Trojan Horse #17,18 - "Emergency Ration Supplements"


[USS Pegasus (or what's left of it...) Deck 7, Room 32]

Evans was having a nap on his bunk. Kitty was freshening up in the shower, and took her time for it. Enough time for Evans to fall into a dreamless sleep, and start cutting down a rainforest, lying on his back, with one leg and arm overboard...

The sound of water ceased after a while. After another while, Kitty peeked around the door, her slender form wrapped snugly in Evans' bathrobe, her hair wet and stringy around her shoulders. She smiled softly at the heavy snoring sound and crept up to the bed, sitting herself down very carefully on the edge and leaning over to look at his face.

As Kitty sat down on the bunk next to Evans, he reacted by smacking his lips a few times, mumbling something incoherent, and releasing another snore with a vengeance... Only Russell D. Floyd knows how difficult it is to wake Ronald up...

Kitty sat there and watched for a moment, caught between affection and amusement, before she began to plan her strategy. She came up with several possible ways to wake him up, ways that would probably work, ways that her grandfather had used on her from time to time. The bucket of water always worked better when it was seawater. She knew how to tip most beds just right for a good roll onto the floor. And there was always that trick with bare feet and ice cubes... She sat and thought for a moment, then smiled softly, making up her mind.

She leaned forward, holding back her wet hair, and kissed him on the lips.

This was quite enough to wake Evans up... His eyes popped open, as he was startled by the sudden kiss. Faster than normally, he realized where he was, and he decided to enjoy the kiss intensely, as he wrapped his arms around his freshly scenting girlfriend. The large scale lumber operation was replaced with a soft delightful "...mmmm..."

Kitty looked half-drowned in his bathrobe. It went down past her knees, the short sleeves drooping past her elbows. She had it tied at easily half it's usual circumference. She smiled, sitting back a little and looking at him. "You're pretty tired," she said, blindly stating the obvious.

"No I'm not..." Ronald answered back, just before a yawn escaped his grasp... "Okay, maybe I am..." he said, looking a bit guilty. "Heh, that robe suits you..." he added with a grin.

"It's so comfortable," Kitty said, stretching her arms up and leaning over in a partial back bend. "And it's.. well.." She blushed a little. "How 'bout food? I'm hungry."

"Yeah, me too... Heh, just a sec." he said, as he got up, and went to the dufflebag in his closet again. "Now where did I put that... " he mumbled, as he started unpacking the bag, something that he planned on doing some time anyway. "Ah, here it is..." He said with a smile. He kept it behind his back, as he walked the few paces back to his bunk... "Close your eyes!..."

Kitty gave him a momentary mischievous look, then nodded and closed her eyes, turning her back to make sure she didn't cheat.

Ronald moved the big bar of real swiss chocolate in front of him, and tapped Kitty's shoulder. "You can look again..." he said with a grin.

Kitty opened her eyes slowly as she turned, sniffing the air, then grinned, her eyes lighting up instantly. "Heavenly! How on earth do you keep THAT secret from your roommate? That's... that's much better than rations!"

"And you can keep it for almost as long. If I were a Starfleet captain, I would order all emergency rations be replaced with chocolate. For sure!.." he said, as he opened one side of the wrapper, and broke off a chunk for Kitty and himself. "Now all we need is a drink." he said with a smile.

"Can't help you there," Kitty said, watching his actions with the chocolate eagerly. "They've probably got stores at the lounge. I don't know where else you could find any. Sickbay, maybe?" She leaned back a little. "Sure, we could have chocolate instead of rations, but we'd all get fat..."

"Meh, that's where gyms are for..." Ronald countered, giving the largest of the two broken off chunks to Kitty, and took a bite of the other one. "...Mmm, good stuff..."

"Oh thank you..." Kitty snatched up that chunk of chocolate as if she were starving and bit into it. Then she leaned back, sitting on the bunk, leaning against the wall, closing her eyes as she savored every single nuance of the taste. Finally, she opened her eyes. "Wow.." she said, then took another bite.

Evans closed the wrapper and put the rest of the chocolate to the side. He moved up his bunk, to sit next to Kitty, and started munching away on his piece. There they were, sitting next to each other, happily munching away on their chocolate, like two small children.


Making the most of their situation:

Lieutenant Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer Suspect Chocolate Smuggler USS Pegasus

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus