Trojan Horse #27-28 "Caring and Sharing"


With some chocolate in her, Kitty felt a good deal better. She set out from Evans' quarters, out on a short mission... to get her knee tended to in Sickbay and perhaps return with something to drink. On her way, though, she passed a single working terminal, and backtracked to check her messages quickly... surprised to actually see one, she paused to read it through. Her eyes lit up. A moment later she was looking for Hannah's quarters, walking through darkened hallways, feeling her way at times, until she came to a solitary bit of light and a door... she tried the bell, but she had no clue if it was working, so she knocked on the door itself.

"Come in!" Hannah's voice called out from behind the door. The door opened, but Hannah was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm in the shower." her voice came from the bathroom. "Who is it?"

"It's just me.." Kitty called, limping into the room. "But I didn't bring any ice cream with me this time, is that okay?"

"I'll live." Hannah called. "Make yourself comfortable, I'll be out in a minute."

"Comfortable? Well, okay." Kitty hadn't felt inclined to give up the comfy bathrobe, and none of Evans' shoes were even close to fitting her. She slipped out of the enormous slippers she'd borrowed and padded barefoot over to a chair, settling down. "I heard you had a great idea..."

"Oh yeah!" Hannah called, as she stepped out of the shower. <Oh shoot!> "Kitty, could you do me a favour and grab the bathrobe from the closet by the bed? I wasn't expecting company."

"Uh, sure." Kitty checked the closet and returned with the bathrobe. She turned her back on the bathroom door, holding it out. "Ok, I'm not lookin'."

"Thanks." Hannah said, taking the robe, and wrapping it around herself. She stepped out of the bathroom. "Uh...Kitty?" She said in confusion. "What are you wearing?"

"Evans' bathrobe." Kitty realized how this sounded and blushed pink. "It's not what it sounds like. My quarters are in a damaged part of the ship. I can't get to them."

"Uh...huh." Hannah said, a sceptical look on her face. "Well, would you like to borrow some of my clothes, or are lover-boy's comfortable enough for now?"

"What size are you?" Kitty brightened.

"Smaller than Evans, at any rate." Hannah grinned. "Come see if there's anything you'd like." She led the engineer into her bedroom.

Kitty chuckled. "I think most women are smaller than Evans." She followed Hannah, still limping a little. "But I bet you're pretty near my size."

"What happened to your leg?" Hannah asked, noticing the other woman's limp. She opened the wardrobe and pulled out comfy shorts and a tee-shirt. "How about these?"

"I, uh..." Kitty realized suddenly that she'd had no time to tell Hannah how the whole fiasco had gone at the casino. It seemed like so very long ago. "That looks wonderful. Do you have any clean.. uh... well... under things? It's just my knee, it's just bruised. I, uh... well, I kneed someone. Hard. Really hard."

"Yikes." Hannah said, grinning. "As for clean underthings, I have plenty." She pulled out a pair of panties and a bra from the closet and handed them over. She selected a similar ensemble for herself, and then shucked the bathrobe she was wearing. "So what happened?" She asked as she unselfconsciously dressed.

Kitty stepped back into a corner before starting to dress, pulling the clothes on mostly under her bathrobe and not looking quite in Hannah's direction. "Thanks! Uh, it's kind of a long story, but Evans in the alternate universe, he showed up at the casino.. and he made a pass at me. Well, when I say pass, I mean, like.." She waved her hand around a bit, not making any sort of motion that could really be construed as anything in particular. "And it turns out, he owned the casino."

"Yikes!" Hannah repeated. She finished dressing, and then slumped down onto the bed. "So you can't get to your quarters?"

"The bulkheads are down. I don't even know what it's like in there." Kitty finished her own maneuver and sat down near Hannah on the bed. "So of course I can't get to anything I own."

"Well, do you want to stay here until you can get back?" Hannah said. "The bed's plenty big enough for two, and I have plenty of clothes...unless of course you're staying with Evans"

"I don't even know yet," Kitty said, smiling and leaning back on the bed. "But I'll probably make a spot on the floor somewhere. Or there's my chair in Engineering. I'm an only child. I never shared a bed before in my life."

"Really?" Hannah said, in surprise. "Well, the offer's open - it's a heck of a lot more comfy than the floor, and it beats a chair all hollow. I'm also pretty sure I don't snore - at least that's what people tell me."

"Evans snores," Kitty replied without thinking.

Hannah gave her a knowing look. "Really?"

"He fell asleep when I was in the shower..." Kitty blushed again, then began to laugh. "Oh, gee, I'm really doing well today. Unless it's 'tonight' by now. Aah, I can't remember. So I hear you had an idea?"

"Oh yeah!" Hannah said, happily. "So I was thinking, we've got maybe two or three dozen unused torps down in the magazine - all of which have guidance systems operated by batteries. If we rigged them all together, I reckon we could make a decent power source - enough to get the replicators working for a while, anyway. More, if we used the batteries on the probes as well."

"If we cut most of the replicators out of the circuit, we could get them working for longer. How long do you think, two hours? It could get us a couple of replicators over twenty hours before the tugboat arrives." Kitty's engineer mind was already hard at work. "We'd have to adapt the power ourselves. We lost our last adapter already, to a power surge during the battle. Do you know how to do that?"

Hannah frowned."I think so. Show me the first one, and I reckon I'll remember."

"I'll get Evans and meet you in the lounge, ok?" Kitty sat up. "I bet he'll want in on the fun." Her previous errands were all but forgotten.


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus

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