"Renegade Deception" #45, 46, 47 & 48 - "Let's Hope"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Caelen listened to what the Chief Tactical and his Executive Officer had to say about the matter and thought for a moment "Not only would I abandon my duties as a Starfleet officer if I left these Lifepods in space..." he said before turning to Lieutenant Takashi "...This is the Neutral zone... I don't think it's as imperial as you imply" he said turning back to the main viewer, "Well what do you say, ready to save some lives?"

".. If you say so, Sir ! But just for the record: I'd rather those lives be Ours." *pause* "But you're right. We are Starfleet officers. We have a duty to save those people. I'd like to recommend a security detail there when we beam them aboard though, sir."

"I believe sir that this is the only proper thing to do." Kennock remarked

Caelen nodded, "Very well..." he said walking towards the turbo lift "...Lieutenant Petrova you have the bridge" he added turning around trying to pick who to take with him "Lt Kennock, you're with me..." he then turned to three security officers on the bridge "...you're with us as well" he said.

"Aye sir!" said Kennock as he rose to his feet. Time to go back to work. It was about damn time! He made his way towards the lift, followed by the security complement.

"Petrova, have the pods transported to the main cargobay" Caelen said right before the doors of the lift closed. He then looked at Kennock "you think we need some medics there?"

"Aye sir." Petrova spoke as Caelen left the bridge. She watched the viewscreen intently. "Evans, put a transporter lock on the lifepods, prepare to beam them to main cargo bay on my mark." Ensign Evans Aye- ma'am'd her and put a transporter lock on the pods.

As the Doors were closed Caelen looked at Kennock "you think we need some medics there?" he asked as he was not quite sure himself.

"Yes sir, according to the readings, the lifesigns in the pods were rather faint. I doubt they are currently even conscious. It would be for the best to have Doctor Floyd report as well."

Caelen nodded, "Deck twelve" he said before he tapped his combadge =/ \=Commander LaBrie for Doctor Floyd, please respond =/\= he said opening a communication link with the Doctor.

Russell gave the instructions for treating Alexandra's disease to nurse B'Inca "This is the timed schedule for injecting her with the drug. Follow that closely or have the EMH assist you." Then his combadge chirped. While tapping it he almost continued in one sentence saying =/\= Floyd here, sir. =/\=

=/\= I need you and several medical officers with medkits to report in the main cargo bay on deck twelve, LaBrie out =/\= Caelen said immediately and straight to the point, there was no use nor time for small talk really. The turbo lift came to a stop and the doors slid open again. The small group of officers stepped from the lift and made way to the Cargo bay.

=/\= We'll be on our way. Floyd out. =/\= Russell than walked over to the cabinets with the medkits and said to his crew " Emerson, Lake and Palmer, you're with me." and handed out the medkits. "Let's get to the main cargo bay!" Equipped with their standard equipment they headed out to the turbolift.

[Meanwhile on the Bridge]

Kristiana looked over 'her' bridge. "Lieutenant Takashi, please prepare to momentarily drop shields. Evans, beam the lifepods onboard the moment shields are down. Alright .. Takashi, shields down, please." A half a moment later the seven lifepods would materialize in the main cargo bay. "Very good. Lieutenant Takashi, shields up please. T'Rell, resume course to federation space, warp six."

[Back in the Cargo Bay]

As they marched out of the lift, the pods awaited them. They were of a strange ovoid shape. The front window allowed to see the aliens inside. They are humanoids, but do not seem very lively. Their skin is in the greenish, with a slightly reptilian look to it. They have some kind of a nose ridge, or rather under it, going over the upper lip. They have long braided hair. As he reached for one of the pods, trying to open the hatch, he couldn<t make head of tail from the symbols or the release mechanisms...

"Hm... maybe an engineer would be able to open those..."

Caelen stepped towards the lifepods. "Handsome bunch..." he said as he saw the aliens. He didn't recognize the language either, but that wasn't very uncommon, he blearily knew Federation standard. "yeah let's just get an engineer..." he then concluded as he pressed his Combadge =/\= LaBrie for Lieutenant Black, please respond =/\= he said.

