Renegade Deception #63 - "Questionable Motives"


[Counselors Office, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

"So much work for this assignment! ARGH!" Andrew shouted in frustration. He told Commander LaBrie that it would be hard, very hard, but still he gave him only two hours to complete it.

"I'll get this done, I only have 30 minutes left, but I'll get it done. Computer, play tape at 30 minutes, 11 seconds." With a quick beep, the tape rewound, and played at the exact time Andrew specified.

"Hmm...the Miner is awake, talking to Doc... a quick glance at the corpse of his comrade, then a longer stare at his alive buddies...'d think he'd be more saddened by his man's death... Of course, we don't know their species religion, it could be something religious." Grabbing his PADD, Andrew began writing notes for the preliminary report to Caelen.

"WAIT! Computer, pause tape." Andrew stared at the screen for a moment. "Gotta get into their mind. They're aboard an unknown ship, saved by the Federation. Only one has awakened, the others are in self induced or unwilling comas. One has died. What would I do?" He stopped, thinking. "I would be concerned about my men, and less about what the human wants to know about my species. I would only give him information that he required, nothing more. I am not sure if they are hostile or not, and would be very cautious about what I say." He wrote down notes as he said this, preparing his report to be sent. Standing up, Andrew began to pace around his office couch. "Of course, that would make me seem suspicious, so I would be slightly amiable with the saviours. Hmm... but he's being too amiable. He's giving the history of his species, but withholding certain information." he wrote quickly in his PADD. "I'm thinking they have motives, unknown to us, for the time being." He glanced at the time. 20 minutes remaining before Caelen would expect his report to be on his desk. "Enough time, I'm almost done now..."

He returned to his desk, and looked at Byranitz. "Computer, play tape." He watched Byranitz motions as he spoke. "Interesting, he does not move his arms... Perhaps he does not wish to aggravate anyone on board?" Andrew listened to the conversation carefully. "He's making jokes, while his comrades are still lying on biobeds. He doesn't care that his dead mate gets dissected. Almost certainly spiritual, based on his comment. I don't like this, something doesn't seem right. He is very friendly with Russell, yet he got very angry while in the containment field. Perhaps a fear of being caught? Suggests a plan to do something, or claustrophobia..." Glancing at the time again, he noted he had 15 minutes left. "Better finish this up. Okay, from what I see, based on many different conversations, and actions during those, these reptiloids seem to be cautious, but trying to hide it through friendliness. Yet one question remains unanswered. Why were they out in Romulan space, when Byranitz said they had a neutral relationship with them? I suggest asking why they were attacked, and where they were planning on going." Andrew finished his preliminary report, saved it, checked the time one last time, and hustled to get the PADD to Caelen's desk.


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Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor, USS Pegasus