Trojan Horse #82 - 83 "mirabelle.kernel.C"


<Bridge, USS Lantree, prior to post #74 - 75>

The Lantree's engineer frowned a bit at some readings from his full diagnostic, and tapped her comm-badge. =/\= O'malley to Snorak, I've got some more information about those computer glitches we've been having. =/\=

Snorak's antennae quivered a bit at the information.

=/\= I hope it's good news Mister O'Malley. What have you got? =/\= He asked, wondering what was going on with his ship. Ever since that failed transmission from the Pegasus, things had been going wrong.

=/\= A few processes running in the background, Sir. Quite well-masked - I wouldn't have found them if it wasn't for the two percent CPU usage discrepancy. =/\= O'malley responded. =/\= Basically, we've got a computer virus. One apparently called 'mirabelle.kernel.C' .. Should I go ahead and kill it, Sir ? =/\=

=/\= If it's screwing up our systems, then absolutely O'Malley, get rid of it. =/\= Snorak said without hesitation.

=/\= Right, Sir. =/\= O'malley responded, and ran a counter-virus program, targeted on these particular processes. But the moment one of the processes was killed, his terminal sparked and cracked, spitting out sparks and smoke. "What the .. Crap." O'malley muttered as he went to another console, trying to activate it .. But no luck. =/\= Uhm .. sir ? We have a problem. I killed one of the offending processes, then my console blew up and now I've been locked out of the computer. =/\=

=/\= What do you mean you've been locked out Mister O'Malley? =/\= Snorak asked, not liking the implications of this at all.

=/\= I mean my access code isn't working anymore, Captain. =/\= O'malley responded. =/\= Trying an override code now .. .. That's better, I'm in. Killing the next proc - =/\= and the comm-line went dead. The lights on the bridge flickered, some static was heard over the internal comm circuit, and the main viewscreen blacked out.

=/\= Snorak to O'Malley... =/\= Snorak said, frowning as the comm line offered no response.

"Mister Andrews. Initiate a complete shutdown of the Lantree's Computer Core." Said Snorak, standing up and addressing his Chief of Ops.

"Working, Sir !" Andrews replied, hands flitting over his console, punching in command after command. ".. It's not responding, Sir. I can't shut it down !"

The main viewscreen came on again, and the face of a young woman was shown. Mid twenties, with long black hair, wearing a Tactical uniform, with mirror-universe rank pips on her collar. She flickered a bit, some static interference playing across her appearance. "Yyyyyou've tri-tri-tried to destroy-roy me. I ca-ca-can't let t-that hap-happennnnnnnnnnnnn .. " The woman spoke, her voice sounding metallic.

He blinked and looked at her.

"Who are you! How did you get on my ship?!?" He growled incredulously, the Andorian standing up to a full impressive six feet in height.

"I am-ammmmm d-d-d-death .. incarnaaaaaaaaa - " the woman spoke, her face flickering, stating wreaking it's havoc, as she got stuck in a loop - then fading again in a shimmer before reinitialising. "Ene-ne-ne-mies of the f-f-federation-on mu-must diiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... " Her disturbingly synthetic voice skipped like a broken record, cold, unfeeling, uncaring.

".. Sir !" g'nutmeG, the Klingon Tactical Officer spoke, his dark features almost going wide with shock. ".. We've just fired two torpedo's on the Pegasus, Sir ! They're breaking off, we're in pursuit, firing phasers !"

"Sir !" Andrews spoke, jumping up from his seat. ".. We .. We've lost life support Sir !"

".. iieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... " the woman's voice continued to drone, her virus-like program stuck in a loop.


Captain Snorak Commanding Officer USS Lantree NPC'd by Ryylar

O'malley, Andrews and g'nutmeg Engineering, Ops and Tactical USS Lantree NPC'd by Kristiana