"Renegade Deception" #65-66

[Captain's Ready Room, USS Pegasus]

Caelen picked up the PADD that contained the information Evans and Black had gathered from their studies of the life pods, added to this was the science officer's findings. He walked to the doors and onto the bridge again, he spotted Lieutenant Takashi where he expected him to be, behind the Tactical console as they were still in the Romulan Neutral Zone. "Lieutenant Takashi" he said to get the attention of his Tactical officer.

"Yes Sir?" Takashi said as he looked up at the skipper. During their time in this specific area of space, he had been carefully paying attention to the latest reports from his sensor telemetry. So far it had been fairly quiet, but nonetheless was quickly beginning to get anxious the longer they were in imperial space. Though he was always sure not to let any of the anxiousness peaks through.

"I need you to conduct some tactical scans" Caelen said stepping closer to Takashi, he held out the PADD for Takashi "this is all the information we could get from the Pods, we need to find the ship that carried these pods" he said letting go of the PADD in Takashi's hand "and I want to know if you can find any signs of battle in the space surrounding the co-ordinates where we found the pods.

"Aye Sir, I'll have my people fire up the sensors and boost our effective range. But from preliminary scans I've seen no evidence of any battle debris besides the generic radiation and space dust. I'll need to boost Peggy's image resolution to look for what you're looking for sir."

Caelen nodded "do whatever you need, contact me when you find anything" he said walking back towards his ready room, "helm drop out of warp, we're not leaving before we solved this" he ordered right before he stepped back into the sensor range of his ready room doors "Lieutenant you have the bridge" he notified Takashi right before he stepped back into his ready room, he needed to view the report the Counselor had just gotten to him.

Takashi nodded as he took the Conn from the skipper and walked towards the helm control board. "Aye Sir, *turns back to helmsman*Conn, Helm. Reduce speed to 3/4s Impulse. Tactical, I want a deep resolution scan of the area. Have the operations department fire up the sensors array and widen our resolution. We're looking for a ship that will match the escape pods characteristics and energy signatures"

Both officers acknowledged Matsu's orders as he moved towards the back of the bridge and stationed himself on one of the sensor monitoring station. Though the analysis of the escapes pods was detailed and helpful, it would still prove difficult at best to first find a starship no one knew existed within Romulan space. However luck would turn out to be in his favor as one of his tactical officers quickly reported in a contact just on the edge of long range sensors.

"Sir! I've located a contact on the edge of my sensors board…it's a large vessel and is moving towards an unknown trajectory at Warp 5. From preliminary scans it doesn't look Romulan, in fact this bloody thing stinks alien…"

"Can you get a more detailed analysis? Does it seem probable that this ship was holding these types of escape pods?"

"Yes sir, boosting sensor arrays…I'm reading some similarities between the unknown contact and the pods, it looks to have the same hull make up and energy signature… Sir we should report this to the skipper." Recommended the tactical officer.

"Already one step ahead of you Ensign, *opens comm* Caelen, Bridge. We've detected a starship moving at Warp 5 on the edge of our long- range sensors. Speaking with reasonable confidence that this is our bird, permission to set intercept trajectory."

=/\= Roger that bridge, set intercept course =/\= Caelen said over the comm as he stood up from his seat and placed the PADD back on the desk. =/\= Caelen out =/\= he said as he walked towards the door of to the bridge, "let's hope this will get us somewhere"

"Aye Sir, setting course at warp factor 8, estimated time of arrival in one hour sir"

Caelen walked towards the center seat and sat down, "sound the yellow alert" he said, as he looked at the stars speeding by on the main viewer. This would clear stuff up real nicely. The lights turned yellow "Lieutenant, have you found any signs of battle?" Caelen asked looking over his shoulder.

"We're still too far to be able to read out any debris definitely, but so far I can't suspect any battle damage until we get at least 10000 kilometers from the target"


Commander Caelan Commanding Officer, USS Pegasus


Lt. JG Takashi Chief Tactical Officer, USS Pegasus