Trojan Horse #121 & #122 "Alone Again."

[ON] [Sickbay, USS Pegasus]

Sulan quietly enter sickbay, carefully looking over the medical readouts on O'Driscoll's biobed. "Open you eyes if you find it agreeable. The reading here says your capable of consciousness." Sulan said in just above a whisper. Hannah opened her eyes slowly. "Hey you." She said softly, smiling. "It is most agreeable that you are well. How do you feel?" Sulan hesitantly embraced her. <tag> Hannah stiffened slightly, almost imperceptibly at Sulan's embrace. "I'm..OK." She said, quietly. "A little shaken up, but I should be on my feet again in a little while." tag Sulan nodded, letting her go. "I was... most concerned when you were injured." She gently smoothed the wrinkles from her covers.

"Yeah...I heard you looked after me." Hannah said. "Thanks for that."

"You are most welcome. Do you require anything? A beverage perhaps?" <tag>

"No, no, I'm fine." She said. "Listen, Sulan...I have to talk to you about something."

Sulan raised a hand. "Do not be concerned. My respect for you has not diminished because you were wounded."

"It's not about that." Hannah said. "Sulan...I don't think I can do this any more."

Sulan paused going very still. "How do you mean, Hannah?" she asked in just above a whisper.

"Sulan...I had a while to think about this since I woke up." Hannah said, slowly, trying to sit up as she spoke. "Promise me you won't freak out, please?" She moved on before the other woman had a chance to react. "Sulan, you mean the world to me. I enjoy spending time with you, I love your company, the fact that you look after me, and care so deeply for me, and damn are you hot, but...I don't love you Sulan. I'm not attracted to you - I'm attracted to your dominance, to your power - Hell, the same things in Petrova turn me on. Sulan, I love you as a friend, but...this isn't for me...I don't even think girls are for me. I was fooling myself into needing you, because...well I was afraid no-one else needed me. I can't do that to you Sulan. I can't live a charade. I've been doing that all my life, and the time has come to stop. I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me."

Sulan blinked, as thought she'd been slapped. "...I see... Petrova, she... put you up to this?" The words came out as cold as ice.

"Petrova has nothing to do with this, Sulan." Hannah said firmly. "This is my decision, and mine only - don't delude yourself that this is to do with her."

"Delude myself...?" She said, almost as thought Hannah wasn't there. "Have I not already done that? Deluded myself into...*trusting*?" She was the word with pure venom. "Yes... Yes I have. I've been a fool to think I could... trust or rely upon any one of you." She nodded to herself "I see now... I had begun to think that humans were my equal, and that I could be safe here... Safe and... happy. I'd nearly believed the dream of starfleet. But... but it's all lies isn't it? We can only be what we are... You, the spawn of a traitor, and I, an assassin. It was a fool to think I could fight against destiny, correct?"

"Sulan, no...I was afraid you'd react this way." Hannah said, beginning to panic. "I care for you deeply, Sulan, I do - I just can't be with you that way!"

"Stop your sniveling, human. I am not going to slay you. In fact, I should thank you, for allowing me to once again see reality as it is."

"Sulan!" Hannah yelled, shocking even herself, as her hand slapped the much larger woman across the face. Not allowing herself to be overcome by what she had just done, she hurried on with her words. "Grow up, for Goodness' sake! This isn't about you, Sulan - not everything is! This is about what is best for both of us, and what is right. If you can't deal with that, then fine, but don't run away from this like a coward - don't try and blame this on Petrova, or your species, or whatever. This is your problem, Sulan - you have to deal with it." Inwardly she was terrified, though she managed to keep it from showing on her face.

Sulan grabbed her by the throat with a single hand and lifted her off the deck."I 'must deal with it', you say? My dear, if I cannot deal with it, you die." She let her go, dropping her to the deck. "Now please, try to refrain from striking me, for even my patience has it's limits." She turn her back on the girl, pacing back and forth. "You are correct though, in the fact that I have been trying to be someone I am not. I am a hunter, a taker of lives. I was a fool to pretend otherwise.... Yes... Thank you again, my dear. I DO need to grow up again, as you say. Breaking my heart shall once again give my the strength to stop others' hearts from beating." With that, she turns and leaves the sickbay without looking back.

Hannah head dropped in sheer despair. "What have I done?"


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Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus "I love her...but not enough to save her."


Telek Sulan Chief Of Security USS Pegasus "...Damn you... And damn me for believing."