Trojan Horse #19 - "Photonic batteries, they just keep going..."

-={On}=- [Corridor outside Bridge, Deck 1]

Hannah leaned heavily against the wall. She stood up, and rubbed her eyes with her hand. Lord, but she was tired. She shook her head, and put on a smile. She would have to be at her perkiest if the CO were to trust her enough to implement her latest bright idea.

Caelen sat in his chair, relaxing but alert. Going over PADDs and PADDs full of damage reports, departmental reports and the likes. He rubbed his eyes again, the candlelight dinner with his wife was relaxing but the past few days were not. Decisions were made, people killed... and others left behind. He sighed heavily, alone on the bridge, a bridge that had seen more battle in the past few months then the rest of its lifetime... not including the Dominion Wars off course. He just hoped they would be put on an easy, slow and low profile patrol mission once they returned to the Starbase.

"Uh...Sir?" Hannah said from behind the commander. He looked deep in thought - she didn't want to startle him.

Caelen lowered the PADD and looked around "Yes Lieutenant?" he stated, not showing how tired he was.

"I have a suggestion that I'd like to try, Sir." Hannah said cautiously. "If it works, we could have replicators back online within the hour."

Caelen frowned, "Last time I checked you were the Tactical Officer, not an Engineer" he said with a smirk standing up from his chair and facing Hannah now directly "let's hear it" after that dinner with his wife he knew why he liked replicators so much.

"Well, Sir, we have several hundred unused torpedoes in the magazine. Several dozen unused torpedoes with guidance systems powered by internal batteries..."

<Why didn't we think of that?> Caelen thought to himself "Good thinking O'Driscoll, try to co-ordinate your efforts with Lieutenants Black and Evans" he said with a firm nod "any more bright ideas, comments or suggestions?" he then asked.

"Right now, not so much...but I'm working on it." Hannah smiled. "How long till our ride gets here?"

"about 26 hours" Caelen recited the latest ETA he had requested from the Computer. He stepped closer to Hannah "You look tired, didn't I order everyone to get some rest?" he asked looking straight into her eyes.

"Yessir, you absolutely did." Hannah said, keeping as straight a face as she could.

"Then why didn't you?" Caelen asked the obvious, folding his arms behind his back awaiting a response.

"I find strategizing and recalibrating armaments to be very relaxing, Sir."

I have no use for a overworked Tactical Officer, Lieutenant" Caelen stated with strong authority in his voice "get some rest, even if it's for just two hours... if you can't sleep I am sure the doctor will be happy to give you something" he then said "I will forward your suggestions to the Engineering and Operations teams and let them work out a plan... the moment we need you we'll come and wake you"

"Yessir." Hannah said, resignedly. She frowned inwardly.<I do know my own limits - why won't he let me actually do my job?>

"But?" Caelen stated, knowing she wanted to say something but didn't because he was the Commander after all "you have permission to speak freely, Lieutenant"

"Sir, I'm tired, but in all honesty, I've been a lot more tired before - I can do my job in this state, and I can do it to the best of my ability." Hannah said, biting off the angry mad she so desperately wanted to add on the end of her statement.

"The best of your ability, Lieutenant is not sleep drunk..." Caelen stated walking around the pit and walking up the heightened part of the bridge, where Hannah was still standing "You are suggesting I am going to let you work with weaponry that can blow a hole in my ship... and more importantly, kill my best Tactical Officer?" Caelen shook his head "you might want to take that risk, Lieutenant... but I don't..." he put a hand on her shoulder "...I'll send your suggestion to Engineering and Operations, we will make up a plan... you will have to wait anyway, why don't you take that time to rest a bit... we don't even know if it's even possible"

"Fine." Hannah shrugged, and turned to leave.

Caelen shook his head, what happened to the days where people just followed orders and did what was asked of them. It wasn't like he was asking her to put her life on the line "Sleep Well, Lieutenant"

-={Off}=- (OOC: Please welcome Lt. O'Driscoll back after a Leave Of Absence!)

A JP by:

Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Lt. Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus "No Really, recalibrating phasers is FUN!"