Renegade Deception # 97 to 99 "Wait! ... it gets worse..." V2

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-={On}=- [IRW T'Met, Deck 1, Main Bridge]

Colonel Sock looked at the sensor read outs as Plasma torpedoes and disruptor banks hammered the USS Pegasus, another successful volley, this was all to easy, something as really wrong. "Kl'Nex, you have the bridge, Bokma with me" he suddenly said standing up from his chair, he walked to the nearest weapon locker and pulled out a disruptor rifle, they had to know what was going on. He hit his communicator "Security teams alpha and beta report to transporter room three" he immediately closed the comlink and stepped into the turbo lift, throwing a rifle at Bokma as he turned around and waited for him to step into the lift.

Bokma didn't like this, at all - even an aged, smaller type of warship like the Centaur class should be able to put up a better fight than that. Some volleys of federation torpedoes and some scattered phaserfire hit the T'met's shields, but nothing worrysome .. Then Sock gave his orders. Bokma rose stiffly and stretched a bit, heading towards the turbo-lift, catching the disruptor rifle nimbly in nimbly in a hand, checking it matter-of- factly for ammo-supply as he stepped into the lift. "Yes Sir."

"Deck seven" Sock ordered the lift before he turned to Bokma "you will be leading beta team to take control of Engineering, we will beam down on the bridge, you will beam down as close to engineering as possible, I assume the prohibitors are in place around Engineering" he gave the orders matter of factly, no room for discussion.

"Yes Sir. Engineering." he replied, matter of factly. This felt a lot better to him than sitting on that bridge, watching their mighty Valdore class annihilate federation and Huddren ships a mere fraction of her own mass and combat potential. At least here, glory can be had.

[Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

The Ship rocked wildly, that couldn't be right, according to sensor readings the vessel had fled as soon as their engins failed. <Genious> Caelen thought as he figured that Kristiana and Kathleen must've put the bridge under Simulation mode. The ship rocked again and sparks flew wildly across the bridge, smoke, noise and chaos erupted, now was the chance! Caelen leaped off his chair and planted an elbow in the face of the nearest reptilloid. Immediately grabbing the phaser rifle from his belt and aiming for the next victim. The entire bridge crew followed, save Evans since he was out cold. A tense situation was what followed, everybody aimed for everybody. The three hostages trembling and panic amongst both parties "Don't Fire!" Caelen shouted over the noise of the burning bridge "Nobody Fire!" Caelen repeated to make sure everybody was clear on that, he wasn't about to start a massacre.

[Main Engineering, Deck Eight, USS Pegasus]

Kitty Black and her crew were still hard at work on the engines. They'd locked the Engineering doors and just hoped it would be enough. "Get that conduit into place!" She hurried over to help support the weight. "There we go.. that's our last spare. Let's hope we don't have to repair much more before we make it back to Federation space."

Kris managed to secure a type III compression rifle, and some body armor. Quickly tossing the armor on, checking the rifle for charge, and tapping her comm badge. =/\= Petrova to any unassigned security crew. Arm and report to main engineering. We're gonna have intruders, and they're gonna try and take over the ship. I want you all there, ten minutes ago ! Petrova out ! =/\= before she made her limping way back towards engineering, to try and set up a perimeter.

[Transporter Room 3, Deck Seven, IRW T'Met]

"Listen up people, Alpha team is with me, we are going to secure the bridge" Sock had arrived in the Transporter room and was followed by Bokma, they didn't have to wait long for the teams to arrive. "Beta team is with Bokma, they will secure Engineering" Sock stepped on the transporter and looked around the bay once more "Do not fire until you are fired upon or you get the order, is that clear?!"

"Sir, yes sir!" the security almost answered in harmony.

"Activate" Sock ordered, shortly followed by the activation of the transporters and the disappearance of the Romulans.

Bokma stepped onto the transporter pads as soon as Sock and his team had vanished. "Alright, arm and check weapons, prepare for combat. You heard the Colonel, don't fire unless fired upon or given the order. We want that ship under our control, preferably with as few lives lost as possible. Unless they're feddies. Energise." Eyes narrowed.

[Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

The bridge still smoldering but the bombing had now stopped, the ship no longer rocked and there were five Reptilloids petting the triggers on their Phaser rifles, not knowing where to aim, or who to aim for, switching targets every second. "Don't fire!" Caelen hated repeating himself but it was important that no phaser was fired unless out of self defense.

Byranitz hissed, probably to tell his people the same, switching aim from Caelen to T'Rell and back to Caelen, he didn't know anything about the species, not knowing their weaknesses. "Put down your weapons!" Byranitz shouted trying to get back in control.

bright lights and a familliar hum, Transporters! Six armed Romulan officers appeared on the bridge, all carrying Plasma rifles and immediately taking in defensive positions the moment they arrived. "Hold your Fire!" Sock immediately shouted after they had fully materialized, just to make sure his officers remembered.

[Main Engineering, Deck Eight, USS Pegasus]

Kris staggered her way back towards engineering, wincing with each step - still looking scorched and bloodied. Security personel would soon join her as well, saluting and quickly moving into position. "Lieutenant Black, status on engines!" as she knelt down, with a wince, near the main entrance, keeping a corridor covered with her compression rifle. Forms would shimmer as a party of fully armed romulans materialised in the nearby corridors, quickly diving under cover and aiming at the engineering entrance.

"We've got the shared components in place, for the engines!" Kitty called back. "Impulse in three minutes OR warp in ten... Not both." She hurried over to another of her engineers, shaking her head. "We don't have enough spare nozzles for the usual configuration. We'll have to go with a 23rd century pattern. ...You're kidding. What DO they teach you in the Academy these days? Here, here, here, here, and there."

" .. Focus on Warp ! I'll try to keep these blasted rommies at bay. Soon as you have Warp operational, Get Us The Bloody Hell Out Of Here !" Eyes narrowed, she wondered why these romulans weren't advancing or attacking .. They were just .. sitting there. "Hold your fire .. " she told her defense group.

[Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

<This is going from bad to worse...> Caelen thought trying to divide his attention between the hostage takers and the Rommies, dammit he hated baording parties, and What was keeping those damn Marines! They were going to send in help, weren't they?! "What the hell are you doing here?!" Caelen suddenly asked Sock still in a raised voice.

"I am Colonel Sock of the Romulan Warbird IRW T'Met, we've been tailing you through the Romulan Neutral zone... Now tell me what the hell is going on" Sock replied in the same, loud, fashion. "The question is, what are these Hudorians doing here?!" he pointed his disruptor rifle at Byranitz.

"That is none of your Bussiness!" Byranitz shouted now even more confused, aiming for Caelen, T'Rell and Sock all in rythmic circulation. Caelen was the Commander, he was important, T'Rell looked dangerously angry and Sock... well... he was a Romulan. "Now put down your weapons or I will order my men to open fire"

"You would die before you could give the order!" Sock shouted back, how he hated rebels that thought they were fighting for a justified cause.

"Nobody is going to fire on anyone!" Caelen shouted, positioning himself in between the Romulans and the Hudorians, or whatever they were called. "Now put down your Weapons so we can talk this over! Without the useless bloodshed!" he felt the need to shout to get through to these people.

[Main Engineering, Deck Eight, USS Pegasus]

"Any bloody hell in particular?" was Lt. j.g. Black's answer to Petrova. She didn't even know why she'd said it... she was feeling harried and hurried. "We're almost ready..." She hurried over to the other side of the engine room to make sure the control assembly was being lifted back into place properly. The engine room was now strewn with cables, but the engines were ready to start. She hurried to the main control area, vaulting a railing and mildy impressing some of her crew. She punched in the proper commands.. and hoped.

There was a slight shudder and lights started to glow inside the core. The hum started low in pitch and began to fill the room. One of the engineers cheered. Kitty watched the controls carefully. "Well, my old chief would have a fit if he saw me calling this 'within tolerances', but we've got up to Warp Four fairly safely. Setting course for home... and... There we go."

The entire ship shuddered hard as it pushed into warp with no impulse buildup at all. Kitty was ready for the shudder and kept her hand on the railing, bracing her legs. The engines hummed... she listened to the rhythm and sighed. "Not good. But not bad. Great work, guys. Keep monitoring and tuning. I'm going to try to get Warp 5. Not impossible with this configuration." She'd basically rigged the engines in a more primitive, older style, not having enough of the right spares to do it 'properly'

[Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

An unseen push as the internal dampeners struggled with the transition from dead in the water to Warp five, people that didn't stand their ground with all their strength would be thrown somewhere. Byranitz instinctively pulled his trigger and an orange phaser beam shot towards whomever it was he had just set his aim on. The shudder however put his aim a bit off and he hit a Romulan security officer. The others immediatly jumped to defensive positions and started firing on the uncovered Reptilloids, one was hit and breathed out his last breath, Romulans never shot with stun. The one Caelen had hit in the face with his elbow got another hit from a disruptor, probably to make sure he wouldn't stand up. However, the Romulan and Hudorians were aiming for each other, forgetting about the Federation Crew that was present on the bridge. They still leaped for cover though, as any sane person would do.

Chaos has emerged on Deck one and Deck eight, firefights in the corridors and on the bridge of the pegasus while it was limping towards Federation space, probably tailed by an Imperial Warbird, not knowing how far they still had to go or how far they had already made it, hoping that they would make it into Federation space without the use of escape pods.

-={Off}=- Firefights, Shouting and Utter Chaos with:

On the good Side: Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer

Lt. Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer

Lt. (jg) Kathleen Black Chief Engineering Officer

USS Pegasus

On the Bad side:

Byranitz the Terrorist (NPC by Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie)


Several other Random Reptilloids

On God knows what side:

Colonel Sock (NPC) Commanding Officer (Played by Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie)


Major Bokma (NPC) Executive Officer (Played by Lt. Kristiana Petrova)