Renegade deception no. 64


As the doors to the lift opened, he stepped onto the bridge. Order reigned here, probably due to the iron fist authority of the current bridge officer. Kennock has deep respect for people adopting that attitude. She turned around to get a glance of just who entered the bridge. As he passed behind the woman in the center chair, he saluted her and pressed the readyroom door button.

Hearing the doorchime as a liberation to all these PADDs on his desk Caelen said "enter" in a relieved tone. He had a hard time concentrating on his job but the last few hours had bee rediculous. He had just stared at that one PADD in his hands, not doing anything, just staring and having his thoughts somewhere else. Only now he realized that his Second Officer had entered his ready room he smiled "What can I do for you Lieutenant?"

Standing upright, stiff as a marine would and in salute, the man in purple replied.

"Sir, I bring report of the situation in sickbay."

"At ease Lieutenant, please sit down" Caelen motioned Kennock to the chair across his desk "now what is the situation Lieutenant?"

The andorian took seat in the chair offered by his commanding officer.

"Their leader is named Byranitz the miner. He claims that their ship was attacked by a hostile organisation. From what I gathered they are somewhat paranoiac or clostrophobic, in which condition they can become hostile, but released, he did calm down."

Caelen nodded "well I suggest we will try to avoid provoking them" he ran his right hand through his hair "have you arranged for guest quarters yet?"

"I would have had those set, but I needed your authorisation to. I will as soon as possible. Some of them however will require further medical treatment." After a moment's thought, he added "I would restrict the computer access in their quarters. They seemed reticent to reveal much about themselves, and I do not fully trust them."

Caelen nodded again "very well..." he thought for a moment "...he said their ship was attacked? and the lifepods they had weren't capable of traveling large distances... yet we found no traces of battle..." he was thinking outloud, perhaps Kennock could help him in this. "...something is not right Lieutenant... I'll talk to Takashi and see what we can find..."

"It is indeed a strange occurence, and the matter needs investigated. If need be sir," the andorian rose to his feet "I will be in my office having quarters arranged for them before the doctor can handle them no more."

Caelen stood up as well "very well Lieutenant, I hope we have gained some new friends this day" a smile would form on his face. He accompanied Kennock to the exit of the ready room "if there's something wrong I want to be the first one to know" he urged Kennock before the doors opened with a hiss.


LtCmdr Calen Labrie Commandinc Officer USS Pegasus

Lt Kennock Chief Diplomatic Officer USS Pegasus