Trojan Horse #102, 103 - Hello Goodbyes

<On> <<USS Pegasus, Bridge, Before Caelan's rescue>>

The organised chaos of combat had settled down again as suddenly and quickly as it had begun. Kristiana had taken care of all the most important things .. Most important to the ship and the crew, that is .. before she finally got a chance to do the thing that was most important to herself. "Ryylar .. Hon .. Wake up .." She quietly spoke, kneeled at his side, wiping a bit at the bloodied spot where he banged his head, then grabbing his shoulders and shaking him a bit. "Hey .. Wake up, Ryylar .."

He grumbled and blinked, reaching up to touch his rather bumped head.

"Ugh... did anyone get the rrrrrregisssstrrrrrrry numberrrrrr of that trrrrrrransssssporrrrrrrt?" Asked Ryylar as he came to consciousness.

".. I forgot to write it down." She spoke, wincing a bit as she shifted to sit down next to him and help him sit up as well. "How are you feeling, hon ? Anything broken ?"

"Only my prrrrrride." He said with a soft smile, indicating that he would be ok. He didn't want her worrying over him.

She nodded a bit, and shoulderslumped, whimpered a bit, wrapped her arms around him, pulled him close and closed her eyes. Not saying a word .. Just .. needing him.

He wrapped his arms as he pulled her into his embrace.

"You'rrrrrre not getting rrrrrrid of me that easssssily Krrrrrrrisssss... takessssss a lot morrrrrrre than a photon torrrrrrpedo to knock my nine livessssss out." He comforted her.

"It's not that, Ryylar .." She spoke, her words muffled, before she pulled back slightly and motioned to the main viewscreen. The once proud USS Lantree was now a burning wreck - a third of her volume simply gone - nacelles torn off, bridge a smouldering hole, trailing fire and debris. ".. And we're not much better."

"Dearrrrrr God...." He said, his whiskers drooping as his eyes widened at the devastation.

"Sssssweethearrrrrrrt... what can I do to help?" He asked her.

".. Just .. Make sure you're ok. Go .. get cleaned up .. Grab a bite. Go help the crew, maybe assist in sickbay .. Or .. Sulan and Hannah and Kitty are heading to the Lantree to try and salvage parts for our warpcore .. I don't know, hon. I just .. don't know. I need to remain here, run the ship .. They need me now." She spoke, sounding lost and forlorn.

"The minute you'rrrrrre off shift, I'm coming forrrrrr you Krrrrrrrisssss." Ryylar nodded as he slowly stood up with her, rubbing his head to make sure he was indeed all there.

She rose as well, with a wince and nodded, giving him another hug and nuzzling him softly. " .. I don't know when I'll be getting off shift. Caelen is stuck, I've sent a team to dig him out, and there is just .. so much to do, so much to do .." as she stepped back.

He wrapped his arms around her waist.

"You'rrrrrre of no usssssse to this ship and crrrrrrrew if you'rrrrre sssssso ssssstrrrrrrresssssed out." Ryylar pointed out to her.

She narrowed her eyes and looked straight at him. "I'll be alright. The ship needs me. And I'm going to be right where I should be. Because if I step away now, the ship will be under the command of Counselor Kennedy. And, quite frankly, I trust his ability to command starships as much as I trust his ability to sprout wings and fly off." Kristiana spoke, sternly.

"He might get the Prrrrrrotomorrrrrrphosssssisssss sssssyndrrrrrome." Ryylar joked a little, trying to help her feel better.

A slow blink. ".. The what now ?" She furrowed her brows a bit as she sunk back into the command chair, her attention demanded by someone else for a moment, a quick report to read and make a decision on. "No. Evacuate everyone from there and shutdown power to that deck. We need the power for other things." Before turning back to Ryylar.

"It wasssss a joke dearrrrrrr." He said softly, hugging her gently.

She nodded a bit, looking at him, managing a ghost of a smile. ".. You have your orders, Warrant Officer .. And .. I'm glad you're alright, my love .." She traced fingertips over his cheek before turning her full attention back to the ship.

Ryylar smiled and nodded to her.

"And you have yourrrrrrrrsssss Commanderrrrrr. I'm glad you'rrrrrre ok too." He said with a smile, pressing his lips softly to her cheek before exiting the bridge.

She cast another glance after him, watching him go before resuming her work.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "I'm glad you're back with me. Now go away."


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus