Trojan Horse #29 - 31 - "Me need chocolate! UG!"


Kitty would have liked to go striding easily out of Hannah's quarters, on a mission, ready to work. Unfortunately, she was still wearing oversized slippers, so she kind of flapped out instead. She tapped her comlink, wondering silently if Evans had fallen asleep in her absence. =/\= Lt. Black to Evans, we've got a chance at a good meal if you want to come help.=/\=

Evans was on the brink of starting a major deforrestation again, when the chime went off. He sat up like a spring: "NJG!" He fumbled for his communicator, and finally found it. =/\=Evans to Black, Please don't ever sneak up on me like that again... What was that you were saying?=/\=

=/\=Sneak up? I'm one deck over! O'Driscoll and I are going to make some replicators work, and I figured you'd want in on the fun.=/\= Kitty was in a good mood. Of course, when she had just figured out to fix something, she was always in a good mood.

Evans looked a bit odd, and then tapped his badge again. =/\=Okay, that sounds good... I have no idea how you are going to perform that treat, but I'm in! Where do we meet?=/\=

=/\=We're meeting in the lounge. I have a feeling that there's going to be a working terminal there. Oh, you do remember how to build an energy convertor, right? Battery power to standard ship reactor output? We'll be doing it from scratch.=/\= Kitty grinned and waited for the inevitable reaction.

=/\=Yes, I know you're insane, dear... no point in transmitting it into the air...=/\= Evans said into response of this latest of schemes... Well, at least they were'nt talking about the enormous powers needed by the shield or the warpcore, like in the past... =/\=Just kidding! Lounge sounds fine... I'll be right there!=/\=

He stood up, walked out of his quarters, walked back in, grabbed the rest of his chocolate, and walked back out again...

Kitty approached the lounge doors, ready to open the manual override. As she stepped up to them, though, to her surprise, they swooshed open. She stepped in and touched a control, blinking and smiling as over half the lights came up. "We should move in here," she remarked, looking at the overturned chairs and half-toppled tables. She stepped behind the bar and laughed in delight. "We have a working terminal."

The doors opened behind the engineer, and Hannah slipped inside, barefooted.

"Were you talking to me, or yourself there?" She asked, with a smile on her face.

"I always talk to myself. I find I get the funniest responses," was Kitty's reply as she looked up from behind the bar, smiling. "Want something to drink, while I'm back here? We've got... a... bunch of labels... I.. can't read."

By that time, Evans had managed to find the lounge too. He walked in, and looked around. "Ok, don't tell me... I think I know what happened here..." he just said, as he saw the two girls fixing a drink in the mess that was the messhall. "...I brought chocolate..." he added.

"Now I see why you're dating him." Hannah joked.

"So it is true, women and chocolate..." Evans countered with a smile.

Kitty chuckled brightly. "You're absolutely right." She tapped a couple of commands on the terminal, then turned back to the other two. "This is just what I was hoping for. In Red Alert, you know you don't usually get anyone in the lounge, and with Ryylar off being security, this whole place was pretty much inactive. It didn't take the same level of damage as everything else. What we're going to need, though, is enough parts to modify the power from the torpedo guidance system batteries into the ship's reactor power type that the replicators are used to receiving. It's not a perfect system, but it might keep one or two replicators producing until our tugboat is here."

"Some of these parts can be found in Engineering, but most of them are throughout the ship.. and then there are the batteries themselves. I can divert some Engineering personnel and send them out hunting parts and bringing them back here. Then we can start work."

"I'll bring in some torp specialists to show you how to disassemble the torpedoes without them blowing up." Hannah said

"Eh, yeah... good point..." Evans gulped...

"Don't worry Ev - you can just stand there and get us chocolate." Hannah teased

"Yes please!" Kitty sat down on the stool behind the bar, slipping her feet out of the huge slippers. "How complicated is the disassembling procedure? Maybe the specialists themselves should be doing the work. The engineers will have plenty to do." Behind her, the terminal changed pictures and text.

