Renegade Deception #62 - "The dead can wait!"


[Sickbay, deck 6, USS Pegasus]

"Could you please keep it down a bit?" Russell said trying to restore the peace in his once so peaceful sickbay. "People are trying to get some work done here."

It seemed Russell's "heat treatment" on the still unknown alien race had worked miracles. All of them were now sitting upright on the biobeds chattering loudly. Probably exchanging horror stories of the lifepods they had been in for quite some time. None of them seemed to care one bit about their dead comrade lying under a cover on the surgical bed. It was clearly how Byranitz had put it, the body was merely as shell and had no value. Russell planned examining the dead body after the aliens had been appointed another quarters to stay. It was obvious they had fully recovered. A final scan proved that a few minutes ago and Russell informed his CO to have them transferred.

Then a security officer walked in. "I'm here to pick up your guests to accommodate them to new quarters." he informed Russell as well as the aliens, who abruptly stopped talking when the doors opened.

"Ah, excellent!" Russell almost yelled, relieved with the fact that order would be restored. Immediately realizing that his outburst could be interpreted wrong, he quickly added "You'll find the guest quarters much more comfortable than these biobeds." with a smile on his face.

The aliens gave him a look as if they were not sure what to think of him as they followed the security officer out of sickbay. Byranitz was the last in line and just nodded at him, which Russell interpreted as a greeting.

"Don't be strangers!" Russell said in a friendly way when the sickbay doors closed. "You're already strange enough" he mumbled to himself turning towards the deceased alien still present. "Heat treatment won't do you any good anymore." he said in a somewhat somber tone. He didn't feel like starting the examination of the alien right away. The only good the dead alien could do was in the name of science, and Russell wasn't in the mood for science right now.

<The dead can wait!> he thought to himself. <Time for some rest and relaxation, and that means a workout!> He might be the oldest person on the ship, although he wasn't sure about the Vulcans, but he was in good shape. He had always been fond of running and visiting the great nature reserves for hiking and camping. And since there was no possibility of that in outer space anytime soon, he would have to amuse himself in the gym. Some running would do him some good. "B'Inca, will you look after sickbay while I'm gone?" he said walking towards the exit. "I'll be in the gym." She nodded affirmative.

[Corridor outside the gym, deck 7]

Russell's quarters were located on the same deck as the gym. <Convenient!> he thought to himself walking through the corridor towards the gymnasium. He changed into his sporting outfit in his shared quarters where Evans was sleeping. <Well, if you would call that sleeping... More of a noisy coma...> Russell snickered while he thought of that. <Must have been a tough day for him. I still need him in sickbay, but that can wait until he wakes up, next week or so...> With that mental note he walked into the gym.

[Gym, deck 7]

There were three Marines exercising on weightlifting machines. Russell greeted the sweating Marines who were obviously trying to find out who was the strongest. A hefty groan and cheering sounded while one of them lying on his back lifted a huge weight upon the rack. Russell walked over to the treadmills. He would be doing some running today to get a clear head. After setting it to a moderate running speed the treadmill started slowly. To build up some speed for warming up.

The arrival of the Doctor caught the attention of the Marines. They walked over to Russell and were making a bit fun of him. "Be careful, don't set it too high or you might fall off." one of them tried to be funny. "Should we call the Doctor?" another said.

"Don't bother," Russell said while setting the treadmill a bit faster. "I AM the Doctor. You'd better watch out with those weights. It didn't sound like you were fully able to lift it." Russell returned the joke. "Stamina is more important than pure muscle."

"So you think we can't keep up? Let's show him, guys!" the Marine said with a tone as if he had been challenged to duel. They all jumped upon a treadmill on each side of Russell and started running at a fast pace.

"What setting do you prefer, guys? I want to keep up of course." Russell said with a smile. He knew that these guys had been lifting weights exhaustingly and started running too fast. <How well trained they might be, they can't keep that pace for too long.> he thought to himself. <And what if they can, I can stop anytime. I'm just a Doctor, not a Marine.>

"Any setting will do, doc. We're trained to do this. Let's see what you can take." the Marine on the left challenged him and set his treadmill higher than Russell had. The other Marines followed. They were now a marathon runner speed.

"Ah, my favourite." Russel said teasing. He was glad to get some exercising done. Back in San Diego he would run a dozen kilometers every day, but it had been a while since he had the change.

After running for fifteen minutes the two Marine on the right were pretty much exhausted. Just their Marine pride kept them running, but that would soon come to an end. They slow down their treadmills and were panting for breath as they stepped off. The one on the left was still determined to win, as a real Marine should. "How about a sprint to the finish?" Russell said, still sounding pretty fit.

"O...Okay.." he answered breathing heavily and upped the setting a notch. Russell did so too. He knew that when you can't talk normally while running, you're running too fast.

Another three minutes later Russell suddenly turned down the machine to a slower speed for a cool down. "Okay, you win." he said to the Marine. Russell was sure that his competitor would keep running until he would pass out, just to beat him. And with the peace restored in his sickbay , he had no intention of having a bragging Marine as a temporary guest. The Marine almost immediately shut down the treadmill, gasping for air.

"Ha...{wheeze} got you, {gasp} old man." the Marine said.

"Yeah, you got me." Russell said walking at a slower speed with a smile on his face. "But I didn't get your name. I'm Dr. Floyd. Let me get you some drinks in the mess hall to celebrate."

"It's Harr...Harrison... May...Maybe another time." the Marine said still panting.

While the Marines 'walked' out of the gym, Russell couldn't resist a mild laugh. He shouted after them "We should do this again sometimes!", but it was as if the Marines didn't (want to) hear him.


Sporty post by:

Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd CMO, USS Pegasus

aided by some aliens and overeager Marines (all NPC's by Russell)