"Renegade Deception" #49&50 - "It's alive!!"


[Sickbay, deck 6, USS Pegasus]

When Russell entered sickbay with his team, the aliens were already on the biobeds. The forcefields were erected around them for security reasons. None of them actually looked as if they could pose a threat at the moment, but better to be safe than sorry.

Nurse B'Inca walked up to Russell and reported that the treatment of Alexandra went according to plan. She would make a full recovery and was now sleeping on a biobed with Jennifer LaBrie sitting besides her. Jennifer looked at Russell and nodded with a happy smile on her face. She was obviously glad all was well with Alexandra. Russell would like to have a talk with her but at the moment he had more pressing matters. The newly arrived aliens were in need of treatment.

They were of a humanoid species but of a certain reptile origin. A green yellow skin with heavy ridges on their heads. The most notable feature would be their hands with only four fingers. The aliens were of roughly the same height as humans. They looked somewhat similar to Cardassians. But only in appearance as the Tricorder had no idea what to make of them.

That was not the most important at the moment. Scans showed that their physiology was similar to other known humanoid species. And some of them had clearly been too long in those lifepods. One of the aliens was already dead when they were beamed aboard. The other ones were suffering from oxygen deprivation, some of them severe hence the faint lifesigns.

"Prepare hypo's with Dexalin, start with 5cc doses on the most severe cases." Russell instructed his crew. "That should at least take care of the oxygen deprivation." While saying that he prepared the hypospray in his own kit and walked to the nearest one "Let's see if I can wake this one up." he said while injected the hypo into the neck. The lifesigns seemed to improve. Russell checked the other patients who had been treated. All of them were improving. It seemed that the lack of oxygen was their only problem. "Good work." he commented his colleagues. "Let's see if we can wake them up." Russell got an stimulative hypo and injected it in the alien with the strongest lifesigns. It woke up mumbling in an unknown language.

Russell tapped the combadge and called his CO =/\= Dr. Floyd for Lt. Cmdr. LaBrie. Please report to sickbay.=/\=

Caelen ran his hand through his hair. He was sitting in his Ready Room going through several PADDs, new instructions to patrol the RNZ border once they got back on the good side of the line. His combadge chirped, he quickly hit it with his right hand =/\= I'm on my way, LaBrie out =/\= he said as he got up from his chair. Finally some more time off from this bureaucratic mumbo jumbo. He made way to the turbo lift and ordered it to deck six, it rushed down and within several seconds. He walked into sickbay and nodded to the medical crew coming to attention. "What's up doc?" he asked as he came to a stand still next to the Chief Medical Officer.

"First things first, your daughter is going to be OK. We've successfully treated her illness." Russell said. He was happy to bring his CO some good news. Then he continued with some more good news "Furthermore, it seems our guests are waking up, sir. But I can't understand a word they're trying to say. Luckily your wife was still around. She's trying to talk to them right now."

Caelen nodded "very well" he said walking past Floyd and to the place where Jennifer was trying to make sense out of the things being said to her, "Hey Jenn... how's it going?" he asked her.

Jennifer had her head down entering things on a tricorder, off course it was a communications device. "The universal translator can't make heads or tails of it" she said looking up from her tricorder "and to be honest... it's all Chinese to me as well..." she added with a smile.

Caelen grinned "well perhaps we should get Lieutenant Takashi then" he said remembering that his Chief of Security was indeed Chinese.

"Well the universal translator is struggling but it gets bit and pieces, only a few more minutes and it should be OK" Jennifer said as Floyd rejoined them at the talkative alien still safely behind a forcefield.

"tell me doctor, how's the rest of the aliens?" Caelen said looking around at the other biobeds where Medics were working on the, seemingly lifeless, alien bodies.

"They all had the same symptoms, due to lack of oxygen. Most were in worse shape than this one, but they're all gonna be fine." Russell said reassuringly. He was sure that the six left would recover fully. "They're still unconscious because they haven't reacted to the stimulant. But the lifesigns are considerable stronger than before. You have any idea where they are from?" he asked his CO with interest.

Caelen shook his head "we're trying to find out Doc" he said turning back to Jennifer looking if she made any progress, then he turned back to Floyd "Ensign Evans and Lieutenant Black are examining the pods... I'm having Lieutenant Kennock look into the records to find if there was any sort of contact with this species before..." he explained the situation "...and I was hoping you could enlighten me on their physical traits... and if it has been seen anywhere else before, linking them to anything would be a good thing.

"The scans I took showed nothing familiar, sir. The ship's databanks have nothing on them." he said to Caelen. "They're obviously from a reptilian origin as you can see from their skin and the ridges on their head and neck. They have a humanoid physique comparable to Cardassians, but some striking differences. Their hands for instance." while pointing out the hands with three fingers and a thumb. "Internal scans showed some organs I can only imagine what they are for, but other than that they seem to positively react to our treatment. Now if we only were able to talk to them..." he said while looking at Jennifer struggling with the alien language and the universal translator.

Slowly the sound coming from the mouth of the Alien race became more and more understandable, several words turned into Federation standard. The Universal translator was working but still wasn't finished quite yet. "Keep working on it Jenn" Caelen encouraged his wife. "As for you Ensign, the dead alien, where is it?" he turned back to Floyd asking this.

Russell pointed out the biobed where the dead alien had been transported to. "He's on the surgical biobed, sir. So I can conduct further scans on their physiology." Russell walked over to the biobed with Caelen following him. "It seems he's been dead for a few days, if I interpret the scans correctly. Perhaps his pod malfunctioned."

Caelen nodded, "I want you to conduct an autopsy on this one..." he said "...taking a look with your own eyes will greatly improve your understanding of them" he added explaining his reasoning.

"But sir, what if that is considered an unfriendly act? Most species are not amused if you fiddle around with their dead. Could be against their beliefs." he tried to show his CO another perspective. "We don't want to start on the wrong foot with them?" Russell knew his CO was anxious to get answers, but hopefully not at any cost.

Caelen ran his hand through his hair and scratched the back of his head. "You are right..." he said hesitantly "...Jennifer, anything?" he asked across the Sickbay. He wanted to know if the Universal translator was working.

Jennifer nodded "I think their language is cracked..." she said turning to the alien again. Caelen joined his wife and looked at the alien as he was starting to speak.

"Who are you?" the Alien asked in a rather fierce tone "why did you bring us in?" he added in the same tone "why am I behind this forcefield? are we prisoners?" his voice seemed aggravated and taking a turn for the worse, or so it seemed.

"I am Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie of the Starship Pegasus" Caelen calmly answered "we found your lifepods adrift in space and brought you in" he was going to answer all the questions hoping he could calm the man a bit "you are not prisoners, the forcefields were only a precaution, you were unconscious and we didn't know what to expect"

The alien nodded "Then release us" he said still not calming down.

"Doctor, please explain to him his situation and that of his comrades" Caelen said turning to the Chief Medical officer who had also joined them at the biobed.

Russell looked at the alien who was making the demands. He was nervously walking around the bed he was transported on. Then he grabbed the biobed and leaned on it, as he was almost passing out. "Try to relax." Russell said to the alien. "You all were unconscious due to lack of oxygen in your lifepods. You were lucky we got to you in time." He tried to talk some sense in the alien. "Your comrades will wake up soon. If you stay calm I'm sure there is no further need for a forcefield." Russell said while looking at Caelen.

"What kingdom are you from?" the alien asked, still not really calming down.

Caelen frowned "kingdom?" he asked silently "We are from the United Federation of Planets" he answered the question he thought was asked. He then turned to Jennifer "get Lieutenant Kennock" he said in a somewhat lower volume of voice.

"The doctor is right, if you do not give us reason to keep these forcefields up we will give you more freedom" Caelen said seeing Jennifer walk out of sickbay, to get Kennock. Personal interaction was probably better then just calling him on the comm link.

"Tell us something about yourself..." Caelen turned back to the alien "...what's your name for example"

The alien got back on the biobed and laid down "I will not discuss anything with you..." he then said before turning on its side and seemingly trying to sleep.

Russell turned to his CO and said "It seems as if he's not very talkative. I'll see to it the rest recovers. If it's OK with you I would like them out of sickbay, because they all take up a lot of space. A bit crowded to my taste." he added with a smile.

"I'll see what I can do, Ensign" Caelen nodding thankfully with a smile before starting to walk towards the exit of Sickbay, the doors opened before the Commander was close enough and on the other side appeared his blue lieutenant, "Lieutenant..." he said greeting the Andorian "...see if you can talk to them please" he added as he walked past him.

The Andorian nodded and walked further into sickbay, behind him was Jennifer, Caelen stepped closer and kissed her "see if you can be of any assistance" he said placing a hand on her shoulder before moving on, back to the bridge.


A revealing JP by:

Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie CO, USS Pegasus


Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd CMO, USS Pegasus


Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (NPC played by Caelen LaBrie) Acting Chief Communications, USS Pegasus