"Makes sense to me - although I only have about six specialists." Hannah mused. "Work'd go faster with some guys to help out."

"Ok, I can spare some guys from Ops to assist you. I could even ask... eh... No, I don't think I want to do that to you, guys..." Evans hesitated

"I'll lend a couple of engineers to the cause," Kitty said, nodding. "Though I haven't exactly got a huge group either..." For a moment her face clouded as she remembered something that crazy happenings had put out of her mind for days now. Then she blinked and looked up at Evans. "What?"

Hannah looked quizically at Evans. "Yeah, Ev - what does that mean?"

"Well, a certain Romulan exchange officer, listening to the name of Letek, if ever he is inclined to shut up and actually listen, at all... I guess we can use all the help we can get..." he drawled. He was not looking forward to dealing with that very talkative person... He liked his peace...

"Well, contact him and find out." The corner of Kitty's mouth turned up. She remembered Letek. He'd been in line when they were getting cured of that blabbermouth disease.

"What's wrong with talkative people, eh?" Hannah said, feigning indignation.

Kitty just made an odd noise almost like a snicker and turned her attention back to the terminal, which was now displaying a set of schematics.

"Oh, you'll find out in a second..." Evans warned her. =/\=Evans to Letek, you available?=/\= It didn't take long for Letek to respond. =/\=For you always, Lieutenant Evans! What can I do to you?=/\= came an overly enthousiastic voice throught the comms.

Evans cringed at the reaction. <For you always? Oh, great...> Evans decided to rebound the ball... =/\=We need a volunteer to dismantle a few torpedoes... Feel up to it?=/\=

=/\=... Eh... glp... Excuse me sir?=/\= came the answer.

=/\=Just kidding!... sortof... Just meet us in the lounge. Evans out.=/\=

=/\=Yes sir, lounge it is... Sublieutenant Letek is on his way... See you in a bit...=/\=

Evans turned to the girls again. "Well, I hope we have some cheese or other stuff we can use as earplugs..." he mumbled.

"He sounds nice." Hannah said, grinning. "So nice, in fact, that I think I'm going to have to go straight to Tactical, and leave him to you two."

She headed for the door. "Catch you on the flipside, dudes."

"Oh, you're not going to stay and watch the fun?" Kitty chuckled, then glanced back at the terminal. "Hey wait a minute. Which one of you guys has been messing with this?"

"Huh?" Hannah said, confused.

"Eh, what are you talking about?" Evans added.

"The wise guy who pulled up the schematic on the power adapter, battery to ship power. I know how to build an adapter." She gestured back at the terminal, which was now slowly spinning the 3D schematic on the screen.

"Well, I think with enough time, I could come up with a decent design... How so?" Evans said, as he checked out the image displayed.

"Don't look at me." Hannah shook her head.

The design was pretty good already... this was definitely something that would work. Kitty gave it a funny look. "Well, I didn't program that, and I didn't call it up, either. So where the heck did it come from? Computer terminals don't just generate designs on their own."

"Weird." Hannah said, confused.

"Creepy..." Evans added. "How valid do you think that this design is?"

Kitty scrutinized it for a moment. "Well, it Would work..." she said grudgingly. "And it looks more efficient than the way I knew how to do it. We might be better off using it. Oh well, this whole ship is damaged, I guess it's some sort of odd glitch in the terminal."

"Yeah, I'm not sure." Hannah said. "We don't know where this dsign came from - I wouldn't trust it."

"Well... you go get us the batteries, then, ok?" Kitty shook her head slightly. "I'll organize the engineers. Evans, why don't you take another look and make sure this design looks ok?" <tag and probably end soon, then>

"See you chaps later then." Hannah grinned

Suddenly Evans' badge chirped again. =/\=Ahm... Letek here... Where was the lounge again?=/\=

Evans just slumped his shoulders and shook his head.

Lieutenant Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus

Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus

Lieutenant (JG) Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus