Trojan Horse #78 - "Hotfix"


<Pilots Lounge/Ready Room, USS Pegasus>

G'ulf-fey had just returned from the med-bay, and his mood was at unhappy and going further south every minute. Most of this was due to the medic he had had to deal with, as much of the staff seemed off duty for some reason. The guy was what Rodgers used to call a `Ee-guy- spadet', G'ulf-fey would have forgiven him much had he been suffering more than a bit of scorched fur, but as it was a trip to the med bay and a full work up to `check for injuries,' seemed a colossal waste of time. Worse the guy was convinced that `computers are always right' and so when the machine had insisted he was in contravention of Federation codes for not being up to date with rabies and distemper shots the idiot was ready to synthesize them. Fortunately the replicators were still mostly off line and this meant that he could `suggest' that this might wait till the doctor actually saw him.

Escaping sick bay when a real case came in, something about someone using a phaser-welder to heat coffee or something. He then received a short computer-note from Alyson Cooper. He recalled he had suggested to her that instead of running she allow him to help her face her demons. But the note was abrupt in its briefness.

# Sir A friend (who I know far better) suggested I visit his homeworld. I shall be doing that #AC#

"Vell" he thought out loud "She made that clearr enough."

"Who did?" Sha-dar asked as she looked up from a novel she was reading "Did some thing happen?"

"Nnoo" he said " Just someone I trried to help, but again failed to do any gud forr them." Then he straitened "what iz ourr statuz, can we fly if ve need to?"

Sha-dar nodded "landing is still an issue but we can launch. In fact it might be easier now than with the ship at full fighting trim. The force-fields on the launch bay are almost begging to go down and the blast doors are completely down, so the question may be if we launch with our ships ore beside them."

G'ulf-fey grinned "then it iz a gud thing we fly in prezzurre suitz, izn't it" then he turned to the repeater screen and looked at the ship that had come to help them. A pretty design he thought , almost like a turtle in some ways, probably good in battle given its compact nature. Then he looked in horror his grin changing to a snarl as the ship on the repeater screen blossomed with death fire.

A moment later the lights in the room went read and forgetting himself G'ulf-fey charged for the fighter bay with Sha-dar (in her flight gear at his heals. Fortunately the screens in the bay were working and so he didn't suffer more than a ringing ear as he ran for his fighter. The hull was still somewhat scared and the weapon ports carbonized bus as he leapt into her he saw she was fully functional. Grabbing his spare helmet he keyed the fighter band "Kip, Sha, I hope you'rre rready, cauze we go, NOW!"

On the final word he hit his thrusters and shot out of the bay. For a moment he was home again, flying with his old crew before he recalled they were on the other side of a barrier no living thing could cross. He didn't bother with orders, the others knew what they would need to do. Their home was hurt and slow, the other ship had full weapons and speed . It was Eagle vs Lame mouse unless they could change the odds. They would need to concentrate on the weapon emplacements, particularly the torpedo launch bay. If they could disable that then maybe the ship would live to figure out what was happening.

Then the anger of his adopted home being attacked changed to blind rage as he saw the area of the Main lounge where Cooper worked and usually was breach to space. True the emergency systems seemed to work but who knows what may have happened inside when the `hurricane force winds' came.

"You, people of no tribe, you vermin of unknown anceztrry, how darre you make such a covardly move" he said as he set his primary and secondary weapons systems alight and raked the enemy ship. They might seem Federation, but he well knew that sometimes an enemy captured a ship and used it as a trap. He would show them the meaning of angering him, he would dine on their stores tonight and enjoy the scent of their fear as they served him. Coming about he passed very close to the bridge of the ship. Nice of the human designers to place it where one could get at it. He didn't trigger weapons, he wanted to, but removing this things teeth was the first priority. Still a pass at speed perhaps a meter or two away form colliding and being sure to blacken their paint with his thrust wash. That would see the ships namesake (laundry) would be busy this night.

+/\+ "come-on boss," came Sha-dar's transmission "stop marking your turf and get to work. You can raise your tail to them later"+/\+

G'ulf-fey almost laughed, form some views that is what he had done, but still "Zhadow one, Varrgurr don't marrk theirr place. Ve simply defend it and show intrruderrz theirr folly if they come at uz."

Then he flew strait at the weapons pod as if he planed to crash through it. Then at the last moment he dumped ordnance and jigged past then set it off using the foes hull to shield him from the blast.

"like that" he said as the weapon mount was reduced to so much scrap metal and plastic then he switched to the general ops frequency

=="Stygian one to Pegasus,"= he said letting the growl of his natural voice come through very clearly "hostile ship's weapons mount destroyed. Are we going to let them surrender? Or shall your flock show them their folly further?"==


Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus