Reflections #40 & #41 "Meeting of the minds."


[Temporary Crew Quarters, Starbase 47]

Hannah took a deep breath before she tapped the call button by Sulan's door. Of all the places in the galaxy, this was where she least wanted to be. Finally, she stuck her chin out, and pressed the button.

"Enter." Sulan said, as she sat down the data padd she'd been reading. Hannah stepped through the doors as they opened, but didn't go very far into the room. "Sulan." she said, quietly in greeting.

"Ah, Hannah. Greetings. To what to I owe this surprising visit?" Sulan said, wondering if she sought revenge.

"I bumped into a friend of yours this morning." Hannah said, tersely.

"Is that so? Friends for me seem few and far between, of late. How fares your wrist?"

"Just fine. I'm not here to make casual conversation. It was Angela. She told me to lure you to Cargo Bay Three, and then leave. She wants you, Sulan. So there it is."

Sulan went silent, and grew pale. The only sign of the shock she felt. "Are you... are you alright?" She said after a moment.

"What do you care?" Hannah asked, candidly.

"Perhaps nearly as much as you seem to. For if you didn't, you would have simply led me into the trap as they had asked you to. I am quite certain she offered you something. May I ask what it was?" Sulan asked quietly.

"She offered me plenty. Money, positions, plenty." Hannah paused. "Don't think this means we're OK, Sulan, because we're not. I would have done this for anybody."

"Perhaps..." Sulan said sounding troubled.

"What's wrong?" Hannah said, drawn in, in spite of herself.

Sulan shakes her head. "What were your thoughts regarding her?" <tag>

"She reminded me of you." Hannah said, simply

Sulan nodded, narrowing her eyes alittle. "Yes, I could understand why you would feel that way."

"What are you going to do?"

"Kill them. Or be killed." Sulan said as she put down the padd

"Great, now I wish you hadn't told me." Hannah sighed.

"Fear not. My odds of surviving are very low. You need not worry."

"Sulan...what happened to you...why did they..."Hannah was lost for words, something which seemed to be happening a lot, lately.

"Hannah..." She stood and embraced her, for one not bothering to hid how she felt. "Thank you, Hannah, for everything."

"Uh..." Hannah looked a little confused as the woman whom she'd hated, loved, fought with, and finally abandoned, embraced her. "For what?"

"Everything. All of it... Showing me happiness, and letting me feel alive. If just for a moment." She touches the area just below Hannah's cheek bone, tenderly.

"I don't...I don't understand." Hannah said, confused by the touch, the words, all of it.

"Forgive me, Hannah..." She said with raw sadness in her voice. She holds Hannah's head still with her free hand and presses her fingers deeper in to her cheek. "Your thoughts, to my thoughts... Your mind.... to my mind... Our thoughts are one... Our minds are one." She said gritting her teeth with the effort to break through the layers of the girl's mind.

Hannah's eyes widened as the mind meld took place. Her mouth opened, but she was powerless to resist.

Sulan pushed through her mind careful to only seek the memories for the last few days. Though Hannah's other memories swam at the edge of her perception, she ignored them, lest she injure the girl more than necessary. When she found the memories she sought, she obliterated all traces of Angela, or of Hannah's meeting with her. Last, she carefully altered the memory of the conversation she'd just had, making Hannah think she'd had a fainting spell, before lowering her gently to the floor, and breaking the link.

"Hannah?" Sulan said as she shook her gently. "Are you alright?" she said as she crouched over her.

"What happened?" Hannah opened her eyes slowly. "What am I doing in here?"

"I believe you fainted. Do you require medical attention?" Sulan asked quietly.

", I'm fine." Hannah said, vaguely. "Why am I in your quarters?"

"I believe you wished to speak with me, regarding some matter." She said, sticking to the truth as much as possible. "Do you remember what is was you wished to discuss?"

"No...something about someone...I don't remember." Hannah said confused.

"I see. Then, do you need help to return to your quarters?" Sulan asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, I'll, I'll be OK." Hannah said, standing carefully. She started to say something, then stopped. "I'll come back when I remember." She said, leaving.

"Of course." Sulan said, watching her go.

Hannah rubbed her eyes as she left the room. What had she gone there for? Oh well, it probably wasn't important.


A joint post by:

Hannah O'Driscoll: Chief tactical Officer USS Pegasus "Whatever was I doing there?"


Telek Sulan Chief Security Officer USS Pegasus "It's for the best. That is what I must keep reminding myself."