Trojan Horse #25 - 26 "Change of watch"


<Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus>

Caelen had gone through every single damage report and every casualty, wound and bumped toes. But by the time he finished he knew the things he read were outdated. It was about time for Beta shift to take the bridge, so Cealen stood up and picked up all the PADDs he had deposited on the XO's chair after reading them. "You should take some rest as well" he told himself, he then started to walk towards his ready room.

The turbolift doors opened, Kristiana stepped onto the bridge, yawning and stretching a bit. She still looked a bit tired and down, but not as much as when she went to visit Ryylar, earlier. Taking some time to rest had done her a lot of good. "Hey .." She quietly said to Caelen as she ambled towards the XO's there, there to flop down with a sigh. Closing her eyes as she spoke. "Petrova reporting for duty, Sir. I'll take over here. Goodnight."

Caelen arched both his eyebrows "Don't let us be to hasty..." Caelen responded to his rather blunt XO "I'll be right back" he stated before walking into his ready room, literally throwing his PADDs onto his Desk and then walked back out again. "Ok where were we..." he stated, as more of Beta shift came walking onto the bridge, Ops, Helm, Tactical, Security. Only ones missing were Science and Engineering, but then again the new scedual they had to implement because of the death of those two crewmen might have something to do with that. "All damage reports are read and responded to, all casualty reports are also read..." he looked around the bridge a bit "...and I will respond to them in an orderly fashion" he walked closer to Kris "I want this ship fixed before the Lantree arrives, at least so much that we can defend ourselves if needs be" he was still a bit paranoid from the whole mirror universe 'adventure'

She cracked open an eye and peered at Caelen. "... Defend ourselves, Sir ? .. Alright, I'll see what I can do." As she yawned a bit, stretching some. "Don't expect any miracles, though." She added in all honesty. "The ship's in bad shape but morale seems to be alright. Probably because we're back in our own universe."

"Yeah... I think that certainly helped" Caelen responded with a smile "so how's Ryylar holding out?" he asked, genuinely interested and concered in and for his Chief Morale officer.

"Surviving .. He's concerned about me, which is affecting his healing process." She spoke, staring out ahead of her, in the general direction of the main viewscreen. "Floyd is still not sure he can save Ryylar's arm. But .. We're hoping for the best."

Caelen nodded slowly "I am sure the Doctor will do everything in his power to save his arm" he said before turning away and walking out of 'the pit' and in the direction of the turbolift. "Just a bit longer, Commander, and then we'll have some well deserved vacation" he spoked before tapping the button next to the turbolift.

When it slid open Nalash dashed out, almost running into the Commander "I'm sorry sir, but things are a bit hectic and I know I should've been on the br..."

"Shh..." Caelen said holding up a finger in front of her mouth "...get to your station" he then stated before resuming his walk into the turbolift.

"Vacation, Sir ?" Kristiana smirked a bit, her mood and expression darkening. "Visiting my father's grave you mean, rifling through the farmhouse to see what I'll keep and what I'll donate, and sitting by Ryylar's side. Some vacation."

Caelen turned around in the turbolift, stopping the doors from closing with his both his hands on a side "You should grant yourself some rest, Commander, nobody is going to hand it to you, you will have to take it for yourself" he stated. With this he released the doors and they closed in front of him. Immediately his strong, alert and vigilant pose dropped and he leaned back against the wall with a heavy sigh "curse the day I was handed a Command" he sighed looking slightly up, talking to the only guy that would understand.

Petrova sighed deeply and closed her eyes again. She didn't need this. Any of this. But she was gonna try and deal with it, best she could, now that it all came barreling down at her. "Incoming message, Ma'am." Conn spoke. ".. It's from the Lantree. They inform us that they are regretfully delayed and add another 12 hours to their ETA." Petrova's reaction was short and simple.

"... Crap."


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