Reflections 48 - 49 An Unexpected Turn of Events

-={On}=- [Holodeck 15, Starbase 47]

Caelen was jamming away on his guitar, a solo in one of the new songs he had studied. It wasn't flawless yet but the crowd applauded and went crazy nonethess. Not that he noticed, he was to concentrated, fixed on his guitar and the music it produced.

"Captain LaBrie, this is Admiral Torrens' yeoman. Please report to her office onboard the New Orleans immediately."

Caelen didn't notice the communication, in fact he had put his Commbadge off behind the stage. He slid his hand to the very base of the guitar and squeezed out a lot of loud and high pitched tones, hypnotised by the music, moving with the notes.

"Captain LaBrie, please respond."

Caelen swept his hand across the snares three more times before he slowly let the music die out. He put out his hand to represent the symbol metal and rock artists frequently used back in those days and sighed heavily. He ran a hand through his hair before stating "Computer, end program"

"Captain LaBrie!" the woman's voice got more insistant.

Caelen looked around to spot his combadge on the floor, he picked it up and put it on his chest before pressing it =/\= Captain LaBrie here, what seems to be the emergency? =/\=

"Sir, you have been summoned to Admiral Torrens' office on the New Orleans. Please report here immediately."

Caelen scratched his head and looked at his Iron Maiden T-shirt, spelling "The number of the beast" in bright red on the chest and his old black jeans. =/\= Immediately or ASAP? =/\=

"The Admiral doesn't wait for a mere Captain." The woman said snottily."

=/\= Very well, I'll be there Immediately =/\= Caelen stated before closing the channel and putting the guitar on his back he walked out the holodeck, straight to the USS New Orleans. Two turbolifts and a good two hundred meters of corridor got him to the airlock and into the New Orleans. He now stood in front of the office and tapped the chime before waiting for a response from the inside.

"Enter." Admiral Torrens called tersely.

Caelen entered, making sure his guitar wouldn't get stuck on the door frame. He saluted the admiral, "Captain LaBrie, reporting as ordered, Sir"

Caelen looked at his T-shirt and black jeans "an Iron Maiden band t-shirt replica and black jeans, sir" he stated matter of factly before looking up at the Admiral again.

"What on Earth is an Iron Maiden?" Torrens asked. "Actually, never mind. Take a seat, LaBrie."

First Caelen took his guitar off his back and set it against the wall before sitting down. He put his arms on the arm rests and waited for the Admiral to begin telling him whatever it was that was so important to get him here Immediately.

"LaBrie, for some reason that is completely incomprehensible to me, somebody seems to think you are actually halfway capable of Command."

Caelen frowned "only halfway, sir, I seem to have done a good job getting my crew back from a Dominion infested universe" he asked sarcastically.

"And blowing up another Starfleet Ship in the process? Good job, LaBrie."

A small smirk appeared on his smile "I was actually not on the bridge at that time, sir" he relaxed a bit in his chair, the Admiral was in a bad mood that most certainly meant that it was good news she had to deliver.

"LaBrie, if you backtalk me one more time, I swear..." She bit off the thought. "They're giving you 47, LaBrie. Congratulations." She said, without a hint of happiness.

A frown now appeared on his face "Isn't Captain Bloodmoon in command of Ronin?" he asked, using the more local name for the base.

"She was judged unable to continue in the position." Torrens said. "Don't follow in her footsteps, LaBrie."

"I won't sir..." Caelen said full of determination "...I wouldn't want to let you down" he added with a small smirk. "If that will be all, I think I have a lot of paper work to go through now... having to put in transfer orders for all the crewmembers of the Pegasus to the Starbase"

"Get on with it, LaBrie." Torrens said. "Just don't screw it up."

Caelen stood up from his chair and gave a nod "Admiral" he stated before turning around and picking up his guitar and walking out the door. He kind of had mixed feelings, knowing what the situation of the base was, being kind of leaderless two thirds and completely leaderless the other third of the year.

"Thank God I'm only here four times a year." Torrens said, once LaBrie left. "That man is destined for failure."


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Admiral Eleanor Torrens Commander of the Neutral Zone Fleet USS New Orleans