Reflections #38&39 - "Are We Communicating the Same"

-={On}=- [Corridor en route to Communications Office, Starbase 47]

Brandon Wellers had sighed as he padded down the corridor of Starbase 47. He was called to Ops, interrupting his work ... only to be given a padd with some communiqués that needed to be dispersed via the communications system. The communications officer entered the lab that contained everything a Starbase needed concerning communications, standing at a console was a woman, not much shorter than himself. She was in a Starfleet uniform, her hair pulled up into a nice tight bun, Brandon cleared his throat, "can I help you?"

"I am not sure..." Jennifer said turning around to him "...are you the Communications officer of this station?" she asked.

"Yes I am," the communications officer said as he clasped his hands behind his back.

"I need to send this to Starfleet HQ but I can't get around the interference that stray comet is causing us lately..." Jennifer explained her situation. In her hand was a classified communication of her husband to the Starfleet Admiralty, he still had some friends in high positions and maybe he was able to save the Pegasus, although with every minute she lost figuring out how to get around the comet the chance got smaller and smaller "...I need this message send ten minutes ago"

Brandon had given a quick nod as he approached the other officer. The stray comment had been a pain in his backside since day one, he constantly had to change the subroutines to get messages to and from the station. He looked at the console monitor and took a look at the interference ... it was particularly strong today. "Well any subspace band can't permeate, so what you need to do is," he pushed a button than another, than two more. "Basically the carrier wave has to be modified with each passing minute it seems," again he turned his attention back to the monitor. "So even if you think you got a way to transmit ... you have to manually modify to compensate for the interference."

"They never taught me that on the Acad" Jennifer replied, paying close attention to his actions, perhaps she would learn something from this "I'm more of a Linguistic Specialist anyway, my husband always tells me I know more languages then the Universal translator"

"Really?" Brandon looked to the woman who stood next to him. "I have my masters degree in exo-linguistics," it was nice that there would be another person he could talk to. "As for this," he pointed to the monitor "... they don't teach it because I had to come up with it. Once the comet became a nuisance I had to come up with a plan to get and send messages ... and this way of doing things was born." He smiled, "are you from the Pegasus?"

Jennifer nodded slowly "That I am... or what's left of her..." she admitted, sounding quite saddened by the fact.

"I heard she wasn't in great shape," it probably wasn't easy for these officers. "The buzz is that she is being decommissioned ... however it is just rumours, I am not always one to listen to idle gossip."

"That's why I need this message out ten minutes ago" Jennifer said with a smirk, waving her PADD. Frankly she had mixed feelings about the Pegasus, first of all she was glad that it had brought them home safely, secondly she was a bit angry at it for changing her husband the way it did and finally she knew that when that ship remained intact she couldn't comfortably live knowing Alexandra was in constant danger.

Brandon gave a nod of understanding and turned back to the monitor and again started to hit buttons to check in the interference, cutting through it with the algorithms he had come up with. "Okay well I got it set up for you to download the message ..."

Jennifer downloaded the message into the database, ready to be send, she then put out a hand to thank the man, and smiled warmly.

Brandon took the hand and returned the smile, "I will let you know as soon as a reply comes through and than have routed to your quarters if that is okay."

"Thank you, I'm Jennifer LaBrie by the way" she introduced herself to the man, who acted professional and competent enough.

"Brandon Wellers," he couldn't believe he forgot to mention his name sooner. He had supposed he was just glad to have the company, of a linguistic specialist none the less. "Pleased to meet you Jennifer," his smile never fell he wanted to show some assurance and faith for the woman. "If you need anything please let me know okay."

"Will do, Lieutenant Wellers" Jennifer gave a small bow and let go of the hand before walking off towards the door, stopping just after it opened, "Care for a drink?" she asked, just out of nowhere and having no idea why actually.

The communications officer thought for a moment, he wasn't on duty ... he nothing better to do except go back to his quarters only to be greeted by his lazy, but lovable dog. "Sure that would be great," Brandon responded he quickly secured the console and followed the Pegasus' communications officer out of the lab. For the first time, since arriving on the station, someone had offered him a hand in friendship ... things were starting to look up.


A JP by:

Lt (jg) Brandon Jacob Wellers Communications Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (NPC) (Acting) Chief Communications USS Pegasus? (As played by Caelen LaBrie)