Trojan Horse 23 & 24 "Love."

[ON:] [Sulan's Quarters, USS Pegasus]

Hannah tapped lightly on the door chime of Sulan's quarters. Maybe the CO's enforced recreation wasn't such a bad idea after all. She was looking forward to seeing Sulan again - there were some...things that needed resolving, she just hoped Sulan was in a state to deal with them. "Enter." Sulan said standing amid piles of smashed equipment and dried handprints of Vulcan blood. Her quarters were as smashed and ruined as when she'd been dragged from them.

"Hey Sules, how are...oh my goodness." Hannah's cheery mood vanished as she saw the devastation around her. "Ah, Hannah. It is most agreeable to see you again. Forgive me for not seeking you out, but..." she hesitated slightly "Circumstances forbade it." She was trying to patch the replicator enough to create a new uniform for herself. It lay in a heap on her table, with its circuit boards exposed, and crudely patched.

"What happened here, Sulan?" Hannah asked in horror.

"It is nothing to be concerned over. I faced a bit of mental difficulty and choose to focus it on my quarters. Unfortunately Mr. Ryylar interrupted me, and that was when I was detained."

"A bit of..." Hannah looked around at the bombsite. "Remind never to get in your way when you're, wait, I already did that, didn't I?" She grinned.

Sulan simply nodded, her face showing none of the shame she felt. "Is there anything you require, Hannah?" She asked, as the replicator cam back online for a moment, before sputtering and dying once again.

"I just came for a chat, and...You know, to see if you'd recovered from being crazy."

"You need not fear me Hannah. I do not wish to harm you." She said looking away, and telling herself it was because she heeded to concentrate on the replicatior.

"Look me in the eye and say that."

"I do not see how eye contact would make my words any more or less true Hannah." She said, peering closely at a relay in the replicator.

Hannah sighed. "What you said, before you it still true?" She sat down the tricorder and looked at her. "Yes." she said simply. "Now, as always."

"Are you still the same person I went climbing with, back on Earth?"

She hesitates for a few seconds. "I...Yes..." She trails off helplessly.

"Are you going to freak out on me again?" Hannah said, drawing closer. "No." she said quietly.

"You scared me so badly, Sulan...I never want to see that again." Hannah said quietly. "Promise me, that, if you ever start feeling...crazy, that you won't hide it, that you'll tell me." She came even closer. They were standing nose to nose now, so close that Hannah could feel the Vulcan's breath on her face.

"I promise. Although... I cannot be what I am not. By federation standards, I could be considered 'evil' that, is who I am. Can you... can you love me knowing that fact?" She said the last in a near rush of desperation.

"Sules, I've loved you since the day I met just took a little while for me to realize it." Hannah rushed forward, and placed his lips on Sulan's. She enfolded her in an embrace, and entered into the kiss in a way she had never done before.

Sulan stiffened at first, taken by surprise at the girl's passion before returning her affection in full. "Are you certain about this?" she said breaking away from the kiss. "I am quite certain there will be repercussions from this. Are you prepared for that?"

"Sulan, I really don't think I have a choice - I feel the way I feel about you, and I'm not going to deny that. Anyway, what repercussions could come from something so perfect?"

Sulan almost smiled at her innocent, but remained silent, not wanting to take the moment from her. For now, let them both be happy, if but for a short while. But Angela swam to the surface of her thoughts. "Perhaps... Perhaps you are corrects. I should not be concerned about such matters..." She embraced the girl gently, enjoying the closeness, and was surprised to find herself trembling.

"Are you ok, Sulan?" Hannah asked, concerned.

"Yes. I am well." She said dismissively. Hannah disengaged from the embrace, and sat down on the bed.

"You're lying to me already. That doesn't bode well."

Sulan sits as well, breathing out slowly to calm her nerves. "Perhaps you're reading too much into things. All is well, as I said." She studied the girl, reading the emotions on her face. "Thought you must forgive my apparent hesitance. This circumstance is as new for me as it is for you."

"Tell me about it." Hannah said nervously. She kissed Sulan lightly on the lips. "I think I could learn to like it though."

"There is something which concerns me though. I am... reluctance to allow my scars to be in your full view. I am told that their appreances and texture can be disconcerting to many." "Well, where are they?" Hannah said, smiling cheekily. Sulan frowns very slightly, almost imperceptibly. "The burns cover nearly a third of my body, and are joined by scars from various battles and skirmishes over the years. I do not wish to sour your desire of me." She said matter of factly.

Hannah looked Sulan in the eyes. "Sules, as long as you don't mind the blue handprint that, thanks to you, seems to be permanently dyed onto my bum, I can put up with a few scars.

"Very well." She begins to remove her uniform, moving slowly, not looking at Hannah as she does so. The burn scars begin at the right side of her face just below her right cheek bone and moved down to cover half her neck and her entire right arm , shoulder and breast, tapering off at her right side. Turning around, she showed her back which was nearly completely covered in burns scars, bladed weapons scars, disruptor wounds, and oddly enough, near her right shoulder blade, a gunshot wound. Her lower half remained relatively unscarred compared to the rest, marked only with battle wounds. "There." She said quietly. "This...this is what I am. It would not be considered unreasonable by me, if you wished to depart now."

Hannah stood, and kissed Sulan tenderly on the lips. "I love you Sulan, and no amount of scars is going to change that." She looked curiously at her. "Are you looking for an excuse not to be with me? Is this really what you want?"

Sulan blinked surprised by that. "I... was afraid to allow myself to hope. That is why I had not visited you after my return. I'd feared my words and actions had scared you off." She began massaging Hannah's various nerve points. "I am glad that you love me, for I feel the same about you..." She said quietly.

"Mmmm...." Hannah smiled. "That feels good." She squirmed a little bit, as Sulan hit a particularly sore spot. "Hang on." She lay facedown on the bed. "Work me, Sules." She teased.

"As you wish." She said as she found her bottle of massage oil, and began gently pulled off Hannah's uniform.


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