Reflections #29&30 - "About Brilliance and Assholes"

-={On}=- [Starbase 47, Guest quarters]

Caelen walked up to the door, he was having problems. Ok not with himself of course, who could have problems with him, but his relationship was getting worse and he fell that he needed to do something otherwise it could be to late. He hit the chime to the door and waited for a response from the inside.

Andrew heard the chime. "Enter" he said, without emotion, turning to the door from his computer screen. <Curse whoever it is for breaking my train of thought...>

"Ensign..." Caelen stated stepping into the room "...we need to talk" he then added walking to the couch and sitting down, he just assumed that his newly gained rank as Captain gave him the right to interrupt his junior officers, even though they were Senior Staff, for his personal problems. Especially since aforementioned junior crewmember was a counsellor.

"I would assume that's why you came in here, and not to look around my office. Please, make yourself comfrotable, though you appear to already have. Now, what is it you need to talk about?" Andrew replied.

"I would've come to your office, Ensign, but seeing that the Pegasus is barely able to hold on to the docking clamps I don't think it would be the ideal setting for a meeting with my counsellor" Caelen stated sarcastically "I would like a glass of Iced tea please" he then stated, as he saw Andrew walking about the room, not settling down just yet.

"Very well, but only because you're the Captain. Otherwise I'd tell you to get it yourself." He got the drink, and grabbed a glass for himself in the process, then handed him one while sitting down. "And you still haven't answered my question. Memory going out on you?" Andrew joked, just as sarcastically.

"My first reaction would be... a lot..." Caelen nodded politely accepting the glass of Iced tea and took a sip before continueing "...but I guess we can start with Jennifer and my daughter"

"What now? I'm out of the loop on personal things, you know. Only know what people tell me, and I haven't seen your wife in quite some time. So, what's causing the strife here?"

"She's saying I've changed, somehow I get the feeling that she keeps nagging..." Caelen looked up from his glass straight into Andrew's eyes "...this is the first time in our marriage that she annoys me"

"This is how many years of an otherwise happy marriage now? I imagine some time... I think we've all changed after what's occurred to us these past few missions. The virus, the trip to an alternate dimension... Things like this change. Maybe you've changed from this. Or it could be you never really noticed the nagging until now. Or she's feeling unloved. It's all possible." Andrew began analyzing the situation.

"Wow that was just pointing out the obvious..." Caelen said in response "...Starfleet didn't actually train you to do this right? you just resided at the academy for four years before going on two pleasure cruises..." he shook his head a bit and took another sip of his iced tea "...I even find myself getting annoyed by my daughter, but I think this has more to do with my wife then with her"

"Har har. You realize of course I could now give you flawed advice based on the fact you aren't taking me seriously? And you'll never know..." Andrew looked away, then turned back. "You say even your daughter annoys you? What does she do that annoys you, and where is your wife when this happens?"

"My daughter asks me a lot of redundant questions..." Caelen just shook his head, he felt sorry for his daughter and he hated himself for feeling like this " gets on my nerves... when my Wife is not there it's worse..." he sighed a bit "...probably she's just getting more and more curious"

"But why does it annoy you more when your wife isn't there? Because you can't send your daughter over to her to avoid more questions? Ever think your wife gets annoyed by it as well? How would you feel if she was sending Alexandra to you to avoid being pestered?"

"My wife doesn't have the troubles I do..." Caelen responded "...I'm the Captain of a Starship, I'm responsible for the lives of over two hundred lives... including yours. When I get home to my quarters I don't want my daughter asking why the stars that she can see out of the window always change per day... and why the Romulans are so nasty"

"Well, I stay up late. I could handle her once in a while, let you get some sleep. But it's only a deterrent. The real issue is lying between you and your wife. You say it feels like she's constantly nagging you. What is she saying, other than "You've changed"? I mean, it can't be just that." Andrew spoke.

"Lately..." Caelen smirked a bit "...little more then that... after we returned to this universe and consequently this Starbase she keeps telling me how she doesn't recognize me..." he sighed and lifted his glass for another sip, stopping himself just before hit lips hit the cold glass "...I keep telling her that I haven't changed... the more we discuss it the more we start fighting... the farther apart we grow"

"Assume she's correct. Assume you have changed. Ask her what she means by it, what she sees in you that was different to before all this. It'll work out better if you find out what she's meaning by this, and either prove that it's not the case, or realize that she's correct and try to fix it. If this fails, we can all meet, and I'll be a mediator. Hopefully, it won't come to that." Andrew thought a moment, then continued. "As for your daughter, she's growing up. She's showing more interest in what her parents are doing, so it's not surprising she's trying to find out more about space. Give her a PADD with a large amount of information, condensed into a younger reading level, and see if that alleviates the problem."

"Any other bright ideas?" Caelen asked "Don't you think I asked her what about me changed? I made first contact with over a dozen species surely I know how to ask my wife about her feelings towards me... the response is just not helping... she keeps telling me I have become more Cynical, less happy... but what if I have been an asshole all along and just covered it up with a smile?" he leaned forward to his counsellor "If this was the real me, do you think she would want to know?"

"If she loves you, will it really matter? An old cliché, maybe, but it holds true. Cynicism is necessary to make the hard decisions, as a captain you should know that. And so should she. Think back. You were happy. I've heard about the band you were trying to make with Petrova, Evans and Floyd. Whatever happened to that? Perhaps you have become less happy, but cynicism is not obtained or increased , per se, but Someone can never be always happy. Your cynicism is your way of solving a problem."

Caelen thought a bit and frowned before jumping up from his chair, he had to get out of here, he now knew what to do, this Ensign was a genius, no wonder he had hired him as his Counsellor, he was a genius. On the exterior though he was a bit less grateful "thank you for your time, Ensign" was all he said, emotionlessly, bluntly, before turning to the door and walking out, he knew exactly what to do now.

"I wasn't done..." Andrew murmured under his breath. <Perhaps the idea of the band gave him hope?> He thought, before mulling over some ideas of his own.


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus? "If I would've been an asshole all along, would you really want to know?"


Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus? "Wow, who knew I was so brilliant. Oh wait, I did"