Trojan Horse #19 - "Photonic batteries, they just keep going..."

-={On}=- [mess hall]

G'ulf-fey sighed, he wondered if he had perhaps gone from one hellish existence to an other. He had finally got back aboard, thou not in any decent fashion. His craft and Kip's were moored to the hull of the ship and they had had to use their 'ejection transporters' to get aboard, mostly as almost all the power systems were shot and those that weren’t had to be nursed for the next day or so till a tow ship arrived. So it was that he and his 2 surviving pilots were sitting in a darkened mess hall toasting Stockwell's memory with canned root-beer from the mans own footlocker.

G'ulf-fey drank the syrupy stuff while Sha-dar read a poem that was with the cans. Apparently Stockwell wanted it read at his memorial assuming he ever had one.

"no stars to be seen, no stars looking back, no stars to see and remember all." Sha-dar paused to wipe a tear as she read "Not seeing the victory, not seeing us fall. so we each must tell the tale , for only then are we lost if in this we fail"

She stopped unable to read on and G'ulf-fey knew he couldn’t read for her as his voice was ill suited to poetry. so he merely stood and raised the can

"Stockvell, died in battle. He died and a thrreat to this ship ourr home died vith him. He spoke in his note, and thrru the poem of rrememberring him and that ve should not veep. I am Varrgurr, and ve underrstand this. But ve also know it is harrd to say goodbye to a brrotherr of the pack. "people come and go, that is life. It is possible that Stockvell might have trransferrrred to an otherr ship now ve arre herre. Perrhaps he vould have joined us forr a drrink and meal beforre going. And so ve might have to say goodbye all the same. "The grreat book of the Varrgurr speaks of death as a deparrturre to a grreaterr pack. So I believe that Stockvell is still a pilot and still flies. He may have left us in a showy vay, and left his gearr behind, but he loved to fly and loved to prrotect. The Clan fatherr vould speak of him being vith us now, and prrotecting us still frrom that otherr grreaterr ship. "But I think he did something morre forr those he loved. As ve fought I saw the Pegasus in dangerr and sent a prrayerr to the Grreat Motherr, asking forr herr help. In the next instant Stockvell killed one dangerr and a few moments laterr the ship found a vay home. Sha-darr, yourr ship vas badly damaged, but she got you home. Kip and I passed thrru a nightmarre rrealm, that should have rripped us aparrt, unharrmed. Perrhaps I am foolish to believe as I do, but I contend that Stockvell rreached out his poverrful mystic hand and saw to it ve surrvived. "Now, I vould prreferr to honorr him overr a fine meal, rratherr than these rration barrs. But such is forr laterr I vill thou drrink to his new command, forr I have no doubt the 'spirrit fleet has mad him a squadrron leaderr. So I vould ask that ve rraise glasses and one thing morre. "Sha-darr, yourr people and mine sharre a trradition, ve howl forr the fallen to varrn those alrready therre that an otherr is on theirr vay. The only differrence is, forr ve Varrgurr, the time is vhen the spirrit leaves, vent the pack is home. So I vould ask that you lead us in rraising ourr voices in a howl of rremembrrance forr ourr frriend."

Sha-dar's eyes seem to firm and she nodded. The Klingon howl was a warning to the gods, and usually done as the warrior took his/her last breath. but in space somethings were not possible and so now was the time. she stood and breathed deeply then focussed and let out a howl of grief and rage and more a howl that was joined as it began by the two pilots with her. A howl that she hoped would reach StovaKor or Valhalla or both.


Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus

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