Trojan Horse #108 - 109 "Debriefing and Decisions"


<Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus>

Caelen had straightened his uniform out and swept off as much dirt as possible in the turbolift before it arrived where it had to be. The doors opened and he walked up on the bridge, immediately looking at the destroyed USS Lantree appearant on the viewscreen. "Commander... What in God's Name has happened here?"

Kristiana rose, tiredly, and saluted. "Rogue program, Sir .. A virus. Infested the Pegasus and the Lantree, then .. Something happened, something went wrong, and the program took over the Lantree's weapons systems and attacked us. We were forced to retaliate."

A slow nod as the words sank in "Casualty report?" he then asked, wanting to know both their own and he deaths of the Lantree crew.

"Twelve from the Pegasus, Sir .. " Kristiana replied, her eyes darkening a bit with the burden of the news she was going to give Caelen. ".. And the entire crew of the Lantree .. Except for the engineering teams who were onboard the Pegasus when the battle broke out."

A heavy sigh escaped Caelen's lips and he ran his hand through his hair "Damage sustained?" he then asked, wanting to know how fast they could get back to a starbase.

"Extensive, Sir. Several hull breaches, several decks decompressed. Warp core offline. Impulse drives at 50%, no more. Half our weapons gone. Shields gone." She sighed softly, glancing away a bit. "I've sent a security team and an engineering team to the Lantree to try and salvage parts to get our own warp-drive back up and running again."

Caelen nodded "Very well..." he walked down into the pit and sat down in his chair "...tell me since when does Starfleet allow mental cases into their ranks?"

Kristiana blinked, frowning, sitting down in the XO's chair, looking at Caelen. ".. How do you mean ?" Not sure how to take that comment.

Caelen shrugged "like I said it..." he turned his head to Kris "...first that crack head Cooper girl, now someone who breaks, panics and curls up in a corner when we get shot at..." he looked back at the viewscreen " long until the away team gets back?"

".. Unknown, Sir. They've only just left." She spoke, staring at the viewscreen again. ".. Someone broke and curled up ?"

"Somebody always breaks and curls up..." Caelen responded to that question rather uselessly "...this time I was unfortunate enough to be around..." he looked at Kristiana "...ever had the feeling that someone was picking on you? You know bad things happen to you and your ship?" he turned back to the viewscreen "must've been how Snorak had felt... will we have enough power to take the Lantree back on tow?"

"Had that feeling all my life, Sir." Kristiana replied, darkly. "I think we're gonna be lucky if we can get warp operational, to begin with. Let's worry about towing another ship after that. Keep in mind our ship has sustained extensive damage, and - what the hell ?!" Kristiana blinked, looking at her console, quickly tapping in a few commands. ".. Sir .. Lantree just raised partial shields.."

Caelen frowned before he shot up from his chair "Red Alert! All power to the shields" he looked back at Kristiana "Virus you said?"

Red alert sounded. "Partial shields up, Sir !" Tactical responded. Kristiana nodded "Yes, Sir. We've thoroughly killed it on our end, but there might be something of it left on the Lantree."

"Tactical keep an eye on their weapons, at the least sign of trouble fire at will..." Caelen ordered, harsh and solid like a rock.

"But Captain! Our people are on that ship!" the Tactical officer responded not really feeling like killing his own crewmates, including his Chief.

Caelen turned around "There are what, twelve people on there, tops..." he looked at Kris for confirmation before continueing "...That leaves 228 on this end..." he made the maths very simple and very clear " the first sign of trouble shoot them out of the sky."

Kristiana blinked a bit at Caelen's command .. But the math spoke for itself. She narrowed her eyes, turned to the Tactical Officer and spoke. "The Captain gave you an order. The safety of this ship comes before Everything else."


Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them."


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "It's Us or Them. And I have things to do with my life."