=/\= Black here, what's on your mind sir? =/\= Kathleen reacted. =/ \= I need you to send one or two engineers towards the Main cargo bay on deck twelve, LaBrie out =/\= he ordered. At that same moment the Cargo bay doors opened again.

"That was darn fast" Caelen whispered to himself as he turned around, but it weren't the Engineers, it was the Doctor and a small Medical detachment.

Russell reported with his crew in the Cargo bay and saw the entire commanding staff standing next to what seemed to be lifepods of some sort. "Those weren't here when we left..." he said as he approached with his team. "Start scanning for lifesigns." he ordered his team as he got his Tricorder and started scanning the nearest one. His tricorder beeped and reported a very faint lifesign from the alien humanoid inside the pod. It didn't recognize the species.

"This one appears to be dead, sir." Emmerson reported and started scanning on the pod next to it.

"Very faint lifesigns on the alien inside the pod." Lake and Palmer reported almost at the same time. Lucas started scanning on the final pod. That alien also appeared to be barely alive.

Russell completed the scan on the first one and said to Caelen "Unknown species, 4 of them barely alive. We need to get them out of these pods to treat them, sir."

Caelen nodded, he had heard the diagnoses from the medical team and was still awaiting the arrival of the Engineers. At that moment the doors slid open one more time to enter two yellow shirts with engineering kits "speak of the devil" he said as he turned around to the door and saluted the two entering engineers. "Good evening boy..." he said as he stepped aside allowing the engineers to see the pods "...we need these things opened, I think it's best to start with the one that has the most risk of dying" he looked at Russell wanting him to point out who that was.

Russell understood the hint by his CO and faced the engineers. "Let's open this one first. It seems to be the most urgent." he said while pointing out the pod he was standing next.

Crewmen Albert and Castillo made their way trough the gathering of officers and towards the pods, kits in hands. Well, whoever said engineering is dull and redundant should eat his heart out, they thought. Reaching for their plasma torches, they began working on the door, cutting trough the metal with ease. Kennock went to help them removing the heavy door and setting it down. They then moved on to the others, leaving space for the medics to work.

As the lifepods were being opened Caelen tapped his combadge again =/ \=Commander LaBrie for Petrova, please respond =/\= he said, he thought it would be best to let the aliens be transported to the main sickbay as soon as possible.

=/\= Petrova here. What's up, cap ? =/\= she responded almost immediately.

=/\= I need you to transport the aliens from the lifepods and get them to main sickbay... =/\= Caelen said in a professional tone, damn that woman was fast =/\=... and be sure to erect forcefields around the biobeds you put them on, Caelen out =/\= he knew that Kristiana would just pass the message to Evans but that didn't matter.

[Flash to the Bridge]

=/\= aye Sir, aliens to sickbay, forcefield up. =/\= Then she turned to Evans "Transport the aliens to sickbay please, oh and don't forget that forcefield. Do you think you can get it up, ensign ?" with a grin she'd lean back in her chair. Yes, that lifted her moods.

[And back in the Cargo bay again]

As the aliens shimmered blue and disappeard, including the dead one, Caelen turned to Floyd "Well Doc, you have your work cut out for you, as soon as one is in the condition to talk contact me" he said nodding the Engineers off as they also got their gear and were ready to leave.

Russell had just informed nurse B'Inca of the arrival of the aliens so she would be prepared to have her hands full. He then turned to Caelen and said "I'll see if we can get on speaking terms with these aliens, sir." and headed for sickbay with his team.

Caelen turned to the security detachment "get to sickbay and guard the doors" he said to the most senior officer in the squad. This only left him and Kennock in the Cargo bay. "let's hope we can save them..:" he said with a smile to the Blue skinned diplomatic officer.

"Let's hope."


A Quadruple JP by:

Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Lt. Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer


Lt. Kennock Chief Diplomatic/Second Officer


Ensign Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer

Also Starring: Emerson, Lake and Palmer (NPCs by Russell) Medical Officers

& Albert and Castillo (NPCs by Kennock) Engineers