Trojan Horse #36&37 - "Don't try to be more then you Are"

-={On}=- [Sciencelabs, USS Pegasus]

Nalash rushed into the labs, "Melina!" she shouted coming to a halt in the center of the room, looking around to find the Acting Chief of Science. "Melina where are you?!" she asked again.

Melina was sitting near the computer console trying to get the system to answer the questions she'd given it, all it would say was that it was unable to answer them at all.

"Over here" she replied.

Nalash walked closer to where she had heard Melina "What are you doing Mel?" she asked looking over her shoulder at a console that seemed to be a bit less responsive then it used to be.

"I was just trying to find somethings out...the computer won't answer my question, it's run through everything I've done so far in life won't answer if it's enough" Melina replied.

Nalash frowned "Enough?" she questioned, being a bit confused by that statement

"Yes..I mean I've been nominated for the Zee-Magnees Prize and many other things...but are some pieces of paper and a mention somewhere enough… is it good enough to put myself up with others that have been greats in their field … I mean look at the Career of ambassador Spock for example"

Nalash shook her head and placed her hands on Melina's shoulders, slowly starting to massage them "You can't compare yourself to Spock, no more then Commander LaBrie can compare himself to Kirk or Evans to Data..." she sighed a bit "...they were one of a kind, high achievers, we can only hope to do well in their shadows... every society needs heroes Melina... it's ok you're not one of them"

"But even for us there comes a time to come out of the shadow, we must try and let our light shine also. I just want to make my family proud...It's not easy when you chose science over medical and engineering" Melina spoke softly.

"The fact that you're in Starfleet should make them proud..." Nalash smiled and got closer to her, still massaging her "...don't try to be a great man, just be a man and let history decide for itself..." she recited the famous quote from Zephram Cochrane.

Melina smiled softly "Or woman I guess"

She sighed and purred a little as Nalash massaged her shoulder. Her tail twitched a litle and she smiled brightly.

"Perhaps I've been feeling sorry for myself" she said.

"We all do from time to time..." Nalash responded, knowing full well what she was going through "...just remember that you don't have to be the best to make you family be proud of you... just do what you can, that should be enough"

"Thank you Nalash your right, can I get you a drink or something?" Melina asked.

Melina stood up and stretched, she'd been sitting to long in one postion she knew she quickly hugged Nalash and smiled softly.

"Thank you again"

Nalash smiled warmly "A drink..." her eyes widened again and sparkled with joy "...yeah that's why I came in here!" she became excited again "Come!" she took Melina's hand and dragged her towards the exit.

Melina took the offered hand and smiled softly as she followed Nalash out of the science lab and towards ten forward, she purred a little as they walked and she nodded to a few crewmen she knew.

Nalash stopped behind a line, waiting for something, "I just had to get you for this" she said waiting patiently in the line.

Melina blinked a little, she was rather curious the smells were mostly of other crewmembers and such, so she didn't have a clue what Nalash was talking about. "Get what Nalash?" she questioned.

"Food! Drinks!" Nalash her eyes twinkled a bit "They used torpedoes to power some replicators!" apparently O'Driscoll's plan had worked and they got some replicators working again.

Melina blinked softly she was rather curious about that, granted there was enough power in the torpedo's but the actual engineering problems about it wasn't really her thing. "I hope they left that probe might react badly if they played about with it at all. Hmm you know I could kill a nice Klingon Blood pie right now and maybe a thripple cholate sundae, with a nice tall glass of strawberry shake"

Nalash frowned a bit "You obviously have other taste buds then me" she smirked "Klingon Blood Pie?" she shook her head a bit in disgust "Sundaes however..." she shuffled a bit closer to the replicator.

"Hmm I've found many species like sundae's Earth's biggest contribution other than chocolate I'd guess" Melina said.


Ens. Melina Bradbury Chief Science Officer USS Pegasus &

CPO2 Nalash Scientist's Mate USS Pegasus "Don't try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgment."