"Renegade Deception" - #44 - "Does he ever breathe IN?"

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[USS Pegasus, Deck 7, Room 32, roughly 2 hours after collecting Kennock and Letec from the RNZ]

Evans had just called it a day, and had just plunged face first on his bunk (without even considering his arm), when his badge chirped... He drew a long sigh, as he saw the bubble, that represented his evening off, pop into non-excistance... <groan...>

=/\= Is this working? Should be... Hello? Is this Ronald Evans?=/\=

Evans sat up heavily =/\= Yes, Ensign Ronald Evans here... How can I help you?=/\= Evans responded, lacking somewhat in enthousiasm...

=/\= Well, what do you know it does... Works just like our badges...=/\=

Evans was slowly loosing his last scrap of patience... =/\= Excuse me, Who is this? And please state your business?=/\= he asked with an annoyed undertone. He was not in the mood for games, right now...

=/\= Oh, of course, I apologise... My name is Letec... Sub lieutenant Letec... I'm the romulan Exchange officer. I was asked to contact you by sub-commander Labrie... Or was it Commanding Lieutenant? You have such an unfamiliar structure, when it comes to rank... The way you represent these, however, leaves no room for error... It's just ingenious... Higher in rank? Just add a pip! If there is one thing I would recommend to the Romulan empire to copy from the UFP, it's that pip system. It's also far less pretentious than those symbols we use right now, wouldn't you agree?=/\=

It was at this point that Evans almost started to wonder if this Letec guy ever needed to breath in, and he seized the pause to sort out all the information that flooded out of that little walkie talkie thingy, that was attached to his uniform, but he couldn't recall the name of right now...

=/\=Mister Evans? Are you still there?=/\=

=/\=Sorry, yeah, of course, the exchange officer...=/\= Evans said tiredly. =/\=What if we meet up somewhere, and free the comchannel a bit, shall we? What about eight-forward?=/\=

=/\=I'm sorry, eight-forward?=/\=

Evans mentally groaned again... =/\=Crew lounge, deck eight, go forward, can't miss it...=/\=

=/\=Ah, ofcourse! Eight=Forward! Will do!=/\=

=/\=Take your time... I mean it... Evans out=/\=

<Well, Evans, seems like your day isn't over yet...> het thought wryly, as he went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit, before going to his next ordeal...

It was a good twenty minutes later that Evans finally entered the doors to the crew's messhall. He quickly looked around, and noticed a distinctive lack of 'romulan officer' in the appointed room. Although he found it a bit odd, he gladly took the opportunity to top off his caffeine...

Yes, Ronald Evans serves the same religion as Kennock. Sometimes he even prays the same prayers:"Coffee, French roast, extra black..." But then again, sometimes not:"...With sugar..."

Ronald picked up his coffe from the replicator, and sat down at a table, waiting for this Latex guy, when his combadge chirped again...

=/\= Ehm, Letec to Ronald Evans?=/\=

=/\=Yes, what is it, subLieutenant...=/\=

=/\=I, ahm, seem to have lost my way... Which way is forward?=/\=

<That fortuneteller was a fraud! I WAS Vlad the Impaler in my former life... That's the only way I deserve all what's happened to me today...> Ronald thought, his head buried in his hands as far as possible...

=/\=Just ask the computer, or one of the terminals in the hallway, they at least know where you are...=/\=

=/\=Now why didn't I think of that? Thank you! Letec out!=/\=

"Because you're a moron?" Evans softly suggested, AFTER the channel was closed again...

Another ten minutes passed, when finally Letec entered the messhall.

<Well, that surely took you long enough...> he thought, however, he managed to say:"Ah, finally, there you are."

"My apologies, mister Evans... Or should I call you Ronald, or even 'sir'? You know, because technically we are the same rank. I believe that, if I go with pure linguistic definitions, I may actually OUTrank you a bit! Haha! That would be a hoot, wouldn't it? A superior officer reporting to a minor officer AND calling him sir!"

<Nope, this guy doesn't need to breath in, I have just scientifically prooved it...> Evans thought, all the while trying to look interested, nodding yes, no and amen...

"Mister Evans or Ronald will be fine, mister Letek. But Sir may be more appropriate when on duty... Nothing personal, it's just custom here..."

"Just Letek! However, I would prefer Sublieutenant Letek when we're in official business... Yes, I think that would be the professional thing to do... By the way, what happened to your arm? Looks like it hurt. I hope it's not permanent..."

"...Plasmaburn, just a little drop. Yes, it hurt like no tomorrow... Doctor says it'll heal without a trace, but I still need to see it before I believe it... Don't you want something to drink? A coffee or something?"

"I would like a drink, yes... But no coffee though, can't stand the stuff... If I even point at it, I can't sleep for a week! Haha! It also tends to make me a bit hyperactive..."

<even MORE?!>

Letec continues:"However, I would like to try a nice fruitjuice... Do you have any sugestions?"

"Sure... Try some old fashioned OJ..."


"Orange-Juice... Nothing fancy, but I like it... Especially as an extra kick in the morning..."

"Ah, I see, OJ, Orange-Juice! Probably an orange juice, isn't it? Haha! Get it? Orange-juice, orange juice? Haha! Never mind, it's not one of my best jokes!"

<You can say that again... No wait, you can't, I would strangle you...>

"What about a quick tour of the ship, or at least the stations we'll be working at, and then call it a day? Sorry to cut it a bit short, but I've had a long day..." Evans said, with an amazingly civil tone

"Yes, I understand, that would be splendid!" Letec answered.

Evans felt his morale still at rock bottom, but at least it stopped digging, and started looking up. At least there was an end of this day in sight...

=/\=This is the Bridge… All hands switch from General Quarters to Battle Stations…repeat all hands to Battle Stations….set condition red throughout the ship=/\=



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