A Mirror Shattered #289 - "Inferiority Complex"


[Counselor's Office]

Andrew looked out the viewport of his office. Plain, black space. No battle ensuing, no flashes of torpedoes or phasers going off around, or at, the ship. Much to his dismay, he had dived for cover when a phaser blast had hit the shield in front of his viewport. After he had gotten himself back up from the ground, he slammed his fist on his desk for feeling so useless.

"Damn it! What good is a counselor during a time of battle? At least some counselors, like Miss Troi, were able to be on the bridge and give insight. At least they could try and help a battle. I'm useless in this office." He shouted, angry at himself for not being able to assist in any way. Then a thought struck him.

"Perhaps... perhaps its time to make a visit to the good doctor, see if he could use my small ability with healing. Who knows, I think I did a good job last time with those guards, I could do it again, perhaps learn something new to get better at saving lives."

He rose from his desk, right hand slightly bruised from the impact on his desk, and walked out the door, towards the sickbay.


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Feeling inferior is:

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus