Renegade Deception #56&57 - "Byranitz the Miner"

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-={On}=- [Diplomatic Offices, USS Pegasus]

It took some time for Kennock to find his way to his offices. You'd think they would be on the first three decks... but it was not the case. It is an unusual sight to see a diplomatic officer on board a destroyer. As such, in the original design of the Centaur class, there wasn't a specific Diplomatics Bureau. "Computer," said he, "Where are the diplomatics offices?" The monotone female voice answered in the typical fashion "Diplomatics Bureau is located on deck 8, guest quarters section, door 1." A puzzled look came on his face. Lets check it out, he thought.

As he came upon the door, there was a logo of Starfleet Diplomatics to greet him. According to the plans on the wall display, this should normally be an ambassadorial suite! He then thought again... In most cases, when need came to have a diplomatics office on board a ship mainly designed for combat or escort, something else is converted into that. Such was the case here.

When he made his way in, he was astonished at the sight. The ambassadorial suite was complete with full ornamentation in a wonderfully retro 2320's style. As could be expected of such facilities, there is an office which he would be using. The bedroom was converted into another office for his assistant, which was probably off duty at the moment. The salon remained almost untouched as the atmosphere was perfect for receiving important guests. Kennock particularly liked the small bar in the far corner.

Jennifer rushed from the lift towards where the computer had said Lieutenant Kennock would be. Deck eight, quest quarter section, door 1. She walked up to the door and it was opened by the sensors picking her up. "Lieutenant?" she asked looking into the room and seeing the back of a purple clad Andorian.

Startled a bit, the lieutenant turned around to find a pretty lady, looking somewhat worried. "Yes ensign, can I help you?"

Jennifer saluted the Andorian "sir, the Commander has requested your presence in Sickbay" she said still standing in attention and her hand by her head.

Returning the salute in a formal manner that would have him mistaken for a marine, "Lead the way" he said as he followed her trough the door. "I take it our guests are awake?"

Jennifer nodded "yes they have awoken and the Universal translator has managed to decypher their language" she said as she walked into the turbo lift and waited for Kennock to come in "but they seem aggravated and don't really want to talk" she added "Deck six" she then said to the turbo lift.

"I see" said the andorian, looking pensive. As the lift shot upwards, he asked "What do we know yet? Any indication as to what they were doing?"

"none sir... I'm sorry" Jennifer looked a bit troubled at Kennock, she didn't know how to tell him but she felt as if something was wrong, a gut feeling that the aliens spelled trouble.

A smile formed on his face. He didn't look comfortable in any way, but he was clearly enjoying this. The doors opened on deck 6. As they marhed out, he sais jokingly "I'll go just fine. Don't worry, it's only my first time dealing with hostile aliens... in a diplomatic manner that is." <tag>

This wasn't really comforting to Jennifer, luckily she already had done her job with translating and she was only there to help Kennock if the translator bodged up. They walked into sickbay where now three of the 6 aliens seemed to be awake.

The alpha alien, the one that appeared to be their leader was pacing back and forth inside his containment field. "Good day!" Said Kennock to the walking lizzard. "To you maybe." the reptiloid entity replied. "I am lieutenant Kennock, chief diplomatics oficer on board this vessel. You are guests of the United federation of ..." he was abruptly interrupted.

"Yeah yeah right... Do you usually leave your guests in containment fields mr diplomat?" asked the visibly irritated alien. "Untill we can assess that you are no threat to the safety of this ship, it is standard procedure to..."

The Alien spit on the ground "This is no way to treat guests" he said, his volume of voice ever rising. "How can you find out if we're not a threat if we get no chance to prove this to you?"

As Kennock walked towards the force field, all eyes were set on him. He pressed a few buttons on the wall and the force field went off. With a hand extended towards the alien he asked "You know my name. What is yours?" He was taking a risk. They all knew it. The alien seemed hostile if even violent. There was no way to know what would happen. Then again maybe they were simply claustrophobic...

The alien walked back and forth a bit thinking what to make of this, he looked at the hand wondering why the Lieutenant had put it out "Byranitz the Miner" he said also extending his hand, like Kennock, but not grabbing on to that of the blue one.

Slowly explaining before acting "It is the standard form of greeting among the peoples of the United Federation of Planets. A sign of peaceful intentions" He reached the the four fingered hand and firmly shook it waiting for the alien to respond in the same manner. Retracting his hand, he awaited to see if the aliens had any greeting of their own.

The alien took a second to take in this information "ah yes" he then said extending his hands and placing them on the Andorian's shoulders "Greetings Kennock the Diplomatic Officer" he said with a nod.

"Greetings, Byranitz the miner" responded the diplomat in the same manner. "Your friends will get better soon, they are receiving the best care we can give them... there are some matters we must discuss. Are you speaking on their behalf?"

Byranitz looked at his mates, still behind forcefields, he then looked back at Kennock "Aye, I will speak on their behalf" he said wondering what it was he wanted to discuss. Perhaps they knew of the revolution, perhaps they were send by the Huddren. "what is it you want to discuss Kennock" he said as he didn't recognize the rank of the Andorian.

"The most pressing matter at the moment is what happened to your ship, and if there are still people out there." asked the Andorian with a moderate air of urgency. "Is this all of you?"

"Our vessel was attacked" Byranitz looked around to count the heads in the sickbay "not counting our lost friend we're all here" he said motioning towards the bed where their dead comrade was.

Kennock took some time to think it over, there had been no reports of destroyed ships but for now it might be better to play with them "we will scan for your vessel" he said "and hope to find who is responsible for your loss"

Byranitz nodded "very well… I will await your return… good luck Kennock the Dilpomat" he said walking back to the bio bed, he figured that he would be put back behind that damned forcefield again. If something would happen to the ship he would be powerless, no chance of hiding or saving himself.

"I will see to it that you are assigned to guest quarters as soon as possible" Kennock said before turning around and walking away. He had seen in Byranitz his eyes some kind of fear or anger, or maybe both.

"In the meanwhile, is there anything else I can do?" Byranitz said, anything to not get put back behind those forcefields. They were entangling, suffocating. He awaited the reply of the blue officer clad in purple.

Kennock took a moment to think "perhaps you could be of some use to the Doctor, anything you know about your species might help him help your comrades" with this he nodded notifying Byranitz that he would leave, "until next time Byranitz the Miner"

"Until next time Kennock" Byranitz replied, perhaps it was a good idea to help the Doctor, the more of his friends conscious the better. He needed them for their survival , they weren't out of the woods yet, they were still in danger, even on this unknown vessel. He decided that his chances of success would be higher if he acted a bit friendly to the crew and tried to co-operate.

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