Trojan Horse - #117-120 - "Three men and a little lady"


[Gym, Deck 7, USS Pegasus]

Evans was holding on to the bridge for dear life, as he was stepping forward, one foot after the other. There was progress, but there was quite an amount of discomfort too. His lower body was tingling, and there was just the slightest hint of real feeling, making coordinating his movements not one of the easier tasks.

"Let's take it easy for now." Russell said to Evans. "Your nervous system is 100% again, but you should not force your recovery. And I should be getting back to sickbay too." Russell got the nearby wheelchair and placed it in front of the bridge Evans was training his leg muscles. "Sit down, Lieutenant, that's an order." Russell joked.

"100% allright, my hiney! I'm tingling all over! Argh!" Evans moaned, as he made the final steps to the chair. Finally he sat down, and looked back on what he had accomplished so far. "Well, I guess I'm doing well, considering where I came from... Not like this has ever happened to me before." he mused. "How long's this gonna take, anyway?"

Russell turned the wheelchair around and they headed towards the turbolift. "The good thing is that you're walking again. Your progress is remarkable. That tingly feeling will fade over the next couple of days, as the strength and full control over your legs return." The turbolift doors opened and Russell pushed Evans into the lift. "Deck 6." he commanded the computer.

[Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Andrew was bustling around the Sickbay while Floyd was accompyaning Evans. Doing the minor things, as he was no trained medic. "Alright, that should help the pain, I think. If anything comes up, come back here, and yell at Floyd for letting me do this." Andrew joked with one of the patients. Watching him leave, he noted to himself he was becoming more extroverted since he joined the crew of the Pegasus. <Must be the feelign of death from the alternate dimension> he feebly thought, then went back to work.

<Oh, man... Several days with a sleeping lower body...> Evans thought, not entirely sure how he would cope those days. Suddenly, the ship started to vibrate a bit, settled down again, and the main lighting came on, replacing the emergency lighting... At least,in most areas. Luckily, the turbolifts worked on emergency power. Albeit in decreased speed, and with less carts... "Go kitty..." he mumbled, impressed with her performance. "Finally, sickbay... he mumbled some more, as the doors actually opened automatically...

Andrew instinctively turned to the doors as he heard them open. "Ah, Evans, Floyd, welcome back. Things have been running smoothly, to my knowledge. Which is quite vast, by the way." He commented to Floyd. "Evans, what else are you going to do to your body?" he joked.

"Oh, har-die-har-har..." Evans said with a dismissive tone, turning back into his grumpy self already. "I was thinking of a tattoo on my forehead, 'I love ceilingplates right here', accompanied by a bulls-eye." he added sarcasticly.

"That would make a nice addition." Russell smirked.

"Oh, put a sock in it..." Evans just mumbled.

The Sickbay doors on the other side opened and Kathleen Black wandered in, looking completely lost and absolutely miserable. She looked as if the world had fallen on her shoulders and was coming to an end. She managed to paste a shadow of a smile on, turning to the first person she could catch. "I came to see Evans.. do you know where he is?" She hadn't even glanced around the room with her brain actually working, or she'd have seen him already. "Please..?"

"About 5 meters to your left, I would believe" Andrew yelled over his shoulder while using a dermal regenerator. "Might help to use your neck"

"Kitty?! What the hell happened to you?!" Evans almost shouted, as he actually tried to get up, to support Kitty, a wave of tingling reminding him to go and sit down again, very quickly.

Russell turned around and saw a mere shadow of the Chief Engineer standing next to the Sickbay doors. "What happened with the AI over at the other ship? Worse than we imagined, I guess?" Russell asked with a frown.

"Oh, man... The one time she really needs me, and I even can't get on my feet..." Evans groaned.

"It was bad..." Kitty wandered further into Sickbay, slightly but visibly shaking as the whole series of adrenaline surges wore off. "I, uh... I should probably be checked... I.. I had to hard-reverse polarity on the deck plating, and I took some voltage... it isn't that bad.. but.. well... the warp drive is working.. and... um..." And then her bravery suddenly gave out entirely, along with her legs.. she sank to the floor, covering her face in her hands, and started sobbing violently.

"Get me to her, Floyd!" Evans half ordered, and half pleaded, looking at Kitty and Russel alternately.

Russell pushed the wheelchair next to Kitty and tried to help her up. "Can you get up? Then go and sit on the biobed."

Andrew finished with his patient, then dashed over to beside Kitty to offer assistance. <Another breakdown? What did she see over there?>

Kitty uncurled enough to look up at Russell and Evans.. she accepted the help up, but was barely standing. "I.. I think so.." she said bravely through her tears. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to.. I'm sorry.. where's Evans?" She sounded bewildered and was still crying helplessly even as she was speaking.

