Reflection 46 - 47 "Warm Welcome"

"Main Operation." Carl stepped inside the lift and told the computer his destination. The doors closed behind him and the lift gently began its ascent.

This was his first assignment on a starbase, though he didn't expect it to be too different from any of his previous planet based postings. After all he's still a diplomatic officer. But it's nice to have a change of working environment once in a while. And he was looking forward to heading his own department, which he believed had been long overdue.

A few moments later, the lift stopped and opened its doors. Carl stepped out of the lift and into Main Operation. Everyone was going about their own business, and no one paid much attention to his arrival. Taking a glance of the command center, he spotted the base CO's ready room and walked over. He straightened his uniform before pressing the door chime.

"Enter." The doors hissed opened. He stepped inside. With a standard salute, he said, "Lieutenant Junior Grade Carl Lee reporting for duty, sir."

Captain Bloodmoon looked up from her console, her eyes were red and she had a headache. The news she had just gotten was bad, real bad, and she wasn't sure if she still wanted to be here. "Yes, yes, at ease Lieutenant, please take a seat" she tried to keep her voice leveled and professional but it was audible that she had a bad day.

"Thank you, m'am." Carl said as he sat down in a chair in front of the captainí»s desk. From the tone of her voice, she didní»t seem to be in her best mood. *Good timing, Carl.* He thought to himself.

She pushed a few final buttons on the Console and folded her hands on front of her, on the desk. "How can I help you?" she asked, knowing that by sending that message she couldn't really do anything for him here.

He was a bit surprised by the question. "I was assigned to Starbase 47 as her Chief Diplomatic Officer, captain. My transfer order should have arrived a week ago." Perhaps the order was lost in subspace. Or perhaps he got onto the wrong transport and arrived at the wrong starbase. Though that was rather unlikely, he allowed himself to be amused by the remote possibility for a brief moment.

"Ah yes..." the Captain responded, reaching out for a stack of PADDs she went through them quickly and found the transfer orders "...indeed you have been transferred, welcome aboard Lieutenant" she didn't sound happy or welcoming.

He might not be a counselor, but he would not be a good diplomat if he couldní»t tell someone was in a bad mood. And Captain Bloodmoon was definitely upset over something, or someone. Hopefully he had nothing to do with it.

On the bright side, at least he hadn't got on the wrong transport. That would have been embarrassing, though admittedly it would also have been quite funny, Lieutenant JG Carl Philip Albert Lee the Lost, the Confused, the Caní»t Find His Way Around...... He almost chuckled at the thought, but managed to maintain his composure.

"Thank you, captain." He smiled slightly. "I am looking forward to beginning my work. You will have my first report on the latest diplomatic situation and protocols by 1700 hours."

The console notified her of a reaction from the communications lab, it would take a couple more hours for them to circumvent the disturbance by the Meteor, she shook her head a bit "I guess I'll still be Captain of this base by that time... Lieutenant... do you have any questions?"

Carl pondered for a second. "If I may, captain, is the base receiving a new CO?"

Captain Bloodmoon looked down a bit before looking him straight in his eyes, having trouble keeping her tears in, it was just to painful "indeed she is"

Now he began to have an idea why she might be upset. Captain Bloodmoon seemed quite attached to the starbase, or maybe it's something else. But regardless, he couldn't just sit there without at least saying something to comfort the woman. "I am sure it's just a routine posting rotation, m'am." His voice trailed off as another voice in his head warned him, *Not again, Carl. Stop sticking your nose where it didní»t belong. It's none of your business. Besides, you are just a lieutenant junior grade. What can you do?*

"If there is anything I can do......" Apparently that voice didn't have much control over what came out of his mouth.

Bloodmoon shook her head "there is nothing you can do..." it wasn't a regular posting rotation, she was incompetent and pulled back to Earth to do a desk job or be Admiral's Yeoman or something "...but thanks for the offer, I'm sure your new Commanding Officer will appreciate having you aboard"

"Thank you, captain." For a second, he thought about asking if she knew who the next CO would be, but quickly decided against it. She probably wanted to be left alone for a while, and not be reminded of her replacement. "If there is nothing else, m'am..."

"You're dismissed, Lieutenant" Bloodmoon stated, looking at the screen hoping to get a response from SF HQ, hoping that they would tell her that she got another chance, but there was no message... and if there were it would be something else.


Captain Bloodmoon Commanding Officer Starbase 47 (NPC by Captain Labrie)


Lt. JG Carl P. A. Lee Chief Diplomatic Officer Starbase 47