Trojan Horse #81 "Federation versus Federation."


[USS Pegasus Security Office.]

Sulan stood calmly among her jittery security personnel in the security office. She spoke quickly and calmly, addressing both her people in the security office and across the PA system to her crew that were moving to their stations.

"Attention Security crews: Currently, we are under attack from the fellow Federation vessel, USS Lantree. As yet, we do not know why our compatriots are firing on us, nor if they are doing it of their own volition. Therefore, my orders are to set weapons to stun and capture any Lantree crewmembers you discover. Though, I authorize you to kill should the situation warrant it. Miller, Rodriguez, and Goings shall lead squads Alpha Beta and Charlie respectively. Your priorities are to protect the Pegasus' crew, and the vessel itself, over that of capturing the Lantree crew. You have your orders. That is all. Dismissed."

The crews each saluted, before readying their weapons and rushing out of the doors. Sulan couldn't help but feel a slight sense of unease at having her personel possibly have to fight their fellow federation members. Were it up to her, she'd rather they kept that innocent sense of honor they had rather than dirty her hands as she had. Her thoughts turned to the security officer she'd slain so long ago. She almost belived that it was divine retribution. But she dismissed the thought before she could speculate about such illogical matters any further.

She grabbed her modified phaser rifle from the rack as she ran out the doors headed for the bridge. There, she'd protect the command crew as well as find out what exactly was going on.


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