Reflections #31 & 32 - "Skipping The Red Tape"



"Oh come on!" Hannah pleaded with the man. She put her best flirting face on, (she already had her best flirting dress on) and batted her eyelashes at him. "I really need the stuff in there. Can't you help me out. I'll only be two minutes..."

The male security guard wavered, his eyes stuck on her rather exposed chest, but before he could answer, his female colleague spoke up sharply. "Sorry, Ma'am. No exceptions."

Caelen rushed up to the airlock, after that talk with the Counsellor he knew what to do, he knew what would fix him. "Afternoon ladies!" he shouted still several feet away "important business" he stated lobbing a PADD towards both the security guards "Lieutenant you're with me" and before either of the guards could react he had opened the airlock and stepped in, waiting only for Hannah before closing the door behind him.

Hannah complied swiftly, although she had no idea what was going on. "Uh...thank you, Sir?"

"I know how they are... rigid bastards... an Engineer told me that it was stable, at least most parts of the ship" Caelen just kept walking rather swiftly, sooner or later the guards would find out that the PADD contained a lot of giberish. "So why did you want to come here?" he asked, navigating the rather damaged and dim lit corridors.

"I have a present I wanted to give to a friend." Hannah said, cradling her injured arm to prevent it from banging against any of the debris in the corridors. "I left it in my quarters."

Only then did Caelen notice the arm "What happened?" he asked giving a nod to the arm, finally coming to a stop in front of the turbolift.

"Actually, Sir, I was meaning to talk to you about that."

Hannah said, awkwardly.

Caelen tapped the controls to call a lift, but obviously they were unresponsive "Well then... by all means... talk" he crouched in order to acces the manual override and at least get acces to the Jeffreys tubes.

"Well, Sir...until the end of the last mission, Sulan and I were...uh..." Hannah struggled to find the word.

"Involved?" Caelen asked looking up slightly before finally pulling the switch to which the doors opened with a loud hiss.

"Right." Hannah said. "And then, well I broke it off. And, I think she's kind of overreacted. She's starting to scare me, Sir."

Caelen smirked a bit looking up and down the shaft "Can you climb with that arm?" he then asked before even considering reacting to her last statement.

Hannah nodded. "I could climb it without any arms at all, Sir." Hannah said, smiling somewhat proudly. Climbing was her second love, after Tactical.

"Climbing it in this dress might be tricky though." She grinned. "I'm game, though."

"Very well" Caelen stated with a nod and climbed into the tube, making way up to deck two, where the senior officer's quarters were "so why is she starting to scare you, Lieutenant?"

<Good job he's going ahead of me.> Hannah grinned to herself. <Now I don't have to worry about him looking up my skirt. He would get a nice view if he looked down though...>

"Well Sir." Hannah said, as she hoisted herself into the shaft with a little difficulty. "The way she treats her staff...they're flat out afraid of her. She's running very...questionable drills, and...well, we had a confrontation in the Security Office. She said something, and I slapped her, then she...well, she broke my wrist."

aelen stopped climbing, looking down to be met by the most amazing cleavage he had seen in several years before throwing his glance up again "why didn't you report it immediately?"

<Still got it.> Hannah thought smugly to herself, before returning her mind to the task at hand. "Well Sir, it only happened a few hours ago,'re a tricky man to find."

"I'll take that as a good thing" Caelen resumed climbing, only three more decks to go "so do you want to press charges?"

"Not really, Sir...she's a little unstable right now, and...well, I'm sure there's some good in her, but...I just thought you should know, Sir...maybe you could talk to her."

"I don't think she really likes talking to me..." Caelen responded "...she can't put me in jail or snap my wrist as easily as she would with you" he sighed a bit as he came to a stop in front of the door to deck two. "I think a talk to the Counsellor would be more useful at this point" he then decided, also keeping in mind the latest training excersise he and Kitty were just able to stop.

"Do you really think that would help, Sir?" Hannah said, bracing herself against the wall, and offerring her arm up for LaBrie to help her up, giving him a real eyeful at the same time.

"I eh..." Caelen blinked twice "...think you should wear your uniform..." he finally stated before continuing on a more serious note "...and at this point I don't know what will and won't work, I just think it will work better then doing nothing"

Hannah blushed, though inside she was trying to control her giggles. "Uh...sorry Sir. Didn't mean to upset you."

"Like hell you didn't" Caelen responded smirking a bit "I reckon you can find your quarters from here?" he asked walking up to his quarters, which were closest to the turbolift.

"Yessir." Hannah flushed for real this time - caught red-handed as it were. "Good luck with finding your stuff, Sir."

Caelen stepped up to his quarters and took in a big breath "And to you" he responded before pushing aside his door, obviously it had already been unlocked. He stepped in and was met with chaos in what he once thought as his home. He looked around, just wanting one thing from here and hoping it was intact.

Hannah oriented herself, and headed down the hallway towards her quarters


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus

"She Snapped Your Wrist? No Way I'm Going Near Her... Send her to Kennedy"

Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus

"First the XO, and now the Captain? Wow, being so attractive is so awkward sometimes."