Trojan Horse #32, 33 - A favor...


[Cooper quarters]

Alyson strummed the strings of her guitar randomly. She hadn't even tuned it, and she wasn't playing a particular song. Just random chords she knew by heart, again and again. In no particular order, just her fingers running on the strings.

She had overdosed on cocaine and heroin only a few days before, and started an intensive rehab program with the doctor. Her drugs had been confiscated and destroyed, and only then had she been allowed in her quarters. Since then, she hasn't been to work, and no one in the staff really bothered to come and check on her, except for Jacob.

She didn't blame them, really. She was the new girl, and they had been there before her. Despite that, she was manager of the graveyard shift. And she messed up, big time. Went to Earth when she had vowed never to return, partied, took some stash, went back to the ship. Shot up so many times that she didn't care to remember. Someone found her in the office, completely stoned, and threw her in the brig, and soon after, she was transported to sickbay.

Now she was here, with absolutely nothing to do, thinking she was a complete disappointment to everybody on the ship. More so, she was a disappointment to herself. She'd look at herself and insult her reflection. Why did you do this in the first place, stupid, when you could have just stayed on the ship, stayed quiet, and not get into trouble?

At one point, she had broken the mirror, punched it in, resulting in some injuries. Not wanting to embarrass herself even more than she already was, she pulled out the small mirror shards out of her knuckles herself, and closed the wounds from a dermal regenerator that came in a first aid kit in all quarters.

Damn, she was stupid. She wasn't worthy. She wasn't worthy of being on this ship, being a stupid junkie who had just ruined her life, living in scrutiny, under the scornful eyes of Starfleet Officers. She might as well leave.


Alyson Cooper (NPC) played by 1st Lt. Marahil