Renegade Deception #58&59 - "What are You?"

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[Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

It still was quite crowded in Sickbay to Russell's taste. Almost every biobed was occupied by aliens. Only one of them was empty, the one where Alexandra had been recovering from her illness. She was well enough to go to her quarters again with her mother. While Lt. Kennock had been talking to the stubborn alien, Russell was busy bringing the still unconscious aliens to their senses. After a few more doses of stimulant they finally came round but still weren't 100 percent.

The outcome of the talk between Kennock and the alien was that they would cooperate. <That's an improvement> Russell thought. After Kennock left Russell approached the alien. "I have a lot of questions for you. But first things first. My name is Russell D. Floyd, the CMO on this ship. And you are?"

"Good evening Russell the Doctor, I'm Byranitz the Miner" Byranitz said extending his hand, as Kennock had told him it was the Federation way of greeting people.

Russell appreciated the gesture and shook the hand of the alien and said "Please to meet you." with his trademark smile. "Pardon me for being blunt, but what are you? A Miner you say?"

Byranitz nodded "yes, I am Byranitz the Miner..." he repeated himself; it wasn't that hard was it. Your name and your occupation it was logical to state your job when introducing yourself, so the other could react with the respect you deserved. "...I worked in the mines of our homeworld" he then said explaining.

"Ah yes, that's your job. I understand." Russell said a bit confused. It was a different answer than he anticipated. So he decided to try again. "But what I meant was that I am not familiar with your species, nor my computer databanks are. I would like to know more about you and your species so I can treat your comrades better. Some of them are still in bad shape." he explained why he wanted that information.

"Ah yes, off course" Byranitz said letting a small smile show of himself as well. "My species are a cross-breed... as you might have noticed" he started to explain walking up and down a bit trying to find a way to explain this "On my homeworld there are two different species that evolved into sentient and intelligent life forms, the Humanoids and Reptilians" he said coming to a stand still and looking Russell in the eyes "we are what happens if you mix those"

"I see. The scans were inconclusive. I figured it must have been something like that, but it all falls into place now." Russell said while looking down with a frown on his face as if he was thinking hard. Then he looked up again at the alien. "And your homeworld, where is it and what is it called? Because we found you all adrift in space in life pods that weren't built for space exploration, I guess?" he asked with a questioning look on his face.

"Our species have a very short history in space faring, we had short relations with the Romulans but we remained neutral to them" Byranitz said wondering if the Doctor could perhaps be getting suspicious of something "The conclusion that we were not alone in this universe didn't come to us as a great shock as we always knew there had to be more then our world" he didn't really feel like telling the name of his homeworld, mostly because it wasn't really any of his business.

Russell had his own thoughts on the so called cooperation of the aliens. <I've asked him three times for a name of his species, that can't be a state secret, right?> He looked at the alien with a raised eyebrow and then said "That explains it then." and then he changed the subject as if he knew that the alien wasn't going to tell him more. "Back to your fellow space travelers. What can I do to bring them back to health? Because you're unknown to me, I've been careful with the dosages of medicine. Can you tell me anything in particular?" <Or is that sort of classified as well?> Russell thought to himself.

Byranitz looked around the sickbay a bit and then set his gaze upon something unknown. "Our internal organs are closest to those of our humanoid kin but the immune system is that of the reptilians and we are also cold blooded" he said giving most of the general details "anything you want to know... in particular?" he then asked snapping from his distant stare into the nothingness.

<Okay, this conversation is getting friendlier by the minute!> Russell thought sarcastic. But he quickly got on topic "Cold blooded, eh? That could explain the rather weak effect the medicine is having. The cold in outer space must have been terrible. It's probably a bit too chilly in here for your liking?" he said while thinking <And that goes for me too concerning this conversation...>. "I'll raise the temperature on the biobeds, that'll help." He walked over to the nearest console and raised the temperatures to more of a reptilian setting. "39 degrees C, okay with you?"

"C?" the Reptilian looked at the doctor as if his hair was on fire, why would you measure temperature in C. "I am sorry I don't understand..." he said. Although the device these people had to translate their conversations some things weren't completely flawless yet.

"Right, small glitch in the Translator there... It's the abbreviation of Celsius; it's an old Earth scale of measuring temperature." Russell explained to Byranitz, hoping the UT would take care of the confusion. He had some more questions for his guest if he liked it or not. "You could help with naming your unique physiology. Heart and lungs are no problem, but there are several other organs very specific for your kind. Could you throw a light on that for me?" Russell walked over to the viewscreen and directed Byranitz there. Then he showed the scans he made earlier. "Now you see a cross section of yourself here." he said with a mild smile. "What is that for instance?" he asked pointing at an unfamiliar blob in the abdomen.

"Poison reserves." Byranitz said. Why didn't this doctor figure that out by himself, it was quite easy? Then again they might not know reptiles. "It's from an ancient past, we do not use them anymore but in theory we could spit or shit poison, either of the two, I don't know." he said with a grin, he just hoped that the translation device wouldn't spoil his joke.

Russell looked at the alien with a strange look on his face which quickly turned into laughter <Did he just make a joke?> he thought to himself. "Could come in handy, I'm sure..." he said, still smiling. Russell put up another scan from the files. "This little thing here, what's that?" he said pointing at another unique feature of the aliens.

Byranitz to a very close look at the scan and then stepped back "I have no clue" he said, it's not as if he ever dissected himself and wondered what everything did "it's probably important" he said with a smile. What could he expect; Byranitz was a miner not a doctor.

"Haven't paid much attention in biology class, then?" Russell tried to return the joke. He quickly turned on his serious face again. "I would like to do a full autopsy on the body of your dead comrade, but I haven't laid a hand on him yet out of respect for your kind's wishes." Russell explained. "If I have your permission? So I can stop interrogating you."

Byranitz nodded "very well, you can do with him what you want, his spirit is no more..." he said, he didn't even ask who it was that died, nor did he really look shocked. He probably had heard it from Kennock already or seen one of his comrades missing. "And we only get elementary educations" Byranitz answered to Russell's joke.

"Fine, but my first concern is to get you all out of here. And with that I mean the Sickbay of course." Russell added with a smile. He was finally able to have a reasonable conversation with the alien he now knew as Byranitz the Miner. But Russell still had no clue what species he was or where he was from. -={Off}=-

An alien (out)post by:

Ensign Dr. Russel D. Floyd CMO, USS Pegasus


Byranitz the Miner Alpha Male of the Aliens (NPC played by Caelen LaBrie)