A Mirror Shattered #287 - 288 "Endgame"


[Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Kristiana saw the report that Ryylar and Sulan had beamed back onboard. And that Ryylar was injured. Heavily injured, at that. She frowned and cursed under her breath. She wanted to go to him, be with him, but she couldn't, because they were in a battle. She understood why it was frowned upon, relationships between officers of wildly varying ranks and positions, and she knew that they were right, but she was determined to prove that she could keep duty before love, and so she remained right there. "Evasive action ! Don't forget that other gunboat !" She barked to helm, as the ship tried desperately to survive.

Caelen was looking through reports from all over the ship, damage reports, casualy reports, any reports he was being send. He was glad to be able to trust his XO so much that he could focus on keeping the ship in one piece. On a normal vessel this would be odd, but on the Pegasus it was just another day's work. He helped Kitty co-ordinate damage control teams so she would be able to concentrate on her own job.

Nalash rushed out of the turbo lift and onto the bridge, immediately taking the last Science station that was still free, she and Melina had the probe all set for scanning, but they didn't want to scan they wanted a way back home.

"Shields are down to Ten percent!" Caelen couldn't really hear who shouted it but the news was quite disturbing, the recharging of the shields wasn't as effective as they had thought. "Five percent!" he then remarked himself having pulled up the Shield monitor himself "Arm yourselves!" he stood from his chair and looked around "Set weapons to Kill!" he got his phaser from his belt and put it on the maximum setting.

Kristiana took over the outside battle as Caelen led his security teams in repelling possible intruders. "Concentrate fire on that damaged gunboat !" She shouted, over the sounds of the alarm and the shouts of other people. "Take it out before worrying about the other ! Helm, keep doing evasive !"

"Ma'am ! The Pegasus F is hailing us ! They're inbound with three gunboats in pursuit." one voice shouted. "They're .. trying to send a file ? hmm .. Nevermind, the signal is gone now." the same voice added. Kristiana frowned "What the .." as she saw the Peggy F incoming on her viewscreen, pursued by three Dominion warships, but then the ship buffeted with an impact, sending some people falling, a console exploded, sparks flew. "Damnit ! Keep us straight !"

Then Nalash spoke up. "Ma'am, I'm ready to activate the probe !" and Kristiana didn't waste any time. "Do it !" Before turning her attention back to the battle at hand. "Sending signal now .. Sent !" Nalash replied .. A shimmering portal of sorts opened up. "Commander .." the woman spoke.

Kristiana was caught in a dilemma. Stay here and continue the battle or go home ? They might not get another chance to go home .. This might be their only chance. "Commander !" Nalash repeated. "It won't stay open for long !" As the ship rocked from another impact.

"Damnit .. =/\= Petrova to away teams, beam aboard immediately ! =/\= Evans, get them onboard NOW, you have two seconds ! Helm, set a course for the wormhole, best speed ! =/\= Petrova to Black, we're entering a wormhole, Keep The Ship Intact ! =/\= Now Go !" she yelled, talking to many people at the same time. A flurry of acknowledgements was the reply, as people worked frantically.

"Gunboat destroyed !" Tactical replied. "Entering wormhole in three .. two .. one .. Now !" Helm replied, as everything went silent for a moment, a blinding light filling up the bridge for a second as the ship shuddered and creaked, then they were in space again .. Black, with distant stars .. And not a sign of any dominion warships.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus

With a guest performance by

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus

and several others.

OOC: Ok, we're back in our own universe now. We just came out of a massive battle, the ship is damaged, there are likely casualties ..


Medical: Tend to the injured and dead Security: Deal with any straggler intruders Engineering: There's plenty to fix Ops: Work with engineering (Not that you mind, I think ..)