Reflections #44, 45 - "Ship in a bottle"


Kitty managed, true to form, to get lost several times wandering about the station. She kept it up, though, determined to find her way. She had one more friend she wanted to see before she left for her grandparents' house. Finally she was touching the doorbell on a set of temp quarters, hoping that she'd found the right place!

Hannah came to the door, and her face lit up when she saw who it was. "Hey Kitty!"

"Hi Hannah," Kitty said brightly. "Can I come in? Sorry, I didn't bring ice cream this time. I've got to watch my weight."

Hannah laughed. "Fair enough, come on in."

Kitty wandered in, looking around. She was in leisurewear, but not the typical plain dress or that pretty red ornate one.. she was wearing real, honest-to-goodness stonewash bluejeans and a scoop-necked, close-fitting t-shirt with a blue floral design. Her hair was up in a high ponytail and she looked very 'late 20th century retro'. "Thanks. How're you doing? How's your wrist?" She asked the last question with a bit of concern in her voice.

"It's much better now, thanks." Hannah smiled. "Take a seat. I have something for you." She went into the bedroom area.

"You have something for me?" Kitty asked, surprised. She found a spot to sit. "I didn't get you anything," was the next regretful thought on her mind. True to form, it was expressed out loud.

"No bother." Hannah called from the other room. "Just think of it as a thank you for letting me crash on your floor." She returned, carrying a box wrapped in bright coloured paper.

"It's a box!" Kitty said in delight, holding it up and looking at it at all angles. "Why thank you. Boxes are so terribly useful. You can never have too few boxes." She was in a good mood and just couldn't resist.

Hannah laughed. "Open the box, loser."

Kitty chuckled and started unwrapping. Her unwrapping style was guaranteed to drive people insane at Christmastime.. it involved very carefully taking apart the wrapper as if she were intending to keep it for posterity, sliding a finger underneath to gently lift the tape.. finally she got to the point of actually Opening The Box.

Kitty carefully lifted up the little bottle, eyeing the tiny sailing vessel inside. "Oh Hannah!" she exclaimed in delight, turning it very gently. "It's so beautiful! And.. intricate! Oh wow..."

"You like it?" Hannah said, smiling.

"I love it," Kitty said, very gently placing it back in the box before rising to give her friend a big hug. "It's beautiful... and I'll keep it with me, and put it in my quarters when.. if... well... wherever I end up next. Thank you."

"I wanted to make sure you had something to remember me by." Hannah said.

"Remember you by?" Kitty blinked at the phrasing. "But I'm going to see you when I get back from vacation, you know. We'll be setting out on our next adventure.. wherever we end up being assigned."

"That's if we get assigned to the same place." Hannah shrugged. "And what are the chances of that?"

"Who says we won't be?" This was clearly something Kitty hadn't even thought of. "I mean, if they give us another ship, they aren't just going to split us up, right? I'm full Lieutenant now. Even if it's a bigger Engineering, I think I have the credentials to keep my position...... ....right...?"

"That's if we get given another ship." Hannah said. "What if they just split us all up?"

"All of us?" Kitty blinked and whimpered, instantly thinking of Evans.

"Who knows - they decommissioned the ship, Kitty. Anything could happen."

"The captain wouldn't let it," Kitty said quietly, frowning.

"I guess." Hannah said, dubiously.

"Well... we'll find out soon enough." Kitty sighed, then smiled. "I won't let it ruin my vacation, though. My father's here... he wants to get to know me better. And he got us a shuttle back to Earth, priority."

"Wow, that's pretty cool...sounds like it should be a fun vacation."

"Any vacation that involves going home is going to be fun," Kitty said brightly. "You do something fun too, right? Enjoy yourself. Deal with whatever comes, when it comes."

"Ok." Hannah said, smiling. "See you when you get back."


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus(?)