"Renegade Deception" #86-87 - "The guilt, the dead and the ugly situ


[Sickbay, deck 6, USS Pegasus, just after warning the XO about the hostage situation]

Russell was sitting next to the lifeless body of a nurse from the Gamma shift. He didn't even knew her name. He had tried everything in his power to help her, but because of the damned aliens it was too late. She had lost too much blood and her neck was severely injured. He could do nothing for her.

He felt guilty for her death. He tried to exchange himself with the hostages so the only one to possibly get hurt would be himself. But that strategy proved fatal for her. <What have I done!> went through his mind <If I told them the location of the bridge instantly, this might not have happened...> Nothing could change what happened.

Then the sickbay doors opened again. Russell instantly got up and turned around, expecting the aliens to come back for him. He was glad it weren't the aliens, but apparently another colleague he hadn't had the chance to meet yet.

Andrew walked in, limp slightly better. The pain was almost gone, though the blaring in his ears of the yellow alert had yet to vanish. He entered sickbay for the first time since boarding the craft, and saw the Doctor beside the lifeless body of one of the nurses. <What the heck? Isn't he supposed to be saving lives, not ending them?> He thought sarcastically to himself. "I presume you're the doctor. Pleasure meeting you. I'm Chief Counselor Andrew Kennedy. If you don't mind my asking, what's going on, and why is there a body beside you?"

Russell quickly answered the greeting. "Dr. Russell D. Floyd, CMO." Puzzled by the reaction from Kennedy he explained the situation. "The aliens we picked up earlier weren't that friendly. They rushed in here and took nurse B'Inca and Alexandra, the CO's daughter, hostage. They demanded to know where the bridge was. I didn't answer quickly enough, so one of them found it necessary to kill her." he said pointing at the dead nurse. Then he put his hands on his face and yelled in frustration "DAMN! I'm stupid..."

"So I was right then...nice to see my psychology hasn't failed me... though why they're hostile to us, I'm not sure. I figured something like this would happen. Commander LaBrie gave me the task of profiling them, using tapes of your conversation here. Quite a bit was noticed there. We should have had them under more careful guard. Speaking of which, what kind of security did we have one them?"

"I guess there would be guards outside their quarters. But they were treated as guests so their doors wouldn't be locked." Russell answered to the counselor. He was no security officer for that matter, so he had no clue what precautions had been taken.

Then he remembered Byranitz boasting about their poisonous abilities. "Oh man, we need to get there quick. There might be more injured!" he said as he rushed towards a cabinet to get medical kits. He threw one kit to Andrew and asked "You're also a trained physician, right?"

Andrew stood there for a moment, remembering his past. <University studying psychology and psychiatry... wait...> "Yes, I'm not that great at it, but I do have some training." He grabbed the medical kit tossed to him. "I may need some instruction on how to use the stuff in here. I haven't touched it since University, many years ago. Now, lead the way."Limp forgotten, he got ready to run

Russell got a sheet and quickly put it over the body of the nurse on the way out and mumbled "I'm so sorry, dear..." as he covered her face. He quickly walked towards the doors that opened automatically.

"Guest quarters are on deck 8, and also the place Byranitz wanted the security to go." he said to Andrew following him closely. "Let's get going."

Andrew nodded, and began heading towards the turbo lift quickly. "It's not your fault she's dead. You were trying to save the ship, and her included. You tried, nothing wrong with that. Once this is done, come to my office if your still feeling guilt, and we'll discuss it further."

"Thanks for cheering me up, doc. But that doesn't make me feel better at the moment." he said to Andrew as they got in the Turbolift. "Deck 8, hurry!" he yelled at the computer. Not as if it understood the urgency of the situation. The computer responded with it's standard sound and put the elevator in motion.

"Guilt will stay, but also the helplessness of 'What if...'. What if I complied, would it not have happened?" Russell said to the counselor followed by a deep sigh. Then he continued "Let's deal with this situation first." referring to what may be found on deck 8. "We'll see about the rest later."

Andrew looked around. First time on a deck other than 6 and 1, and that was only briefly to hand in the PADD to Caelen. "Alright, let's go. Shouldn't be that far to the quarters, should it?" Andrew looked at the computer terminal showing the deck layout. "Alright, it's over there", pointing down the hallway from the lift. Running, Andrew came up to the guards first. "Oh...jeez..."Feeling faint, he turned away from the sight of the guards, lying on the ground.

Right behind him followed Russell with his trusty Tricorder in his hand. He didn't like the looks of it as he knelt down by the nearest security officer and started to scan. The officers were covered with a green fluid that severely burned the skin.

"Looks like acidic burns." he said to Andrew as the counselor knelt down by the other officer with similar injuries. "Scans confirm the reading. The substance is unknown, but also appears to have a paralyzing effect." he reported as the Tricorder beeped fiercely. It indicated that the man was still alive, but with a faint life reading.

"Seems to be alive. Though in VERY bad shape. We need to do something, FAST. From what you said, it seems to be an evolved form of acid, so should we use acid treatments on them and see what happens?" Andrew looked over at the Doctor.

"Indeed." Russell confirmed the diagnose of Andrew. He reached for his kit to get a hypospray to counteract the poison. "Get 25 cc's of Masiform-D in your hypo and inject it quickly." he said as he prepared the dosage and gave it to the security officer next to him. It was an antitoxin agent, but also a stimulant "And after that some inaprovaline, start with 30 cc." he instructed Andrew.

Andrew looked in his med kit. Things looked familiar. He grabbed what he remembered to be the hypospray from lessons, and put the amount of Masiform-D into it. <Everything in this should be labeled in big letters, to save my confusion...>He gave the dose to the security guard, followed by the inaprovaline. "Now what?" Andrew asked.

Russell started scanning to see if the medicine was having effect. "Of course they should get to sickbay as quickly as possible." he answered Andrew's question. It appeared the life signs grew stronger, but not like Russell had hoped. "Is your patient getting any better readings?" he asked Andrew as he gave the security officer another dose of stimulant. "If not, give him another dose of inaprovaline."

Andrew looked. "Nope, giving more inaprovaline." He inserted more into the hypo and gave it to the guard. <This was never so hard in classes...Even if I did poorly compared to other subjects...> Getting another reading, he reported to Russell. "Readings are increasing, though slowly."

"Good, they're stable for now." Russell said with some relief in his voice. "But I need a more thorough scan of that poison to neutralize it's effect. If we can't get them to sickbay quick, it may still prove to be fatal." Adding with a somber tone he said "There has been too many killing already..."


A poison treating post by:

Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer


Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor

USS Pegasus