulan Space... firing torpedoes unprovoked..." he hoped that the Lt. would finish his line of thought for him as he awaited a reply.

" .. and trying to Not get blown to smithereens for it !" Petrova looked Quite stressed as she replied, finishing Sock's sentence. "Look, we're Quite busy right now, I'll get back to you after I save this here ship ! Petrova Out !" And once again the comm signal cut. "Huddren ship lining up an attack run on the Pegasus, Sir." Kl'Nex's matter-of-fact voice would sound.

"Power up weapons..." Sock was sad that it had to come to this but he had no choice "...drop cloak and lock disruptors and plasma torpedoes" if only he had gotten a chance to talk with the Lieutenant Commander which was said to be in command of the vessel. <What the hell is going on on that vessel?> Sock thought to himself. To his right was his XO, probably glad tha tit finally came to this.

"Torpedoes and disruptors locked, sir" Kl'Nex said after the vessel had dropped out of cloak, A Warbird versus a Huddren Troop transport and a Centaur class vessel, it wasn't even a fight.


Bokma narrowed eyes as he saw the destructive disruptor beams and the bright balls of light discharging from the mighty warbird .. Was he happy it had come to this ? Surprisingly, no.


Colonel Sock (NPC) Commanding Officer IRW T'Met (played by Caelen LaBrie)

Major Sock (NPC) Executive Officer IRW T'Met (played by Kristiana Petrova)


Lt. Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus

Also Starring: Sublieutenant Kl'Nex Tactical Officer


Sublieutenant N'Bit CONN