Reflections #42&43 - "Different Kind of Logic"

-={On}=- [Holodeck 15, Starbase 47]

Caelen had salvaged his guitar from his quarters right before he got beamed out by the base its Ops personnel. He had been told off by the Commanding Officer of the base before being let go, so he went to the Holodeck, guitar in hand. And now he was jamming on his Guitar, just some final notes, he stretched it out as long as he could, before the music stopped and he opened his eyes to look around. He sighed a bit, back to work, he tapped hi com-badge =/\= Captain LaBrie to Lieutenant Telek Sulan, please meet me in Holodeck fifteen, As soon as possible =/\=

=/\= "Understood. I am on my way." =/\= Sulan arrived a few minutes later, holding a data PADD. "You wished to see me sir?" She said after saluting.

Caelen gave a simple nod "Word has reached me about you..." he said, not making clear yet what it exactly was he had said "...I wanted to hear your side of the story" he then spoke, letting her draw some conclusions herself and start telling the story, perhaps he would find out other infractions she would've made.

"Concerning which matter?" Sulan asked, straightening her uniform. "Rumours, like diseases, have a tendency to mutate as they spread. sir."

"At this point, two matters, Warrant Officer Ryylar and Lieutenant O'Driscoll" Caelen stated, he folded his arms behind his back and looked around the dull holo-grit a bit, perhaps he should activate a program so that they could sit down. "Ah, I see." She said, as she turned her back to him and examined the yellow grid tiles of the holodeck walls. "Two most unfortunate incidence, which happened to occur very near each other. Please believe me when I say that I had no choice in either matter."

"Mr. Ryylar was under the mistaken impression that I sought to harm Lieutenant O'Driscoll. A fact which I tried to convince him was untrue. He refused to believe me. Which I would have accepted, had he not decided on his own to 'guard' O'Driscoll, and attempt to bar me from passing through the corridors of a vessel which I had been appointed to protect. Given the fact that he had nearly attacked me on a separate occasion, I chose to relive him of his weapons, and order him -A direct order- to return to the post which I has assigned him. He refused.

"I then ordered my security personnel to surround him, and once again, I asked him to surrender his weapons, stating I would overlook the fact that he was derelict from duty by guarding O'Driscoll without authorisation. He again refused, and I was forced to stun him, and have him removed to the Starbase brig. after a short period of time I released him from the brig, and allowed him to return to duty, without annotating his record or filling charges. "Sir, I believe Mr. Ryylar to be a fine security crewman, and perhaps, a potentially fine officer, *if* he can over come his headstrong emotional short-sightedness." She looked him in the eye, and hoped he would she the truth there.

"On to the matter of Lieutenant O'Driscoll." She said, turning away again. "Upon hearing of the Warrant Officer's incarceration, O'Driscoll came to my office in a state of extreme anger. Before I could say more than a few words to her, she shoved me against the bulkhead, and spoke in a very angry tone. I then warned her, that if she were to assault me again, I would retaliate in kind. "She then struck me in the face. I intercepted her arm before she could draw it back, and broke her wrist in a clean break." She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "It was not my intention to injure either of them. Yet, I could not allow either one of them to bring injury to my security crews, or myself. What transpired was indeed regrettable. Yet, I had little choice but to react in the manner I have described. In fact, I believe I showed far more restraint than I am given credit for, sir."

Caelen frowned at that last remark "Frankly, Lieutenant, if there is one thing that you have shown it is that you are more human then you care to admit" he stated "and I know that for a Vulcan being human is dangerous..." he added, taking his guitar off his back and putting it in the stand. " gave into your emotions twice, first irritation and aggravation over the fact that Ryylar did what he thought was right, what you were to do is contact me or, in the absence of Commander Petrova, Lieutenant Black..." he shook his head a bit "...not shooting him with seven phaser rifles"

"With all due respect, sir, I believe it is illogical to have to confer with you or another officer each time I am forced to make a command decision. Mr. Ryylar was under my command at the time, and as such-"

"I..." Caelen said loudly interrupting her "...wasn't finished yet Lieutenant" his volume levelling out a bit again. "Then we come to O'Driscoll, it has come to my attention that until recently you two were close and that you broke up. Right then and there is where you showed restrained, according to the story O'Driscoll told me, she was fearing for her life but you walked away. What happened later in that office is not only a Logical reaction on you shooting Ryylar but also very human" he stated, meaning the fact that Hannah stormed in on her and got her wrist broken. "Your reaction however was not restrained, as a Security officer and god knows what else, you have been trained to kill but you have also been trained to hold back in some situations... this would've been one of those situations."

"I see." she said coldly. "So, the correct response would have been to allow her to continue to assault me, because of her 'very human' response to my performing my duties? You say also that she acted in logic? Forgive me, but human logic must differ vastly from Vulcan logic, because all I witnessed was a typical human over-emotional reaction."

Caelen listened to the response but it was of little consequence, the decision was already made. He tapped his combadge =/\= Caelen to Security Force, please come inside =/\= the holodeck doors immediately opened and five security officers walked in, armed with phaser rifles. Caelen then put out his hand "You have been relieved of duty until further notice, you lose all privileges that come with your rank and position, if you would please give me your sidearm, rank pips and combadge."

Upon seeing the security forces, Sulan nearly drew her phaser out of instinct. She had to force her hands to remain folded behind her. Her mind screamed at her to take action. To perhaps put the phaser to LaBrie's head and take him hostage, or perhaps simply vaporise him where he stood. But no matter how many scenarios her tactical mind could come up with, each of them ended in her death. Perhaps if she had been able to lay a trap, or had a few loyal staff with her, she might have succeeded, but one against six, with no cover, or support equipment...

It was over. Pure and simple.

"Yes, but did you really expect it to end in any other way?" She asked herself quietly, "If not with violence, then with disgrace..." She bowed her head slightly, almost as if in prayer, then yanked the pips so violently from her collar that it tore. Next, she drew her phaser with agonising slowness, and placed them both in LaBrie's hands: The phaser in his right, and the pips -with the little scrap of uniform still attached- in his left.

Closing his hand tightly around the pips and badge and holding the phaser in another hand, just so he could react if she would lash out "You will be assessed by two counsellors, they will only be answering one question. Are you mentally fit to do this job" he shook his head a bit, it was a terrible thing to do but it had to be done "until this has been assessed you will be locked behind a force field and be under continued guard by the Starbase security staff" this also had its obvious reasons.

"Can you see the humour in this situation? I certainly can. I am arrested for performing my duties, and the people I was to detain, are free to go, because they acted 'human'. Or, perhaps I am mistaking humour for irony...?" She sighs. "Take me to my cell, I am eager to be rid of the sink of human for a while."


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus?


Lieutenant (jg) Telek Sulan Chief of Security? USS Pegasus?