Trojan Horse #108 - 109 "Debriefing and Decisions"


<In Flight, in the area of USS Pegasus & USS Lantree>

G'ulf-fey sighed, the Pegasus had either not seen his attempt or were too busy to respond. Either that or the damage was such that they couldn’t respond for some reason. Still, this whole thing was a mess from the first tooth. Rejoining his formation he noted that the other two ships seemed okay, but that Sha-dar seemed to be flying in a almost 'wooden' way as opposed to her standard. It was as if she was on auto-cruse or something. And he grew worried that this battle was effecting her.

To call her directly on this was not to be done. Thou she might need it , it would dishonor her by telling her the failing was visible to all. No something else was needed, and given that the enemy was DIS (dead/drifting In Space) Now was a good time for it.

"Stygian Ving, No contact frrom 'Stable'. So ve rremain on patrrol forr now. Ho'everr Perrhaps ve vill talk. Fighting an enemy who looks like frriend is neverr easy. The Demon the Grey-skin vorrshiped knew this and used it. It is the same herre. That hull, thou barring the name and trransponderr of a frriend sought to kill us. It did this with no perrson aboarrd and like a thing of the pits needed to be stopped. My systems detected Ourr ship trransporting over perrsonnel, and that changed the count of the living therre to grreaterr than zero. Yes it hurrts to have to firre on yourr own equipment. But had that ship underr drrive headed forr a Starrbase the mission would have been the same. Herr crrew, Gods villing, died at theirr stations, doing vhat they loved and prrobably neverr knowing vhat was happened, till they found themselves rrunning thru the gates of morrtality."

"Sha-darr, Can you think of a betterr end forr a Starrships crew than that? a morre fitting passing for those that fly among the starrs than to die among them?" Then he waited to see if his words would break thru her shock

#'n-no, No, If someone is lost, better at duty than to dust and illness and waste'# she replied and he saw her ship begin to move like a attack craft once again #'Alert, enemy shields coming up, by the pirate how?'#

G'ulf-fey looked at his scanners and confirmed the sighting. "how matterrs not, Stopping this undead space hulk is all" he rechecked his tactical readouts briefly "Full powerr, tarrget deflectorr emitterrs, and watch it Pegasus may attempt to destrroy her as well. Attempt to contact away teams. we might be able to act as rrelays to beam them out of there."

G'ulf-fey knew if they could get the shields dropped the ship could beam its people back. He was not too worried about the ship attacking them, with her weapons pod destroyed and her secondary down she could only ram and given her engines were so much cargo that was a slim chance as well. Still he would claw her maneuvering thrusters as he took down her emitters just to be sure.


Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus "A living enemy I respect, undead ones deserve nothing, save destruction"

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