"Perhaps 20 centimeters left and up from you? Again, neck use is integral in this" Andrew commented.

"I'm right here, sweet..." Evans said softly, as Kitty was practicly hoisted onto her feet by the two PHDs. He was in an awkward position, as he was sitting down, and couldn't get to her. He just tried to gently caress her face, reaching up with his hand.

Kitty pulled one arm free from her helpers, grabbed hold of Evans' hand, and held on tight... unfortunately, this meant that she also shifted about half her weight onto his arm.

"Mind explaining why you're so distraught here? Both Evans and I can help. Me with my profound knowledge in psychology, Evans with his loving, tender care" Andrew commented"

"And I'll check for any physical damage." Russell stated preparing to get his tricorder as soon she sat on a biobed or another stable surface for that matter.

That was something that Evans was not prepared for. As Kitty's limited yet considerable weight shifted to Evans, a shot of pain coursed through his body, and Evans' strength collapsed, as well as his support. This caused both Evans as Kitty to loose their balance.

Kitty blinked. "Help!" she squeaked, letting go of Evans' hand, arm flailing wildly until she stabilized... then she took the requisite couple of steps and sat down unsteadily on the nearest biobed, now apologizing like mad in addition to crying helplessly.

"A little bit of help please..." Evans whimpered, as he struggled to get up from the floor, let alone go and sit next to his girlfriend.

"Whoops, sorry Evans, but ladies first you know." Andrew grabbedone of his arms, expecting Floyd to grab the other.

"Alright." Russell said as he helped Evans up along with Andrew. "You'd better sit next to her." he added as they directed Evans to the biobed.

"No complaints here..." Evans responded, as he was put down next to Kitty. He immediately put his arms around her, and whispered soothing words in her ear. "It's alright, sweet, all's fine..."

Kitty whimpered softly through her tears and shifted closer to her boyfriend, curling up a little. "The captain was mad.. because we vaporized some of the.. the corpses.. floating on board... but he wasn't there, he didn't see, there were these mobile things that were shooting at us.. and we had to clear the way, we didn't know what was coming around the corner, I turned around and it was right there, right there STARING at me..." And poor Kitty dissolved into sobs again.

<Hmm... visual fears, all at once. Just like before.> "Kitty, you remember what I told you back after the fight in the Neutral Zone? It may work, but you don't know those people. What I suggest is thinking of tinkering with the engines. That should cheer you up a bit..."

Russell finally found time to grab a tricorder to scan Kitty for any possible injuries while she was explaining what happened. Her heartrate was a bit out of sync, possibly due to stress and electrical current. Other than that no injuries. "I'll get you something to slow down your irregular heartbeat and possibly to calm you down." he said to her.

"I don't want to go tinker on the engines.." Kitty wailed. "I was just DOING that... I want to rest, and have nothing be wrong... I did everything all wrong... I helped clear the corpses.. it's my fault Ronald got hurt..."

"And you should do just that." Russell added. "Try to eat and drink some to get your strength up and you must get some rest. I can get you some to help you sleep if necessary."

<Oh, we're never going to get through this...> Evans thought, a tear or two of despair forming in his eyes, but still whispering soothing phrases to his girlfriend. "There's nothing you could have done. We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. All we can do is our best..."

"None of that is your fault. We went over this. I don't like repeating myself. None. Of. This. Is. Your. Fault. You did not create the virus, you did not send us into the alternate dimension. You did not kill those people on the Lantree. Understand? If you had been the one to fire the phasers, then I would say otherwise. But until the. You did nothing wrong."

Kitty blinked, the sobs ceasing for a moment.. she looked up and around at the three who had gathered around to help her. She remained quiet for a moment, then gave one more slight sob and looked at Russell. "I'd like something to make me go to sleep, please..." she said with as much dignity as she could. She named her medication of choice, the one she'd had when she'd been dealing with the original trauma, the shipwreck so long ago.

"Hey, cool down, alright?" Evans said angrily, in response to Andrews tirade. "Where did you get your degree anyway, from a pack of cornflakes?"

"Oooh boy..." Russell said, reacting to Evans' comment, as he approached with the calming hypo. "Something to get your heartrate back to normal." he said to Kitty as he injected the hypo at her neck.

Andrew whipped his head over to Evans, having locked his eyes on Kitty. "Excuse me? If you had any idea what I'm doing, you would understand. But you don't. So I would recommend that you stay out of this, offer your support to Miss Black, and stay out of my way. Unless, of course, you don't want your girlfriend to be better, and YOU can deal with her."

Kitty shuddered slightly at the hypo, but it almost immediately started helping.. her trembling eased just a little and she started taking deep breaths. She blinked at the sudden almost-argument starting up over her head.. and decided to not add to it. Instead, she turned to Dr. Russell. "Could I have something to drink please?" she asked him quietly.

"Sure thing." he said to Kitty and got a glass of water.

"Gentlemen? No need to create another trauma, do we?" Russell reacted to the slight hostility brewing in sickbay.

"Tell that to mr. Hothead here. For a shrink he sure isn't very patient with his patients... Pun intended." Evans said, in response to Russell's attempt to nip this in the bud.

"Thank you.." Kitty said softly, as she took the glass of water and drank it all down without taking a single breath.

"Hmm... Perhaps, but it's a nice way of getting them to realize what I'm saying. The blunt truth works best. I don't deal with cryptic messages, so don't expect that from me." Andrew replied, still angry that Evans was questionning his competence in psychology.

"Okay, okay, point taken. Sheesh..." Evans just admitted, knowing he was outclassed on this one...

"Refill?" Russell asked Kitty as if he completely ignored the 'battle' between Andrew and Evans. "Okay then, that's settled." he reacted looking from Evans to Andrew.

"Refill please," Kitty said quietly, looking a bit relieved. "Are you short on sickbay beds? Is it ok if I rest here a little while?"

"Moving on from the topic of my competence of my job, Kitty, I don't mean to sound rude. It's just how I am. But what I said was true. There was no way of knowing that any of this would happen, or that Evans would get injured being with you. Just remember that. We don't control any of this, so don't dwell on it." Andrew said almost tenderly. <The closest I've ever been to being... nice...> Andrew thought.

<Much better.> Evans thought in his turn, as he quickly glanced over to Andrew, and back to his girlfriend again.

Russell took the glass from Kitty to fill it up again and waited for Andrew to finish before answering her question. "It's okay if you want to lay down for a while. There's no immediate shortage."

"Thank you..." Kitty said quietly. It was hard to be terribly worked up, with that medication having taken effect. She turned to Evans while Russell was getting the next glass of water. "Think.. and answer honestly. Ok? Really honestly. If I hadn't frozen up in the lounge, would we have made it out without you getting hurt? Please.. I know you'll give me an honest answer, not the easy one." She was looking at him intently.

<Hmm... intriguing. I am being completely ignored. I do recall saying that wasn't her fault, and not to dwell on it...> Andrew thought.

Evans thought hard, before answering. "We might have been able to get away from the bar in the middle of the room, but there would have been nothing for me to hold onto. We would have been blown out, with no hope. With my luck, even if we did get out of that situation, it wouldn't have been the tile that hit us that came down, but the one above us after we moved."

Kitty continued to look into his eyes as he spoke, searching his gaze.. and then she nodded, satisfied. "Thank you..." she said softly, then turned in time to accept the glass of water from Russell. "..could I have that stuff to help me sleep, please?" she asked him, then turned her attention to Andrew. "I'm sorry... it's just.. taking a while to get it all through my thick head."

"Don't worry about it. I've had people come back with the same problem over ten times. Until you reach that, I'll be fine. After that, you better hope you learn fast. And I think Evans is feeling a little bit better at how I'm talking to you, as he isn't glaring at me anymore." Andrew spoke, with a small smile on his face.

Of course, this caused Evans to glare at him again. "Wiseguy..."

"Yes, ofcourse." Russell reacted to Kitty and got the appropriate medicine from his med kit. He loaded the hypo and said smiling "Guaranteed to knock you out within ten minutes."

Kitty smiled, shifting until she was lying down on the biobed, still trying to keep hold of Evans' hand. "Thanks, doctor..." she said softly, and before he could even touch her with the hypo, she fell fast asleep.

"Well, now that Floyd is back, and she's feeling better about what just happened, I see no reason for me to remain here. Unless Evans would like to continue trying to stab me with mental daggers, of course." Andrew said, smiling a littler larger now.

"Ehm, you still need this hypo, lieutenant?" Russell asked with a smile, but she didn't seem to respond because she was in deep asleep from exhaustion.

"Wow, that's some strong medicine, if it works from a distance of five meters..." Evans mused.

"Hmm... true. Just what did you do with Floyd, and why isn't my hypo like that? You know how annoying some people are on this ship? I want to use that through bulkheads, save myself the issues of people"

"Just some Real doctor's magic, I guess." Russell smirked.


Four way psychological mayhem by:

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus Sound Asleep

Lt. (jg) Russell D. Floyd M.D. Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus "Let's try that new title, shall we?"

Lt. (jg) Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus "Oooooh, tingly!"

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus "Bashing heads is more fun than picking through them"