Trojan Horse #79 - "Striving to be useful"

-={On}=- [Deck 6, Chief Counselor's office, right before attack]

Andrew was pacing in his office, or what little space he could, thinking of a vexing riddle, or an old patient. He couldn't remember which anymore, it had been some time, and both swirled in his mind. He ran his hand through his blonde hair, and looked out the viewport in hopes of somethimng to help him with the riddle.

Then he saw the flash. He hadn't expected it, but he knew it was enemy fire, and before he could brace himself, it hit. A split second later, Andrew was airborne, not by choice, and a long string of cursing occurred in that short time. He had no idea what he said because his ears were ringing and he wasn't thinking too hard about what he was saying. All he knew was to protect his chest in the landing, otherwise something could get broken.

A large THUD came with his landing, as well as a sharp pain in his left arm. Andrew looked at it, and saw his elbow jutting out awkwardly, his hand twisted to the side. "Oh HELL the pain!" He screamed out. Then he heard a tinkling noise from behind his desk. Not knowing what it was, he continued staring at his arm and was in tears at the pain coming from it.

"I need to get to the sickbay, but first I need to see what fell." He exclamed, slightly delirious from the agonizing pain. He rounded his desk, and saw the one thing that could numb the pain, the illegal bottle of liquor, smashed on his florr, liquid surrounding the broken glass.

"Well, that's just F$%#ing great! I just bought that!" He shouted, then ran out the door to get to sickbay. He stumbled along the way, running into the wall and smashing his now broken arm against it. The rest of the way to sickbay, Andrew was cursing and not really caring who heard him.


A painful post by Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus

((OoC: Floyd! Medical emergency! Joint post, STAT!))