Trojan Horse 104, 105, and 106 "Trojan Strike."


[USS Lantree]

Kitty already had her phaser out when her engineering group materialized on the transporter pad, all set up in environmental suits and gravity boots. She didn't see anything gruesome yet, the security having pushed some of the bodies out of the way already. "I'm here," she said. "On my way to the bridge first."

They were down two corridors before they saw their first body... she took a sharp breath and one of the engineers behind her cursed. She thought of Evans and moved on. "C'mon, let's get this job done and be finished with it." The she paused and blinked, seeing a bit of movement. She activated her commbadge, speaking to both the Engineering and Bridge security teams. =/\=There's something ahead of us.. What is that? It's moving, I think. Not a person... Did you guys run into anything on your way up? It's a... well... it's some kind of machinery.=/\= Kitty blinked, fascinated by this tiny thing, heading down the corridor towards them, not seeming to react to their presence. =/\=Miniature anti-grav unit, looks like... nice design... optical sensors.. It looks sturdy, I've never seen anything quite like it before... Hey, it's got something welded into its undercarriage. It looks like... like a type 2 phaser, integrated into the structure... that's a pretty nifty job, that is.=/\=

Sulan's eyes widened slightly behind her face place. =/\="Miller! Site to site transport to the Engineering crew's position! Now!" =/\= Miller doesn't respond, because of the rush, but his crews simply appear in front and behind the crews, in the circle formation. He begins firing as soon as he gets the sled in his sight picture.

"Whoa!" Kitty blinked, ducking down with the rest of the engineers, scattering, trying to find a way to take cover in the corridor as the men suddenly appeared and started shooting. The first blast didn't work, splashing against a light deflector shield... as soon as two of more phaser beams hit it at once, they got through the shielding and the little unit dropped to the deck, dead as a doornail. Kitty took a deep breath and activated comms again. =/\=The.. thing.. is down. Thanks for the assist. Uh.. we're going to continue up to the bridge. I think it's time to deactivate the computer core. =/\=

"Might I recommend a site to site transport, Ma'am?" Miller asked, his breathing still quick from the battle. Hannah tapped her commbadge. =/\="Kitty, we could really do with you up here - we're trying to get into the bridge."=/\=

"Sure, but.. there's still something bothering me about that mobile," Kitty said contemplatively. "Really bothering me. We were well within its sights. It didn't fire." She frowned. =/\=Guys, I don't like this. There's something going on, and I feel like I almost know what it is. Ok, site-to-site transport, go ahead... =/\= A moment later, the engineers and security had joined Hannah's group at the bridge. Meanwhile, in the Beta team's area, a couple more mobiles were sighted... zipping past the corridor on their merry way, not heading towards their group, apparently not interested in Engineering. They were going elsewhere.

Hannah turned to Kitty with relief. "Nice timing, Kit. You care to let us in?"

The security team in engineering reports the mobiles to Sulan. =/\= "Keeps track of them but don't fire, unless you sense a threat."=/\= She turns to kitty "Do you wish me to breach the door, or can you open it?"

"Kit?" Kitty smiled. "Sure, hold on a sec, I can open this." She bent down and tapped in the access code. "You guys go on ahead. The main computer core is near here and I want to make a few.. changes." Her code worked... the bridge doors opened, but the terminals were all dark, the lights off, nothing but their flashlights to illuminate the floating bodies. Kitty hadn't looked, deliberately. She was taking down an access panel now, turning all of her attention to the computer conduits behind it.

Hannah moved in slowly with her rifle raised, her team filing in behind her. "Miller, stay with Lieutenant black." Sulan said, as she moved cautiously into the bridge to secure it. The Andorian Captain still sat frozen in the Captain's chair. Sulan rudely shoved him out of it, and sat, trying to access any logs or files.

The bridge computers were locked out.. the bridge seemed dead. "She's cut power to the bridge," Kitty said from outside the door, just as they'd figured it out anyways. "I'll try to restore it... blast..." The lights on the bridge went on.. half of them sparked and immediately went dead. One terminal came up... Tactical. "Did it work?"

Meanwhile, down near Engineering, a couple more mobiles zoomed by, then a couple more.. all of them ignoring the Security team.

"Looks that way." Hannah said, shouldering her rifle. "Cover me." she said to her team, moving to the console.

Sulan sat, watching the mobiles on her security team's sensors, and sensing a trap. "Hurry. I do not wish to remain here long."

Hannah frowned as she accessed the panel. "What the...shields are still operational? Life support of the transporter rooms is still working."

"One of the transporter rooms?" Kitty asked, her voice suddenly foreboding. "And... where are those little mobile things with the phasers going?" She left the question dangling, suddenly frowning. "How is that possible? I had thought all systems were offline?" Sulan asked, suspiciously "No, just deactivated." Sulan stood up suddenly, as she realized her mistake in horror. "=/\= Squads, form up and destroy the mobile units!" =/\=

Kitty closed her eyes for a moment and thumped the wall with her fist. "And see if they can take down that transporter!" she said to Sulan. Hannah's fingers blurred as she tapped commands into the console. "The computer's locking me out, trying to override..."

"Aye sir!" She said, the anger bleeding into her voice, as she gave orders to her teams. "Miller! Stay with them. Is a site to site transport still possible?" Sulan asked, as she unslung her rifle.

"Yeah, it is now," Kitty said. "But you'll have to hurry. If this thing can bring up shields, we won't be able to do it anymore. I've almost got it..." She disappeared up to her waist in the midst of computer conduits, hunting for a certain node in particular.

"Wait, I think I have it!" Hannah yelled triumphantly. "I'm through the defenses, deactivating the transporters...wait, what the..." Hannah's widened as console started to heat up dramatically. "Get out!" she yelled in panic, as she turned away from the terminal. Time seemed to stop, as the terminal seemed to almost glow white, before exploding in a burst of fireworks. Hannah was thrown brutally backwards, flying across the bridge, and slumping in a heap in a corner.

Sulan was thrown forward toward the main screen, and landed with a grunt. She immediately got to her feet and moved to check on Hannah.

"Got it!" Kitty cried immediately afterwards.. she hadn't seen or heard the terminal explode. The few lights on the bridge immediately went out. "That's what my teacher used to call an 'unmaskeable interrupt'. We're home free.. as long as we can get to Engineering before it reroutes..." She untangled from the access area and peeked into the bridge, blinking as she began to realize something was wrong. <tag>

Sulan quickly scanned Hannah with her tricorder, while using her com badge "Lieutenant Black, I require your assistance. We need to escape this vessel, and return to the Pegasus.

"We can't all go," Kitty replied immediately. "We have to do what I just did to the secondary core in Engineering, BEFORE the program finishes rerouting and reactivates everything."

Sulan quickly applied gel sealant to the crack in Hannah's helmet. She heard the sounds of fighting across the Comm as her crews engaged the mobile units. "Are you with me Hannah?" She asked, trying to control her emotions, as Hannah suffered. Hannah's eyes started to come back into focus. "Sules..." she moaned. "It hurts..."

"I know, but you must endure Hannah. Can you walk?" Sulan asked gently. Hannah allowed Sulan to help her stand. "I...I think so. I'm just winded. I guess I got lucky."

"Come ON!" Kitty urged. She started down the hallway herself. "We haven't got much time before..." And she paused at the sound of power surging through conduits.. the lights coming back up... and she swore. "Too late..."

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