Trojan Horse #32, 33 - A favor...


<Science Lab One>

Melina had been working nearly nine hours on the experiment in front of her, for the third time there was a loud hiss and small explosion. The sensor pallet had bheen removed from storage, she'd been working to hard and to quickly she guessed.

Most if not all the other departments wre taking no notice of her, she sighed and sat down on a stool nearby.

"Computer please list my achievements so far?" she asked.

"Lt Melina Bradbury, inventor of the pulse duo sensor pallet, winner of the Mars/Utopia Planetia science award, nomitated for the Zee-Magnees Prize. Decotated Purple heart during the Dominion war, silver palm leaf with cluster given for rescue of the Valon IV space station"

"Computer stop...have I had any effect than this..have am I more than what I am?" questioned Melina.

"Unable to answer"

"Am I more than just medals and a foot note?" inquired Melina.

"Unable to answer"

"Fine...whatever" replied Melina.

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Lt Melina Bradbury Cheif Science Officer USS Pegasus