Ryylar, Artist's Rendition

I was bored one day at work, just like Evans is, sometimes, and I just got a memonote and a pencil, and started drawing... And drawing, and drawing...

Eventually, I ended up with a drawing resembling a cat in a starfleet uniform... I showed it to Paul (Ryylar's player) and he suggested me to loose the sideburns. So, I did, finally sat down to color it in, and with the man's approval, I decided to share it with you all... *grin*

Due to it's size (about 2.8MB), I can't send it to you as an attachment. Therefore, I will add a link to my website. It's the same site that hosts the Lessons in Superior Posting (LISP) by Prof. Dr. Fritz von Stossenbaum Alkaseltzer, so don't worry, it's safe... :P (It's located in my home... No spam welcome, not even the canned version...)

So, without further ado, except for just one large speech about how awesome I am, I... (dodges tomato) OK! OK! I get the hint... Here it is:


Hope you like it! :)

Comments are welcome, but Ryylar's player and I like it, so NYEH!!! (JUST KIDDING!)

I think I will go and take a shot at Wulffie next... Can't promise anything, though.. I think it's going to be pretty hard, to capture that longer nose, if you know what I mean..


LcNessie (Mathijs), playing Ronald Evans