"Renegade Deception" #67-68 "The stuff of dreams"


[Russian Alps, nighttime]

Mark Evans was driving his Smart. He had to deliver a tanker full of plasma, but he was lost. The small roads just twisted and turned, the muddy landscape of these mountains made it all go slower and slower, and he was running out of fuel. He had to do something, so he climbed out the window, grabbed the spare tire out of the boot, and made a tube out of the spare tire, which he connected to his tank cap, and the 30 ton tanker he was dragging along, all while the weird combination was drudging along at the breakneck speed of 200 km/h, and steering with his right foot, because if he would slow down, he would become stuck...

But as usually, things went wrong. The seal wasn't perfect, and his fuel line started leaking lava all over the road. He started to drive faster and faster, but the plasma was leaking into the cab via the window seals into his smart, and he was being chased by a dark green Klingon half cloaked Humvee, with blood red headlights, who could catch up to him any minute.

And as he thought so, it did! The window rolled down, and the evilly grinning face of Kristiana was looking at him and his passenger, Kathleen, saying "Pull over, plasma boy, so I can kick you out of my airlock!"

And with that, a hand shot out of the hummer's window, dragged Evans out of his smart, and threw him into space! Things were getting colder and colder, as he saw the Klingon battle cruiser become smaller and smaller... He could still make out it's name, the USS Pegasus.

As he was falling down, he was thrashing around his arms, and tried to scream for help, but it was suddenly very hard to talk, but he did hear a voice calling his name, coming closer and closer,

[USS Pegasus, Evans' and Floyd's quarters]

Russell enjoyed a long shower after his run with the Marines. He was surprised with himself that he kept that speed up for as long as he did. He was more of a recreational runner instead of a competitive one. But he almost felt as if he had to teach them a little lesson.

When Russell came out of the bathroom, he saw his roommate twisting and turning on his bed. He obviously had a nightmare of some sort. Evans eventually fell out of his bed because of his desperate movements. Russell decided to wake him up.

"Hey, Evans... eh... Ronald, wake up! You're having a nightmare. Hey, Ronald! Wake up, that's an order, Ensign." he smirked.

"GAAAH! PETROVA IS A KLINGON!!!" was the first thing that came out of Ronald's mouth. He was sweating like an otter, and completely disoriented. He jumped out of his skin again, when he saw the bearded features of Russell:"GAAAAH!", before he finally started to realise where he actually was... "Thank god, it's only you!" Ronald wheezed, when he finally came to his senses

Russell looked amused at his roommate. "That must have been quite a nightmare." he said "Tough day on the job, right?" Russell laughed a bit. "So tell me, how does Petrova look like a Klingon?"

"Man, I don't know, it was just a damn dream," Ronald whined, rubbing his head "Maybe it's the batleth, or the cloaked hummer... Cloaked hummer? What the hell's wrong with me?!"

"Now what the heck is a cloaked hummer? You're obviously not fully awake yet. Maybe a nice cold shower will do you good." Russell smirked.

Ronald started to elaborate: "A hummer, a Humvee, an early 21st century All Terrain Vehicle... Ah, forget it..." He then added with a sarcastic tone "I think I'll actually take the doctor's advice, this time... "

"And I thought I was the history fanatic." Russell said looking surprised by the knowledge Evans had about ancient vehicles. "But I never heard of a cloaking device existing in the 21st century. Are you sure about that?" he asked with a semi serious undertone. He was convinced Evans was still dreaming.

"I SAID, FORGET IT, alright!?" Evans snapped, realising he already had probably told more about his inner fears than he ever wanted the world (and especially his dear old roommate) to know. "So, quit buggin' me, and let me go have that shower. It's probably time to get up anyway... Computer, time!"

A female but yet clearly artificial voice responded:"The current time onboard the Pegasus is O Two Seventeen hours... "

"Oh, crap", a male, and clearly real voice responded to that...

"Somebody got out of bed with his wrong HEAD first." Russell joked referring to Evans' unconventional way of getting up. He moved out of the way to let Evans pass to the bathroom. "Are you sure you're alright? How's your arm by the way?" he said pointing at it, but as Evans walked by, poking it by accident.

"The arm's fiAAAAHG! WHADYA DO THAT FOR YOU IDIOT!" Evans shouted, as a gush of pain ran through his arm

"HEY, YOU walked into MY hand, Mister Clumsy Evans!" Russell said now slightly agitated. Grumpy was fun, but this got out of hand. "Now get yourself a cold shower quick before you have to report to sickbay again for overheating!"

Startled by the complete turnaround of the "gowithall" doctor to Mr. Russell Hyde, Evans just stared at Rusell for a short while, then came to his senses:"Ok, I apologise... I just had a ruff couple of days, okay? I'll go take that shower now, and yes, my arm still hurts a lot..."

"We all have had long shifts." Russell said referring to his dealings with the aliens and all. "I'm looking forward to getting some sleep, if that's even possible after this riot." he said with a slight smile on his face again. While walking over to his bed he said "But I'd like to check your arm first thing in the morning."

"Fine, I guess you're right... I'll go take that shower now..." a suddenly very tired Ensign replied...


Posting the stuff of dreams:

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Ensign Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer

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