Renegade Deception #60&61 - "New Orders"

-={On}=- [Counselors Office, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

"Knight to F5, Checkmate" Andrew said immediately after the computer's move. "Checkmate. Player wins. Current record: 5-0-0" Andrew looked at the screen of his computer. 20 moves, but he didn't like it. He had to backtrack against a computer. "Computer, end program." With a flash, the screen faded from view, leaving Andrew looking at the wall.He pickedup his PADD and began looking at lists of old clients.

Caelen rang the chime, he needed the help of the Counselor. It was a bit weird he never been inside an office of a counselor before, he didn't feel he needed it, he thought he could manage his own problems. He awaited the opening of the doors trying to relax himself.

On impulse, Andrew immediately commanded the doors to open, but didn't look up from his PADD. "Hmm...I really should get in contact with him some time. He was on the verge of suicide, seemed cured, but I dunno. That wife of his was no good..." From the corner of his eye, Andrew saw a different colour than the wall. He looked, and saw Caelen standing at the door. <Oh jeez! When did I open the door!?>He thought, then stood and saluted the superior officer. "Lieutenant Commander. Pleasure seeing you here. What can I do for you?"

Caelen nodded "At ease ensign" he could never get used to the fact that he would scare people by just walking in the door. "I need your help..." he said walking in a bit more allowing the doors to close behind him. "please sit down" he said to Andrew as he took place on the couch that was in the office.

Andrew sat and turned off his PADD. Reminiscing about days when his office was bigger than a closet could wait. "What is it, sir? I have no plans right now, other than have a shower and get food, but that can wait." Andrew looked patiently at Caelen, wondering why he was in his office. <Didn't look upset when he entered, so I don't thik it's about him...> Andrew thought.

"As you might have heard already we have guests" Caelen started thinking of how to actually ask this, it was only Andrew his first post and frankly Caelen didn't know how good he really was, his wife had thought good about him, perhaps he should trust her.

"I heard the battle station sirens, and I left my door open in case I was needed for anything. I saw the guests go by to the medical bay, and when no one asked me for anything, shut the door again." Andrew responded. He was having a hard time reading Caelen properly. He was piecing some things together, but most of it lay unanswered.

Caelen nodded "we found seven lifepods containing aliens, unfortunately one has died but six of them have survived their time in space and are being patched up by the doctor" he stated "and I need your help with something" he said once more "to me the aliens act... weird..." he explained of what he wanted "...but I'm not a professional..."

"In understand. You want mne to profile them, then transfer my findings to you and whomever else may require it?" Andrew thought about how he could do this. Certainly it would require time, but it's not like he was doing anything important anyway. "I can do it, but I need to know where they will be most of the time, as well as a small amount of time to lay out a plan for myself. I can't just walk in and improv the interview for the profile."

Caelen shook his head "no... you will not walk in and interview them" he took a moment to think "in fact you will not meet them at all" he knew that this made the profiling almost impossible, almost. "We have security data on them, they have been put in your personal file by the Chief of Security... you will find what you need in there..."

Andrew raised an eyebrow at this. <I can't make a full profile without talking to them. Ugh...> "Very well. It'll be difficult, but it's possible. Granted, it can't be a complete profile without talking to them, but I should be able to get what you'll need from the data."

"I know it's nearly impossible..." Caelen said, he knew what his counselor was thinking "...but nearly impossible is still quite possible..." he added as he stood up from the couch "... I want a preliminary report on my desk in two hours"

"Yes sir. It will be done on time." Andrew stood up as well, preparing to see Caelen out.

Caelen reached out to shook the hand of this Ensign, he looked sure enough of himself. "Very well, I'll be awaiting the report Ensign" he said shaking the Counselor's hand. He started to walk off to the door, as the sensors picked them up he looked over his shoulder and half turned around. "Remember... the glass is always half full" he said meaning the data, it didn't seem enough but with some optimism he might make it. Caelen walked out of the office leaving the counselor doing his job.


A JP by:

Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor

USS Pegasus